7 best golf youtubers

Top 7 Golf Youtubers (Best of the Year)

In this world of social media and online entertainment, golf has gained a new platform to showcase its talent. Enter YouTube – the second largest search engine in the world.

Many people will argue the benefits of watching golfing Youtubers telling us how to fix our slice or how to swing faster. Some will say it only confuses us more and the only way to learn how to play golf correctly is by paying for lessons.

Others will say that the only way they can improve their golf as they can’t afford lessons, is to watch helpful videos. I know when I started playing golf, I found it too expensive to have lessons and started to learn from watching videos and taking my phone onto the practice range and trying out their advice. It certainly helped me and I have to say that later on I started paying for lessons from one of those famous Youtubers and I’ve never looked back.

In the UK, we are blessed with a number of top golfing coaches and the same can be said for Youtube golfing stars. In fact, the Top 3 Golfing Youtubers are all English. With a huge percentage of the golfing video views between them. There are also some amazing golfing coaches from outside the like Shaun Clement but unfortunately, not all of them made it onto this list.

TOP 7 Golf Youtubers in 2020

Mark Crossfield

How would I describe Mark Crossfield? Well, he’s like marmite! You either love him or hate him. Personally, I love his course vlogs with Lockey (Coach if you’re in the Lockey Army). The banter between these two and Dan, another golf PGA Pro is infectious at times.

After watching these three do a full course vlog, I just want to phone my pals and get out on the course. His coaching talents are recognized worldwide and he is considered not only one of the best Golf Youtubers but also one of the best golf coaches in the world.

His love for technology and data is one of his strong points and he embraces it head on. He is known for speaking his mind, which has probably cost him some viewers and die-hard manufacture followers but, he is true to himself.

For this and this alone, I watch him and have followed his channel for years. Long may he continue to produce amazing content. And one day Lockey will win a tour. LOL Lockey Army

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Rick Sheils

Rick started playing golf at the tender age of 11 at Hart Common in Bolton. He started his PGA training at 18 and; by the age of 21 he was a qualified professional, working at The Mere in Knutsford.

In 2010, Rick moved to the Trafford Golf Centre in Manchester where he eventually became the head coach. Rick teamed up with Peter Finch who he knew from school and they started their youtube journey together. Rick left the Trafford Golf Centre to set up a new academy alongside Peter Finch called Quest Golf Studio.

Rick has since gone on to do some amazing things including being a judge on Driver V Driver, an American TV show where people had to design a new driver for a chance to win a manufacturing contract. Rick is still one of the biggest names in Youtube golf and his journey has been a long one but I feel he has now made it and is starting to do more things alone and he’s going in the right direction. 

I wish Rick all the best and have watched him play in person and he’s a true gent. 

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Me & My Golf

Backed by one of the biggest names in Golf Taylormade, Andy Proudman & Piers Ward have all the skills as golfers and all the money and technology behind them to produce some of the best golf instructional videos on the planet.

The mission is to help golfers around the globe of all walks, play the best golf of their lives. They believe in breaking through the barriers of what’s possible with anyone’s golf game. Their aim is to deliver simple, yet powerful instruction & advice, so YOU can Take Charge of your game (their catchphrase), so you can find what REALLY works for you, and be the best you can possibly be.

They have visited some of the best golf courses around the world and played golf with some of the biggest names in golf. I love their instructional videos, of which they have hundreds. They are very specific for example, if you need to stop slicing your driver, they will have a video on that; if you need to hole more putts, they will have exactly what you need on their video list.

They also have a subscription/membership package that gives you even more videos and step-by-step instructions to help you improve your game. 

These guys are some of the biggest names in Youtube golf and you cannot search on Youtube for the word ‘ Golf ‘ without their name popping up. 

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Peter Finch

Once inseparable from Rick Sheils, Peter Finch has started to make more and more videos on his own and is starting to grow his own Youtube channel. Possibly due to Rick doing more and more TV shows; but whatever the reason we love that fact that you can now see Peter at his best.

His course vlogs are second to none and his coaching methods and advice have helped thousands of golfers worldwide. I personally have had the pleasure of 1-to-1 coaching from him when he worked at Manchester Trafford Centre and he was a true gent and helped me more than any other golf coach.

Famous for having one of the smoothest golf swings on Youtube, he has also blessed us more and more with course vlogs with his dad and is now encouraged by his girlfriend.

With quality editing and beautiful video footage, you can’t go wrong watching a Peter Finch golf vlog. He is always the first video I watch when I get a notification of a new golf video upload.

Get your notifications by subscribing to his channel and clicking the notification icon.

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Shaun Clement

Shaun Clement started his journey from the age of 17 (he is now 51) with the Canadian Ski Patrol where he learned all about broken bones and limbs. This gave him an insight into the human body which he took into his golf game and coaching skills.

Shaun believes that the body moves in a certain way and you should use this to your advantage and not fight against it. Shaun is an accomplished golfer and famous for being about to play at a scratch level both left and right-handed. He has appeared on many TV programs and has showcased his coaching talents at many shows and public speakings.

Shaun has been coaching his daughter, Savannah, for many years and she is now an accomplished golfer herself, who like her father has been bitten by the golfing Youtube bug and has started her own golfing Youtube channel.

If she follows in her dad’s footsteps she can’t go far wrong. We wish her and Shaun all the very best.

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Pure Swing Tv


Gabriel was a prolific Youtuber a few years back but suddenly announced that he was stopping producing content to do other things. He recently came back and uploaded a new golf video, which I for one, was delighted to see.

This young man uploaded some awesome golf vlogs and hardly ever touched on the topic of equipment reviews. So if you just wanted to see some fun and good quality golf vlogs I would have always recommended his channel.

Gabriel made it onto our Top 7 Golf Youtubers 2019 for the simple reason that he produced a lot of good golf vlogs and they are still popular today especially with younger golfers.

We are glad to see Gabriel back on the golf course and we hope he releases more and more videos soon.

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GG Swingtips Golf

As the name suggests this channel is all about the pursuit of improving your golf swing. With over 400+ instructional videos you are guaranteed to find a video to help you improve or fix a golf swing fault.

They don’t have a huge subscriber following on youtube but each video gets a lot of views and watch time, hence they made it onto our list.

They have a great website from which you can purchase online golf tuition and advice which is very popular plus get 1-to-1 coaching if needed.

With videos being uploaded every 3 to 4 days, if you subscribe to their channel you will be guaranteed to be inundated with helpful golf coaching videos.

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How we selected the Best Golfing Youtubers for our list

If we made this list on personal opinion then the list would be HUGE as everyone has their own favourites and reasons for watching them each time they upload a golfing video.

My personal is Peter Finch, just because I have had lessons with him and he is such a nice bloke. Yes, he really is as nice as they all say. I also like him because he doesn’t get too technical. I’m a simple UK Golfer and understand basic instructions. Ha Ha!!

We have selected the best Golf Youtubers on total video views. Why, not subscribers?

All data is correct at the time of release and subject to change minute by minute. We have used SocialBlade.com for all our data and results.

We believe the true test of a Golfing Youtube video is the length of time someone clicks onto the video and stays tuned. Anyone can produce Clickbait headlines and get subscribers but if the content is rubbish they will click off within seconds.

Fact: A viewer will make up their mind if they are going to watch the full video within 3 seconds of watching the start of the video.

There are bigger golf channels on Youtube that our No1 Golf Vlogger but they are not Youtubers to coin a phrase. They are more like Golf TV Channels like PGA TOUR who have a staggering 371,632,945 Video Views on Youtube.

But for this article, we have stuck to the true meaning of Golf YouTubers and stuck to the golf vlog and coaching style.

What Makes A Good Golf Youtuber?

I don’t think there’s a magic formula. Who I like, you might dislike it’s all a matter of opinion, and let’s face it, Golfers definitely have their own opinions!

Some people may go for content that makes them laugh, in that case, I would be watching ( Like I do) Fried Eggs Golf. If I wanted to learn the technical side of golf and see technology within the game, I would be watching Mark Crossfield ( Like I do).

Do you see what we mean? There will never be one golfing Youtuber that rules the air. There will be room for everyone including the next set of stars coming through the rankings like Seb On Golf (My son’s favorite).

I for one love watching these guys, I love the course vlogs as I get to see golf courses in the UK and around the world that I will never get the chance to play. This is the next best thing.

So, let’s get into the detail. Who are the best 7 Golf Youtubers 2020 so far?

New Comers To Watch Out For in 2019-2020

All these vloggers are up and coming, some are new, some have been around a while – but all offer help and advice or just pure golfing entertainment.

Any one of them will have some content on their channel that will help you improve or simply have fun watching them play and entertain you.

I personally, would like to thank them all for their hard work and dedication. It’s not easy making these videos and post daily. Trust me I have tried and failed at the first step. Especially for the newbies who don’t have the staff and backing of huge companies like Taylormade or Adidas.

Conclusion: Best Golf Youtubers

No matter who you watch or why you watch them, you’ll enjoy their content if you love golf. Youtube is the future of online coaching and watching entertaining golf. Long gone are the days of reading golf books for instruction, although there have been some good ones.

The younger generation will learn more and become more interested in golf if they watch it on Youtube. It’s cool to watch Youtube and it’s not so cool to read golf books these days. It’s a fact, Youtube is here to stay and will soon be the most watched social media platform in the world. With millions of golf videos on youtube to watch, I’m sure you’ll end up watching one of our Top 7 Golf YouTubers in 2019.

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