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Best golf balls ever made by Titleist – You need to try these!

Golf balls are not manufactured by the same token and they deliver different performances, some manufacturers have excelled at producing amazing golf balls. One of the best golf ball manufacturers is Titleist. In this article, we review the Best golf balls ever made by Titleist

A wide range of golf balls is available to meet the requirements of different levels of players. When it comes to best golf balls, Titleist is one of the top picks from manufacturers.

It is a golf ball manufacturing company that creates a golf ball for every skill level. It has been the choice of many top players for years and you can play with the same type of golf ball like your favorite pro does.

The best golf balls from Titleist will help your game improve. Here is a list of the Best golf balls ever made by Titleist are:

  • Pro V1
  • Pro V1x
  • Tour Soft
  • Velocity
  • DT Trusoft
  • Titleist AVX

Here is a list of top golf balls ever made by Titleist

Pro V1

Titleist Pro V1 Prior Generation

The most successful piece of golfing equipment Titleist has ever made in the history of this game is the Pro V1. It has been used by hundreds of players on professional tours for years.

Its performance is unmatchable. It is considered a revolutionary product in golf history. With a lower long game spin, it enables players to experience longer distances and consistent flight. Drop-and-Stop greenside control is one of this ball’s specialties. Long-lasting durability and soft feels are plus features.

Unmatched quality comes with multi-components. The longer distance is made possible with the 2.0 ZG Next Generation Process Core. Tin casing layer lets you have a controlled spin on every shot. You can also distinguish it with its cover system. Its soft cover system i.e. Urethane Elastomer gives you Drop-and-Stop greenside control.

This amazingly engineered cover system provides long-lasting durability. In addition to that, it features Spherically-tiled 352 tetrahedral dimple design for consistent flights. All these features are the reason, this is their best production golf ball on the market today.

This ball was always going to be number one in our Best golf balls ever made by Titleist guide.

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Pro V1x

Pro V1x offers no less in performance versus the Pro V1. There are slight changes in the production. This ball adds to the consistency in flight.

It promises to deliver an extraordinary distance with a high launch. You can expect amazing quality and soft feels. The procedures it has gone through are well monitored to deliver you a performance of a pro. It offers a low-long game spin to make sure you ace the game. This is not without Drop-and-Stop greenside control.

When talking about engineering, it is multi-component golf equipment. The ZG Dual Core Process is responsible for extraordinary distance. Extremely responsive and thin cover ionomeric casing take along success on course with enhanced speed and controlled spin.

The durability of the ball comes from the cover system and pro-V1x has a softcover system i.e. Urethane Elastomer that delivers a soft feel. Moreover, its unique 328 tetrahedral dimples spherically-tiled design brings good appearance as well as performance.

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It is known for its premium performance. With aerodynamic technology, it makes use of an advanced core. If distance and soft feel is your priority, AVX is designed for you.

High performance with low flying, low spinning, and a soft feel is provided by this New Titleist AVX golf ball. Moreover, a powerful flight and remarkable distance is something a golf player dies for and all this is offered by this piece. It promises to deliver an iron spin and an exceptionally soft feel. Premium Scoring Control is one of the top features.

For those who are concerned with the construction process, low compression quality has been used to ensure high speed along with extraordinary distance and soft feel. Its GRN41 cast thermoset urethane cover has the power to provide premium scoring control.

Durability is also a promise. Greater distance is possible with a high flex casing layer. The outer appearance is made possible with an aerodynamic 352 tetrahedral spherically-tiled – catenary design.

These golf balls are great for putting and something that will also help you improve your putting is the Training aid taking over the golfing world PUTTOUT.

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Tour Soft

Tour Soft is a two-layer golf ball covered with an extremely thin layer. The performance it provides is better than that of multiple layers. It delivers the control professional players expect for the best performance.

The cover of tour softball is a bit different from other Titleist golf balls. The cover is made with mixed material that enables greater exit velocity for the ball. That feel and spin come from a thin cover.

According to Golf Info Guide, this ball offers a better level of feel than many others. It gets praised by many others such as Golf Monthly which writes that it can give you a nice height. The softness is quite visible and you don’t have to put in a lot of force. Ultra-thin 4CE technology is used in the cover formulation.

It keeps the promise of providing consistent flight with a spherically-tiled 342 cuboctahedron dimple design. It is highly recommended by many golfers.

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Velocity lets you enjoy different colors in ball i.e. white, visi-white, orange, and pink. It has been designed to provide a softer core and longer distance. Controlled and high flight is a specialty of professional golfers. They do it with the help of a high-quality ball.

Titleist velocity can help you deliver a shot with low spin and enhanced distance. The soft LXS core generates fast initial velocity and a playable short feel game.

The cover of the golf ball contributes a lot to the performance. Velocity makes sure that you get high ball speed and longer distance with the new NAZ+ cover. Velocity delivers optimized flight with the help of a spherically-tiled 328 tetrahedral dimple design. This design further adds to low-long game spin. This has also been the choice of many golfers.

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DT TruSoft

None of the Titleist golf balls fails to deliver high performance. DT TruSoft has also been designed to deliver the shots of your dreams but comes at a cheaper price.

Young golf players want to swing the ball like the professional players they follow. They get inspiration from them. Titleist balls can help them experience the shots like professionals.

This model is redesigned with the new core to make long-distance and high speed possible for you. This is one of the newest balls. Players will be benefitted from trusted quality and consistency. It has great stopping power by offering short game performance.

The core design is different from other models i.e. larger low compression TruTouch Core. Moreover, the truflex cover gives a soft feel. This is the cover that contributes to improved performance. Maximum distance can be attained with its trusoft flight.

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Final Thoughts

Is buying one of the best and it has to be said one of the most expensive Titleist Golf Ball just showing off?

No, we don’t think so.

Having confidence in the equipment you use is power inspiring. Stood over your ball on that important show knowing you can trust what the ball will do offers so much more confidence.

You don’t want to stand over that important chip shot to win a match thinking ‘ Will this ball stop on the green?’ Knowing you’re using the best ball on the market for spin control gives you the confidence to go for the pin.

We know technology has come a long way in the past few years and other manufacturers are catching up with Titleist fast but as it stands today no one can beat them!

Thanks for reading, the Best golf balls ever made by Titleist.

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