how to waterproof golf shoes

How To Waterproof Golf Shoes

Playing golf in the rain and early morning tee-off times when the course is covered in dew can result in a squelchy round of walking in damp golf shoes. Walking in wet shoes is never a nice experience, and even less so when you’re trying to focus and take a few strokes off your game.

You can buy waterproof golf shoes, but regular golf shoes are already expensive, and buying waterproof ones will only add a deeper hole to your wallet. So how do your waterproof golf shoes?

Golf shoe waterproofing is a relatively simple and inexpensive task. It’ll cost you a bit of time but save you money in the long run and those squelchy mornings or rain-filled rounds will be a thing of the past. Here are all the steps on how to waterproof golf shoes.

Golf Shoe Waterproofing

Get All The Supplies You Need

Before you start the golf shoe waterproofing process, make sure you have all the supplies ready. This is what you’re going to need:

  • Cloths for wiping them down
  • A tub of warm water
  • Dish or saddle soap
  • Polish
  • Waterproofing spray

Before you go out and buy these supplies you must check what material our gold shoes are made of. Different golf shoe materials such as leather or synthetic nylon and each one well need a different polish or waterproofing spray – we cover these and suggest some products at the end of the article.

Now It’s Time To Clean Your Golf Shoes

Your golf shoes have to be clean before applying the waterproofing spray or else it won’t work. If you were to cover a dirty golf shoe with waterproofing spray, the spray will rest on the dirt and grime instead of soaking into the material and rub off in no time.

To clean your gold shoes, grab some warm water and use dish soap, or saddle soap with leather gold shoes. Slowly wipe the golf shoes down removing all dirt and dust until they look as if they were new.

Make sure not to soak your golf shoes if they are leather as this could damage them. 

Once your golf shoes are shining clean, leave them in the sun or a ventilated area until they are completely dry. If they are at all wet when applying the waterproofing spray, it will not hold and you’ll have to start the process again.

Now It’s Time For A Quick Polish

Your golf shoes should be immaculately clean and dry as a bone at this point. If not, repeat the steps above. Once you’re happy with them, it’s time to apply some polish.

Polish your shoes with a polish that is specific to your shoes’ material – where it’s leather or synthetic. Make sure to use it liberally and buff it well until they are shining new.

Apply The Waterproofing Spray

The final and most important step of how to waterproof golf shoes is adding the waterproofing spray. Make sure you are using a waterproof spray specific to the material of your gold shoes and read the instructions on the pack before you start spraying.

With most waterproof sprays, all you need to do is spray it on liberally and leave it to dry, so it is very simple. Some products might ask you to wipe off any excess, so it’s important to read the instructions.

Once the waterproofing spray is dry, you should have a pair of waterproof golf shoes that will keep your feet dry on your next round.

Maintaining Waterproofing

Unfortunately, one round of waterproofing spray doesn’t make your golf shoes waterproof forever. The spray will slowly wear off over time and you will need to re-apply it, how often though, depends on the spray you are using.

Some waterproofing sprays require reapplication just once a year, others need to be reapplied every month or two. Again, check the instructions on the can.

Your best bet in my experience is to reapply every time you clean your golf shoes so you never have wet feet. Or wait until you feel some moisture coming through them, and then reapply if you want to use your waterproofing spray conservatively.

Picking A Waterproofing Spray

One of the most important factors of making sure your golf shoes are waterproof is by picking the best waterproofing spray. Waterproofing sprays are not all made equal and by using the best ones, your golf shoes will be as waterproof as possible for as long as possible. Here are our two favorites for you to take a look at.

 Solemates All Weather Protector

Solemates All Weather Protector is a non-toxic golf shoe waterproofing spray that actively repels water, dirt, and oils from soaking into your golf shoes. It’s non-toxic, made of water and all-natural carnauba wax and you can use it on any materials including leather, suede, and synthetic fabrics.

GEAR AID Tent Waterproofing Spray

If you’re looking for a golf shoe waterproofing spray that is incredibly effective, then this GEAR AID Tent Waterproofing Spray is one for you. It might say tent spray in the title but it can be used on all fabrics from leather and suede to synthetics.

This means it’ll not only waterproof your golf shoes but you can also use it on your golf bag, rain jacket, and anything else you want to repel dirt, oils, and water.

Once applied it is extremely effective and will keep your golf shoes waterproof longer than other waterproofing sprays you’re likely to find on the market. It does smell a bit though so it’s best applied outdoors.

Waterproofing Away

You now know all the steps of how to waterproof golf shoes. The steps are pretty simple but it is important you follow them to the letter for the best results. As long as you have followed the process and reapply when you need to, those days of squelching around the golf course in wet golf shoes should be a thing of the past.

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