Top 7 Public Golf Courses In The UK

Top 7 Public Golf Courses In The UK – Our pick of the best !

Golf is a beautiful game, there is no doubt about this. But one of the more beautiful things about this game is the place where you play it. We have looked at some of our personal favorite public golf courses and come up with a short list of the Top 7 public golf courses in the UK.

This is our opinion from playing hundreds of courses and we understand that everyone will have their own favorite ones. Feel free to comment below where you like best and why.

Golf courses include some amazing designs which have some special features built into them to make the game more interesting. They consist of short grass, sandy bunks, hilltops, and flatlands and even the dreaded water features.

The size of a golf course may vary according to where you play the game but overall there are some standard measurements that every golf course follows. In England, there are countless differed golf courses but the top 7 are:

1. Royal St George’s Golf Club

Royal St George's Golf Club

Located in Kent, the Royal St George’s Golf Club opened in 1887 that the general public can use. This ground quickly rose to fame because it was located at a very pretty and central location. Soon, many companies organized big tournaments and the individuals recognized it as a landmark in England.

The best thing about this golf course is that there is nothing artificial about it. It comprises of only natural things and the golf course keepers have preserved the wildness of the area. It is not a traditional course like the ones you might have visited already. All the holes put in places are unique and hold a lot of memories for the true golfers. Nonetheless, the playing field of this golf course is not easy to conquer. You need a good amount of courage and confidence to play and win matches at the ground.

2. Sunningdale Golf Club ( Old Course )

Located in Berkshire, the Sunningdale Golf Club is perhaps the most popular place of the area. It is one of the first golf courses in England and hence holds a lot of historical significance. The aesthetically pleasing structure of the golf course is a remarkable sight to look at and even if you do not play the game, you have to visit this area. The peaceful atmosphere it offers is an experience of a lifetime.

Over the years, many great golfers have played here and scored perfectly including Bobby Jones and Nick Faldo. The most famous hole located in the golf course is the elevated 10th tee. It is a favorite of experienced golfers as such driving holes are rarely found in golf courses now. Folks regard the Sunningdale golf course as the perfect vacationing spot.

2. Royal Birkdale Golf Club

Royal Birkdale Golf Club

The Merseyside wonder, Royal Birkdale Golf Club is a perfectly unique and astonishingly beautiful golf course. Soon after the owners expanded the area to add more holes to the playing field and increasing the capacity of the people who could play here. The course was remodeled again in 1930 to bring it up to the international standard of the golfers and so that championships could be played here.

The golf course is popular for the kind of gameplay it provides. If you want a fair but challenging game, you have to play here because it is rarely ever the case that the ball goes out of the course. It provides a fair chance to everyone who wants to enjoy the sport. One thing to remember is that when you are playing here, the wind tends to get too much that an average golfer may not be able to handle it and you’ll see some big numbers on your scorecard.

3.SunningDale ( New Course )

Sunningdale Golf Club (new)

Just like the older version of this golf course, the new course Sunningdale golf club is a sight to look at. Together with the old one, there are a total of 36 holes in the golf course making it one of the biggest to play at. The terrain of the new golf course is a mixture of low lands, hills, and trees which line up perfectly. Although the old golf course has more thick trees, the new one is not as easier as most persons think it is.

The view offered by the new golf course is unique and even if you have already played in the old one, you must try out the new as well. The amazing turf and the feel of the new grass is something you will not get anywhere else. Some golfers have even said that the new Sunningdale Golf Club will quickly take over the popularity of the old one. Watch the blind tee shot on the 7th it catches most people out.

4. Royal Lytham St Annes

Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Club

Opened in 1886, the Royal Lytham and St Annes Golf Club is one of the most northern golf courses of England. Although it is located near Birkdale, it has unique elements which you will not be able to find at any other golf course. The ground of the golf course is mostly even. Even though it may seem easy at first, the eyes are easily tricked here.

You have to be able to control your swing and take a good aim if you want to achieve success in this golf course. There are many artificial areas in the golf course making those specific holes very difficult to conquer. You cannot categorize this golf course as one of the classics but it does offer a lot of challenges.

5. Swinley Forest Golf Club

One of the best places in Berkshire, the Swinley Forest golf club is a fun place to play in. The place has been preserved as it was many years ago. There are very few changes in the setting of the land. The holes are mostly naturally officiated and although time has brought around natural land changes, these are very minimal. The golf course was officially regarded a lot later than it was being used.

This accounts for the little history present and hence is a lost story for many golfers. It is also one of the most peaceful areas in England. If you go around randomly, you might see no golfer in sight. You can have the whole golf course to yourself and play as you wish.

6. St George’s Hill Golf Club

A place for the Royals, located in Surrey, the St George’s Hill golf club is one of a kind. It is one of the best golf courses because it provides the golfer with everything they require. A peaceful atmosphere, a beautiful view, and a challenging terrain. It is the stuff that dreams are made of. Harry Colt was the architect who made the golf course into a charm. It is one of his greatest works and it opened for play in 1913.

The ground terrain is a mix of highs and lows. The land is modeled perfectly to make a golf course which provides everything to the player. The superb view offered makes you want to never give up playing in the course. No matter what level of player you are, you can count on this golf course to keep you motivated.

If you are a golf fan and have just set foot on English soil, you know where to go! You can find these places all over England. So, no matter where you are, you are likely to find someplace to practice your swing.

Conclusion: Best UK Public Golf Courses

Thank you to all the clubs mentioned above for allowing us to play your amazing courses and for giving us such a warm welcome.

We understand that many golfers will argue whether links courses are better than parkland and we have no doubts that we will receive some arguments on our selection of the Top 7 public golf courses in the UK. But as we said before these are our personal favorites and have been chosen for a number of reasons.

If I was choosing one for best round and most memorable time I would have chosen Silloth on Solway golf club one of my all time favorites as it was my first ever experience on a true UK links course but the other in our team out voted me for the 7 above.

Golf is a very personal thing, when I’m at home I often play on a pay and play short course near my home. The fairways are not always mown very well and the greens are poor but it’s my getaway place for a quick 9 holes and I have grinded my game out there late into the summer nights for years.

What’s you favorite course and why? Comment below.

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