Different Types of Clubs – Everything you need to know

Golf, or at least the game we recognize by that name, began in Scotland in the 15th century. While similar games go back perhaps centuries before this, that’s when the so-called modern game of golf began. “So-called” because the game played today has changed dramatically since the Scots started playing the game during the Renaissance. […]

Online Used Club Sellers – Shopping from the Comfort of Home

There is no way around it, golf is an expensive game. But you can mitigate those costs in a number of ways. One of the best is to buy used clubs instead of new. You can sometimes find deep discounts on clubs that still have plenty of life in them. Golf-club manufacturers have a steady […]

Ping G400 Review -A Combination of Distance and Accuracy

ping g400 review

In 1959, a frustrated golfer who worked as an engineer at General Electric began making putters in his garage. By 1967, Karsten Solheim quit his job at GE to focus on his new golf business that he named Ping because of the sound made when the struck the ball. Solheim’s engineering background was the perfect […]

Best Womens Golf Clubs For Beginners

Best Womens Golf Clubs For Beginners

As a woman golfer, you might have felt that information regarding suitable golf clubs is very limited. You might find a lot of factors that you need to consider when buying a golf set are missing or mainly aimed at men. No matter where you look or search you might not find a lot of […]

Best Golf Clubs For Beginners UK-We reviewed the best!

Best Golf Clubs For Beginners in the UK

Golf is a very popular sport played by the rich around the world. However, this is a wrong misconception that golf is a costly sport especially for those who are just trying out. In the United Kingdom, you can buy a good golf club set for under £250. The best golf clubs for beginners UK […]

Lowest priced Mizuno JPX EZ Driver online

mizuno driver

Lowest priced Mizuno JPX EZ Driver online When you talk about quality and exclusive golf brands Mizuno is probably high up on your list. The mizuno jpx driver would be high up on my wish list. Mizuno golf clubs are known for their amazing engineering and build quality. Years of research have made this brand one of […]

Most Expensive Golf Clubs – Will they make you play better?

expensive golf clubs

Golf is considered as the game of elites with people paying huge sums of money for the most expensive golf clubs. With the availability of various types of golf equipment and price levels to suit every pocket, individuals from different lifestyles are opting to start playing this game we love. The performance of an athlete […]

Best Budget Golf Irons (Under $200) – Super Affordable

golf irons under 200

If you’re looking for the Best budget golf clubs then you’re probably just starting to play golf or have come back to golf after a long time off from playing and want to upgrade your clubs. Golf over the past few years has become increasingly more expensive to play, Green fees have gone up and equipment […]

Best Driving Irons – To Improve Your Game

best driving irons

In this article, I will show you the reasons why you should try the best driving iron, instead of a fairway wood. Why? Because you can often start hitting the middle of the fairway off the Tee rather than being in the trees. Maybe you struggle with your driver? Maybe you hit a slice or […]

Best Ladies golf driver

best ladies golf driver

Best ladies golf driver found online In this article Best Ladies golf driver, We will explain what to look out for when buying a new Ladies golf driver. Golf clubs for women differ in their length, weight and stiffness. On average, men are taller, weigh more and have more strength, giving them a fast clubhead […]

Best Odyssey putters – 2018 review


So… You’re looking for a new golf putter and you’re thinking of purchasing an Odyssey putter? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this indepth Best Odyssey putters 2018 review we will cover all aspects of the golf putter so you can make an informed choice before spending your hard earned cash. All our data […]

Callaway Rogue driver review

callaway rogue driver

Callaway’s New Driver Rogue After the mind blowing release of the Callaway Epic Driver, the engineers went even further to come up with the ideal Callaway Rogue Driver. It does not replace the Epic Driver but is released for the players who require a greater level of forgiveness and playability. The best part is that […]

Best golf driver 2018 – Latest drivers in 2018 compared

best drivers 2018

What’s the best golf driver of 2018? Well, there’s no doubt we’re spoilt for choice in 2018 when it comes to choosing a new golf driver. With all the major golf club manufacturers releasing a new driver we have plenty of drivers to look at. All the best drivers of 2017 have been upgraded and […]

What’s the best set of golf irons under £400?

whats the best irons under £400

Afriend of mine recently asked me the question ‘ What’s the best set of golf irons under £400?’ I have been using my old trusty and now rusty set of Taylormade RBZ irons for the past few years ,I now have the money to upgrade my irons and my limit is £400. My old irons […]

Best driver under £200


What’s the best Brand new driver on the market for under £200? We understand how expensive golf can be, so buying a new driver can be a very expensive trip to the shops. Most high-end drivers will cost you £500+ but will they be any better for you than a driver costing under £200? LET’S HAVE […]

What’s the best driver to fix a slice?

So, You want to fix your slice right? I bet like me you’ve spent a fortune down at the range practicing your driving and yet on the course, you still hit out of bounds on the right with most of your Tee shots. Correct? You have probably been watching loads of Youtube videos and hoping to […]

Whats the best starter set of clubs for children?

What’s the best set of golf clubs for juniors? We need to encourage Juniors to start playing golf, it teaches them so many life skills, like sportsmanship, fair play and builds longlasting relationships with friends. So buying a set of clubs that work for them is very important. The best thing about juniors getting into […]

Best Putters under £100 available online – GolfPriceCompare

We know money can be tight sometimes and that’s probably why you’re on this Golf Price Comparison website, RIGHT? So we thought we’d put together a list of the ‘Best putters under £100 available online’. We use the latest search engine software to search and compare 100’s of online websites and then select the lowest […]

Best selling Golf Drivers of 2017 Online – GolfPriceCompare

Best drivers 2017 2017 Was an Amazing year for golf equipment, with the launch of some Amazing golf drivers. Some sent the world of golf into a frenzy like the superb Callaway Epic driver and then there was ANOTHER driver launched by Taylormade M1 and M2. Most models were tested to death by all the […]

Taylormade M3 v M4 Drivers

Taylormade announce the launch of their new range the M3 and M4 drivers. Everytime TaylorMade launches a new premium driver it becomes one of, if not the most, significant product launch of the year and with the M3, there’s a lot to talk about. One of the most talked about subjects won’t be which Tour […]