Good Golf Scores

Good Golf Scores -What Should Yours Be?

Golf is an addictive game that takes years and years to master and the addiction is all about progress. Even when you think you know how to hit the ball. And you know you can play well, but you need to play well on every stroke to bring that scorecard down and when it happens the feeling is hard to beat.

But to know if you’re improving, you need something to aim for which is why we are going to discuss which golf scores to aim for depending on the golfer you are.

What is a good golf score for pros?

Considering that almost all PGA Tour golf courses are a par 72, what do you think the pros shoot on average? If you check out the top 200 players’ average scores over many rounds, they are shockingly close and consistent.

The top 200 golf pros score between 69 and 72 on a par 72, or around that which means they are shooting par or under on most rounds – quite amazing.

What is the average golf score?

An average golf score is 96 strokes over 18 holes on a par 72 golf course. This means a player can drop more than 1 shot per hole over par and still hit 96, which is actually very respectable.

In fact, according to the National Golf Foundation, just 26% of golfers can even shoot under 90 consistently on a par 72 golf course, so if you’re getting close to that, you’re doing well.

What is a good golf score for beginners/high handicappers?

If you’re new to golf then aiming to shoot par on a par 72 is very unrealistic. Most golfers, 45% of them, shoot over 100 on a par 72, but what is a good golf score for beginners?

If you can shoot 108 on a par 72, then you have hit a good score for your skill levels which equates to hitting 2 over par, aka a double bogie, on every hole on the course.

What is considered a bad golf score?

Golf is actually quite accommodating when it comes to considering that a bad golf score is over 121 strokes on a par 72 course. This allows you to drop 48 shots in a round of 18 holes which is quite a lot of breathing room.

What is the average golf score for ladies?

The average golf score for ladies is 108 compared to men’s which is 96. But, only around 35% of ladies who play occasionally hit over 120 on a par 72, so if you’re up in that category, don’t worry, you’re with a big crowd.

Average Golf Scores By Age

Age plays a big part when it comes to good golf scores and you might be surprised with the figures.

  • Age: 7-10 Years Old – Score: 144-180
  • Age: 10-20 Years Old – Score: 89-180
  • Age: 20-30 Years Old – Score: 89-90
  • Age: 30-40 Years Old – Score: 91-92
  • Age: 40-50 Years Old – Score: 91-92
  • Age: 50-60 Years Old – Score: 91
  • Age: 60-70 Years Old – Score: 91
  • Age: 70+ Years Old – Score: 92-94

As you can see, being young is the biggest handicap you can have. This is because golf is a game that takes years to master in regards to both techniques and your mental game.

A good golf score for a 25-year-old and a 65-year-old only has a difference of 4 strokes proving that time and experience on the golf course counts for everything. 

Are your golf scores good?

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about scores and to tell if you’re getting good or bad ones. As long as you’re hitting 120 or under, you’re doing just fine, 108 and under you’re better than the majority, 96 and under you’re pretty awesome, and if you’re hitting close to 72 then you’re a pro and probably shouldn’t need to read this article >)

Enjoy your next round, try and bogie every hole if you can and you’ll be happily going back to the clubhouse with a score of 90… worth a try

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