Most Expensive Golf Clubs – Will they make you play better?

expensive golf clubs

Golf is considered as the game of elites with people paying huge sums of money for the most expensive golf clubs. With the availability of various types of golf equipment and price levels to suit every pocket, individuals from different lifestyles are opting to start playing this game we love. The performance of an athlete […]

Women’s Golf Swing Basics For Beginners

beginner swing women tips

As a beginner, there are several things you have to learn about golf. No matter where you play, these basics remain the same. Once you get a hang of these basic tips you will be able to play better and score lower in no time. One of the most important steps for improving your golf […]

Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet


Buying golf shoes can already be challenging enough without having to worry about the width of your foot, right? Well, if you are like me, and have wider than average feet, you know how much of a pain it can be shopping for golf shoes. That is why I have collected some of the best […]

Best Golf Courses in Bali

best golf courses bali

Bali is a volcanic island featuring dramatic elevation changes, from sea level to nearly 10,000 feet, offers some indescribable views. Little wonder that Bali is Indonesia’s No. 1 tourist destination, with a large majority of its economy tourism based. Stunning black sand beaches and amazing coral reefs are just two of the main tourist draws […]

Hand Pain From Golf: 6 Common Golf Injuries and Treatments

hand pain golf

When you think of sports you may get injured whilst playing, golf probably doesn’t come top of the list. However, there is a risk of getting hurt whilst playing this gentlemanly game with most injuries occurring to the hands. Hand injuries in golf can range from the mild such as sprains and blisters, to the […]

Cheapest Electric golf trolley UK – We found the best!

cheapest electric golf trolley in the uk

So you’re looking for a new electric golf trolley? In this review Cheapest Electric golf trolley UK , we have used our latest search engine software to find you the cheapest and Best electric golf trolley available in the UK online. We have searched all the major online retailers and compared their prices and narrowed […]

Best golf courses in India

best golf courses india

When golfers think of great places to play around the world, India may not be the first to come to mind. But India offers a large number of great places to play and has a long history with the game. India’s amateur championship is the second oldest international tournament, behind only the British Open. The […]

Best Vegas Golf Courses under $100

vegas golf under 100

  Finding great golf in Las Vegas is easy. The Vegas valley has long been known for its great courses. These courses run the gamut in difficulty, desirability, and price. Finding a course you can play for less than $100 can be challenging. Many courses in Las Vegas give a discount for locals. Tourists can […]

Cheapest 3 wheel golf trolley – We found it!

cheapest 3 wheel golf trolley

Fed up with carrying your golf bag? Then get yourself a 3 wheel golf trolley (or cart if you prefer), we have found some of the best and cheapest 3 wheel golf trolleys available online. We have used the latest search engine software to search hundreds of online golf stores and we’ve come up with […]

10 Things You Shouldn’t Do on a Golf Course

Golf has always been considered a gentleman’s game, perhaps more so than any other sport. Personal integrity is integral to the game. Few other sports rely on the players to police themselves. Cheating at golf is such a taboo that a mere accusation can follow a professional golfer for an entire career. While that is […]

Does Golfers Elbow Go Away: 5 ways to cure golfers elbow

golfers elbow

Also known as Epicondyle Tendinopathy, Golfer’s Elbow is a condition in which the tendons that attach your medial epicondyle and flexor muscles become damaged. It occurs when excessive force is put upon the tissues that they cannot handle. Does golfer’s elbow go away? Golfer’s elbow is common in people aged between 30 and 50. It […]

Why Do Golfers Wear Hats? Style Vs Practical – Which is Best?

why do golfers wear hats

Considering golf is a game that both men and women play, it is quite evident that this game requires all players to be highly disciplined, well organised and well mannered. They have to ensure that they adhere to all the rules and regulations with great diligence and assiduousness. Whilst it is true that onlookers witness […]

Is Golf For You And Me? Why we recommend playing golf.

is golf for you and me?

Golf is a widely known sport played around the world, yet it is often played by very selective individuals. If you have ever come across anyone who plays golf, you will also have witnessed how people around that person question him why he’s playing golf. It is no surprise that folk often ask golf lovers […]

Is Golf A Good Work Out? Will You Get Fitter & Lose Weight Playing Golf


Golf is often referred to as a gentle sport that does not require any great degree of, nor give any great degree of fitness. It is a sport associated with retirement and expense, and not fitness regimes. However, that does not mean that golf has no fitness benefits, that it can’t be used as part […]

What Do Golfers Eat During A Round? Snacks | Ideas | Top Tips | Foods

What do golfers eat during a round

When you are playing golf, or participating in any sport or exercise, what you eat before and during the game, will either hold you back, or give you a boost in performance.  Serious athletes take their diet as seriously as their sports.  You see, some foods digest too slowly, diverting  precious energy to this purpose.  […]

7 Top Tips For Playing Golf In The Summer (UK & Abroad)

uk golf blog:7 top tips for playing golf in the heat

Once you start playing golf, you’ll discover that there’s nothing better than playing golf on a sunny day. Whether it is hot or cold, summer or winter you will want to get to your local golf course and play a match with your friends. However, you should be careful when you are going to play […]

How to concentrate on your Golf game as a beginner?

How to Concentrate on your golf game for beginners

When you begin playing golf, you will notice a lot of changes in yourself and in the way that you think, perceive and notice your surroundings whilst playing golf. All these little things can take a toll on your mind and body. As a beginner, you might not feel comfortable on the tee or addressing […]

Best Golf shoes under £100 – Check out what we found!

golf shoes under £100

What makes a good golf shoe? Gone are the days of plain white golf shoes, now you can buy any style and any color golf shoe. The market for golf shoes has blown up this past year or two with new companies getting involved in this lucrative and very competitive market. Companies like Skechers and Under […]

The Beginner’s Guide To Golf Etiquette – Learn the basics!


Like any other sports game, when you’re playing golf, there are certain standards and rules which you should follow. Together, these make up the etiquette of the game. Golf etiquette is actually very easy to follow and the points you need to remember are not difficult to execute. The basic manners that apply to real […]

Top 7 Public Golf Courses In The UK – Our pick of the best !

Top 7 Public Golf Courses In The UK

Golf is a beautiful game, there is no doubt about this. But one of the more beautiful things about this game is the place where you play it. We have looked at some of our personal favorite public golf courses and come up with a short list of the Top 7 public golf courses in […]

7 Best Practice Golf At Home Equipment You Can Buy

7 Best Practice Golf At Home Equipment You Can Buy

Golf is a difficult game to play but like all other sports, you can only improve once you practice it again and again. Going to the course to play is the best option, there is no doubt about that. On the course, you get more real-life experience and you can see other people playing the […]

Best driver under £200


What’s the best Brand new driver on the market for under £200? We understand how expensive golf can be, so buying a new driver can be a very expensive trip to the shops. Most high-end drivers will cost you £500+ but will they be any better for you than a driver costing under £200? LET’S HAVE […]

What’s the best set of golf irons under £400?

whats the best irons under £400

Afriend of mine recently asked me the question ‘ What’s the best set of golf irons under £400?’ I have been using my old trusty and now rusty set of Taylormade RBZ irons for the past few years ,I now have the money to upgrade my irons and my limit is £400. My old irons […]

Best golf driver 2018 – Latest drivers in 2018 compared

best drivers 2018

What’s the best golf driver of 2018? Well, there’s no doubt we’re spoilt for choice in 2018 when it comes to choosing a new golf driver. With all the major golf club manufacturers releasing a new driver we have plenty of drivers to look at. All the best drivers of 2017 have been upgraded and […]

Callaway Rogue driver review

callaway rogue driver

Callaway’s New Driver Rogue After the mind blowing release of the Callaway Epic Driver, the engineers went even further to come up with the ideal Callaway Rogue Driver. It does not replace the Epic Driver but is released for the players who require a greater level of forgiveness and playability. The best part is that […]

Best Golf bag 2018 – We review the top 5

TaylorMade Flextech Stand Bag

So you need a new golf bag? We take a look at the best golf carry bags 2018, Golfpricecompare reviews and compares all the best golf bag on the market. We review ourselves and take recommendations from golfers and readers on our FACEBOOK group. All the results and research is collated and narrowed down to save […]

Taylormade M3 v M4 Drivers

Taylormade announce the launch of their new range the M3 and M4 drivers. Everytime TaylorMade launches a new premium driver it becomes one of, if not the most, significant product launch of the year and with the M3, there’s a lot to talk about. One of the most talked about subjects won’t be which Tour […]

Top 5 Selling Electric Golf Trolleys on Amazon 2017

We reveal the Top 5 Best selling golf trolleys on Amazon in 2017. These are in no particular order and are listed due to sale volume in 2017 on Amazon, eBay had similar sale figures on these products. [content-egg module=Amazon template=custom/bigcart] [wpsm_ads1]

Best selling Golf Drivers of 2017 Online – GolfPriceCompare

Best drivers 2017 2017 Was an Amazing year for golf equipment, with the launch of some Amazing golf drivers. Some sent the world of golf into a frenzy like the superb Callaway Epic driver and then there was ANOTHER driver launched by Taylormade M1 and M2. Most models were tested to death by all the […]

Best Putters under £100 available online – GolfPriceCompare

We know money can be tight sometimes and that’s probably why you’re on this Golf Price Comparison website, RIGHT? So we thought we’d put together a list of the ‘Best putters under £100 available online’. We use the latest search engine software to search and compare 100’s of online websites and then select the lowest […]

Top 10 Gifts for someone who loves golf

Top 10 Gifts for someone who loves golf Have you ever needed to buy a gift for someone and been stuck for what to buy them? Well, if they play golf it’s simple… Buy them golf stuff! Most golfers love to receive golf gifts, it doesn’t have to be expensive, most gifts given by a […]

Best golf balls for Beginners or High handicappers

So you’re a high handicap player, or maybe you’re just starting out in the game of golf that we love so much. You’re reading this article because you want to know the best ball to use to help your game as you’re just starting out and need all the help you can get RIGHT? Well, […]

Whats the best starter set of clubs for children?

What’s the best set of golf clubs for juniors? We need to encourage Juniors to start playing golf, it teaches them so many life skills, like sportsmanship, fair play and builds longlasting relationships with friends. So buying a set of clubs that work for them is very important. The best thing about juniors getting into […]

What’s the best driver to fix a slice?

So, You want to fix your slice right? I bet like me you’ve spent a fortune down at the range practicing your driving and yet on the course, you still hit out of bounds on the right with most of your Tee shots. Correct? You have probably been watching loads of Youtube videos and hoping to […]

Best golf balls to cure a slice


So you have a slice or a hook shot and you’re looking for a golf ball to help? In this article Best golf balls to cure a slice? we will share our findings on different types of golf balls so you can make an informed purchase. The type of golf ball you use can affect […]