Best Golf Courses In Phuket

best golf courses phuket

If you haven’t been to Thailand then you have probably had the thought of a visit niggling in the back of your mind somewhere and going to the island of Phuket while you’re there is a must. Phuket is a picture-postcard paradise island. The white sand beaches are lapped by azure blue waters, the hotels […]

How To Play Golf For Free

How To Play Golf For Free

Golf is a mightily expensive sport and one of the most expensive sports in the world but it can be a lot less expensive if you’re willing to think out of the box a little. Once you have invested in a set of clubs the only recurring costs golf thrusts upon are constantly buying balls, […]

What Is A Mini Driver?

What Is A Mini Driver

What is a mini driver? You might have heard of Talor Made’s revival of this old-school golf club but what is it really? Should you own one? When should you use it? How did it come about? These are all the questions we’re going to answer in this article, so stay tuned to find out […]

Golf Course Size – Everything You Need To Know

Golf Course Size

If you’re new to golf to thinking about becoming a golfer then it pays to know as much about the sport as possible and one key thing is knowing everything you need to know about golf course sizes. Golf courses range in size and no one is the same. They are all designed by course […]

Good Golf Scores -What Should Yours Be?

Good Golf Scores

Golf is an addictive game that takes years and years to master and the addiction is all about progress. You know you can play well but you need to play well on every stroke to bring that scorecard down and when it happens the feeling is hard to beat. But to know if you’re improving, […]

Why Is Golf So Hard?

Why Is Golf So Hard

Golf is known as one of the hardest sports in the world and it is. When you compare it to other sports like baseball or basketball, it takes far longer to learn how to play golf than to shoot a basket or to hit a fastball, but why? Golf Is Unique When you first start […]

Golf Ball Sizes & Dimensions – Everything You Need To Know

Golf Ball Sizes & Dimensions

Have you ever wondered why golf balls are the size they are? Is there a reason for it? Are they all the same? Well, we are here to unravel the mysteries surrounding golf ball sizes and dimensions, if there are any! Join me as we run through everything you need to know about golf balls […]

Is Golf A Good Work Out? Will You Get Fitter & Lose Weight Playing Golf


Golf is often referred to as a gentle sport that does not require any great degree of, nor give any great degree of fitness. It is a sport associated with retirement and expense, and not fitness regimes. However, that does not mean that golf has no fitness benefits, that it can’t be used as part […]

Best Golf Bag in 2021

TaylorMade Flextech Stand Bag

So you need a new golf bag? We take a look at the best golf carry bags, Golfpricecompare reviews and compares all the best golf bag on the market. We review ourselves and take recommendations from golfers and readers on our FACEBOOK group. All the results and research is collated and narrowed down to save you […]

How To Use A Golf Rangefinder

how to use a golf rangefinder

Ever wondered how some pro golfers are so great at hitting the distances they need? Experience is one thing, practice another, and club selection is next, but how did they get so good at it in the first place? By using a golf monocular range finder. A golf monocular range finder or golf scope is […]

How To Waterproof Golf Shoes

how to waterproof golf shoes

Playing golf in the rain and early morning tee-off times when the course is covered in dew can result in a squelchy round of walking in damp golf shoes. Walking in wet shoes is never a nice experience, and even less so when you’re trying to focus and take a few strokes off your game. […]

How To Load A Golf Bag

how to load a golf bag

Learning how to load a gold bag properly will not only ensure your clubs aren’t damaged, but it also ensures your bag is easier to carry and it can even have an impact on your game. The United States Golf Association allows you to carry 14 clubs in your golf bag and by learning how […]

Best Golf Courses In Belgium

best golf courses in belgium

Golfing in Belgium didn’t really kick off until the early 20th Century when Tom Simpson, a renowned golf architect designing 4 of the 5 courses to be built. Since then, golf courses in Belgium flourished and today there are hundreds to choose from. All golf courses in Belgium are open to the public and the […]

Best Golf Courses in Florida – Year Round Paradise

golf courses florida

With its tropical climate and year-round play, Florida has long been a golfer’s paradise. With well over 1,000 Florida golf course, you can play great golf almost anywhere you go in this large state. The state can be divvied up into sections. The Atlantic coast includes the World Golf Hall of Fame, the PGA Tour […]

Best Golf Courses in Morocco – An African Delight

best golf courses morocco

While much if Europe has been slow to recognize it, Morocco has some fine golf courses, and has for a very long time. That is beginning to change, as more and more Europeans are discovering the great courses of this country in North Africa. Morocco is a large country, but the bulk of its courses […]

Best Golf Courses in India

best golf courses india

When golfers think of great places to play around the world, India may not be the first to come to mind. But India offers a large number of great places to play and has a long history with the game. India’s amateur championship is the second oldest international tournament, behind only the British Open. The […]

43 Funny Golf Phrases Heard On And Off The Course #9 Makes Me Laugh!

funniest golf phrases

No matter which country, city or town you play in, you will always hear some strange and commonly used Golf expressions, Golf phrases and even Golf Quotes. Some are very obvious and some are extremely vague and take some learning. In this funny and fun golf blog we’ll teach you some of the most common […]

Different Types of Clubs – Everything you need to know

Golf, or at least the game we recognize by that name, began in Scotland in the 15th century. While similar games go back perhaps centuries before this, that’s when the so-called modern game of golf began. “So-called” because the game played today has changed dramatically since the Scots started playing the game during the Renaissance. […]

Best golf scorecard app – Android and iPhone

best golf scoring apps

Golf has come a long way over the past 10 years and so has the technology in and around golf. So It was only a matter of time until technology found its way into golf. In this article, we look at the best golf scorecard apps on the market today. Tested by real golfers on […]

Best Driving Irons – To Improve Your Game

best driving irons

In this article, I will show you the reasons why you should try the best driving iron, instead of a fairway wood. Why? Because you can often start hitting the middle of the fairway off the Tee rather than being in the trees. Maybe you struggle with your driver? Maybe you hit a slice or […]

Under Armour Medal RST Shoes Review & Guide

Under Armour Medal RST Shoes

I have just entered the MacMillan 72 hole golf challenge which if you’ve never heard of it, is a fundraising event for cancer support. A charity close to my heart. It involves playing 72 holes in one day! Easy hey. Well, that’s 24 miles of walking plus carrying your clubs and swinging. So, no it […]

Do Golfers Pay Tax On Winnings? Should Golfers Pay Tax!

should golfers pay tax

There are only two things that are certain for everyone in this life. One, rather morbidly, is death, and the other is that we will all pay taxes! This includes golfers, in fact, all sportsmen and women, whether they are earning from endorsements or tournament play. As often is the case with taxes, how much […]

9 Best Golf Autobiographies Ever Written

Best Golf Autobiographies

There are many people who influenced the world in different ways throughout history. The autobiographies below focus on the people who have impacted the world of golf and who inspired some of us to take up golf after watching them. Listed below are several golfing legends from Europe, United States and the rest of the […]

How Much Do Pro Golfers Make Per Tournament? Earnings | Data | Dollars


Ranked amongst the world’s highest paid athletes there is no question that pro golfers have the potential to earn a lot of money. However, earnings can vary greatly dependent on ability, placing highly in a tournament, and whether or not they endorse any products. How And How Much Pro Golfers Are Paid A pro golfer’s […]

Best Golf Courses in Finland – A Surprising Destination

You would be forgiven if you dismissed Finland as a golf destination. The abundant snow in winter makes this Nordic country a haven for winter sports, especially skiing. Indeed, golf was an afterthought for residents for quite a long time. For many years, you could count the number of courses in Finland using both hands, […]

The Best Golf Courses in Italy – The game is growing here

When you think of sports in Italy, football, of course, comes to mind first. The country’s National Institute of Statistics says there are more than 4,000,000 Italians who play soccer. In fact, golf is not even among the top 10 sports for Italians. In a nation of 60 million people, there are fewer than 100,000 […]

Best golf courses in Fort Myers

best golf courses fort myers florida

While tourism is a large economic driver of Southwest Florida, the region is also home to numerous retirement communities. Residents of Fort Meyers have some of the oldest residents by average age, anywhere in the country. Retirees love Southwest Florida and for good reason. The subtropical climate and abundant activities make this a haven for […]

Best Golf Courses in Cabo – A Dream Mexican Destination

best golf courses cabo

You may find cheaper golf destinations in Mexico than Cabo San Lucas, but you should keep in mind the old axiom, “you get what you pay for.” It is well worth the cost to visit this oasis at the southern tip of Baja California, home to some of the best golf courses in the entire […]

Ping G400 Driver Review -A Combination of Distance and Accuracy

ping g400 review

In 1959, a frustrated golfer who worked as an engineer at General Electric began making putters in his garage. By 1967, Karsten Solheim quit his job at GE to focus on his new golf business that he named Ping because of the sound made when the struck the ball. Solheim’s engineering background was the perfect […]

Best Women’s Golf Driver

best ladies golf driver

Best ladies golf driver found online In this article we will explain what to look out for when buying a new golf driver for women. Golf drivers for women differ in their length, weight and stiffness. On average, men are taller, weigh more and have more strength, giving them a fast clubhead speed. The generates […]

Best Budget Golf Irons (Under $200) – Super Affordable

golf irons under 200

If you’re looking for the best budget golf irons sets then you’re probably just starting to play golf or have come back to golf after a long time off from playing and want to upgrade your clubs. Golf over the past few years has become increasingly more expensive to play, Green fees have gone up and […]

Great Golf Courses in Sonoma’s Wine Country

best golf courses in sonoma

When you think of Sonoma, California, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is wine. This area just north of California near the coast has the perfect weather conditions for growing grapes. It has earned its distinction as Wine Country. Sonoma County’s location near the coasts and mountains of Northern California make […]

Golf Deluxe Practice Net – Perfect When Your Home

golf net review-Galileo

So, your are stuck at home dreaming about all that golf you could be playing. You might also be fantasizing about some new golf driving irons right? Well, right now if you are stuck at home that might not be possible. So, we were thinking about the type of gifts most golfers would really want […]

Canada’s Best Courses – Great Places to Play in the Great White North

Canadians love golf. This might be surprising to you since a large chunk of the country has weather too cold to play for several months out of the year. It might be less surprising when you realize that many of the nation’s early immigrants arrived from Scotland, birthplace of the game. In a country with […]

Best Courses in Portugal – Some of Europe’s Best Spots

With its prime location on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is blessed with the kind of weather ideal for golf. Little wonder then that this small country of about 10 million people is a prime draw for Europeans seeking a golfing holiday. And Portugal delivers. Although there are not a large number of courses here, they […]

Best Golf Courses in Spain (Sun, Wine & Golf)

best golf courses spain

With its stunning natural beauty, cultural wonders, and vibrant city life, it is little wonder that Spain has become one of the top tourism destinations in the world. Spain is No. 1 in the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index, an annual report issued by the World Economic Forum. With its geographical location on the Iberian […]