Best Golf Courses In Singapore

Best Golf Courses Singapore

Singapore is one of the few city-states left in the world along with the Vatican, Monaco, and San Marino – which means it’s a country in its own right, while just being a city. Singapore sits on the southern tip of the Malay peninsula, between east and west Malaysia, and is one of the most … Read more

Best Golf Courses In Thailand

Best Golf Courses In Thailand

Thailand is on everyone’s bucket list and for good reason, this southeast Asian country has it all. The city of Bangkok is always buzzing and home to everything from exotic markets, great nightlife, ancient temples, and of course, amazing Thai food. As you venture out of the capital, you have pretty much every option when … Read more

Best Golf Courses In Malaysia

Best Golf Courses In Malaysia

Malaysia is a beautiful part of the world and this makes it a pretty incredible place to enjoy a round of golf. The country is split into two parts, East Malaysia and West Malaysia, which are separated by the South China Sea. Both regions have similar geography and culture with beautiful densely forested mountains and … Read more

Best Golf Courses In Phuket

best golf courses phuket

If you haven’t been to Thailand then you have probably had the thought of a visit niggling in the back of your mind somewhere and going to the island of Phuket while you’re there is a must. Phuket is a picture-postcard paradise island. The white sand beaches are lapped by azure blue waters, the hotels … Read more

How To Play Golf For Free

How To Play Golf For Free

Golf is a mightily expensive sport and one of the most expensive sports in the world but it can be a lot less expensive if you’re willing to think out of the box a little. Once you have invested in a set of clubs the only recurring costs golf thrusts upon are constantly buying balls, … Read more

Best Golf Courses In Belgium

best golf courses in belgium

Golfing in Belgium didn’t really kick off until the early 20th Century when Tom Simpson, a renowned golf architect designing 4 of the 5 courses to be built. Since then, golf courses in Belgium flourished and today there are hundreds to choose from. All golf courses in Belgium are open to the public and the … Read more

Best Golf Courses in Florida – Year Round Paradise

golf courses florida

With its tropical climate and year-round play, Florida has long been a golfer’s paradise. With well over 1,000 Florida golf course, you can play great golf almost anywhere you go in this large state. The state can be divvied up into sections. The Atlantic coast includes the World Golf Hall of Fame, the PGA Tour … Read more

Best Golf Courses in Morocco – An African Delight

best golf courses morocco

While much if Europe has been slow to recognize it, Morocco has some fine golf courses, and has for a very long time. That is beginning to change, as more and more Europeans are discovering the great courses of this country in North Africa. Morocco is a large country, but the bulk of its courses … Read more

Best Golf Courses in Saskatoon, Canada

best golf courses saskatoon

Among the prairies and wheat fields of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in the western half of Canada lies unexpected pleasures for golfers. You might think that this northern clime would be too cold for good golf, and that is true for part of the year. But when the warmer months come along, Saskatoon can be a welcome … Read more

Great Golf Courses in Sonoma’s Wine Country

best golf courses in sonoma

When you think of Sonoma, California, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is wine. This area just north of California near the coast has the perfect weather conditions for growing grapes. It has earned its distinction as Wine Country. Sonoma County’s location near the coasts and mountains of Northern California make … Read more

Best Golf Courses in Spain (Sun, Wine & Golf)

best golf courses spain

With its stunning natural beauty, cultural wonders, and vibrant city life, it is little wonder that Spain has become one of the top tourism destinations in the world. Spain is No. 1 in the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index, an annual report issued by the World Economic Forum. With its geographical location on the Iberian … Read more

Best golf courses in Fort Myers

best golf courses fort myers florida

While tourism is a large economic driver of Southwest Florida, the region is also home to numerous retirement communities. Residents of Fort Meyers have some of the oldest residents by average age, anywhere in the country. Retirees love Southwest Florida and for good reason. The subtropical climate and abundant activities make this a haven for … Read more

Best Golf Courses in India

best golf courses india

When golfers think of great places to play around the world, India may not be the first to come to mind. But India offers a large number of great places to play and has a long history with the game. India’s amateur championship is the second oldest international tournament, behind only the British Open. The … Read more

Best Golf Courses in Bali

best golf courses bali

Bali is a volcanic island featuring dramatic elevation changes, from sea level to nearly 10,000 feet, offers some indescribable views. Little wonder that Bali is Indonesia’s No. 1 tourist destination, with a large majority of its economy tourism based. Stunning black sand beaches and amazing coral reefs are just two of the main tourist draws … Read more

Best Vegas Golf Courses under $100

vegas golf under 100

  Finding great golf in Las Vegas is easy. The Vegas valley has long been known for its great courses. These courses run the gamut in difficulty, desirability, and price. Finding a course you can play for less than $100 can be challenging. Many courses in Las Vegas give a discount for locals. Tourists can … Read more

Top 7 Public Golf Courses In The UK – Our pick of the best !

Top 7 Public Golf Courses In The UK

Golf is a beautiful game, there is no doubt about this. But one of the more beautiful things about this game is the place where you play it. We have looked at some of our personal favorite public golf courses and come up with a short list of the Top 7 public golf courses in … Read more

Top Ten Golf Courses in the United Kingdom

top 10 golf courses in the united kingdom

You might be wondering, “What is it that gives golfers that unique golfing experience?” Well, the answer to this, it’s the characteristics of a good golf course; its serenity and beauty, the playability, and its ability to take you away from day to day reality for a while. The intrinsic traits of a golf course … Read more

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