How to keep your golf clubs safe

How To Keep Your Golf Equipment Safe and Sound

Worried about your golfing equipment getting damaged or even worse stolen?

Every time you go out to play 18-holes or even 19 if you’re really lucky, you are bound to damage your equipment a little bit. With time, your golf equipment will start to wear out and your performance will suffer. So, it is important that you maintain and keep your equipment in tip-top shape. This will help you boost your performance.

The most important part of your equipment has to be your golf clubs. They can impact your performance heavily. If you’re like me it took me ages, in fact, years to build up my set of clubs. Most people like me can’t afford to simply go out and buy a complete set with driver, woods, and hybrids. So most people take their time to slowly build up their set and the thought of damaging them or having them stolen doesn’t bare thinking about.

How to keep your golf clubs safe and sound is very important and could save you a fortune in the long run. It’s a little bit different to worry about say…your 3 piece luggage set in the garage!

How can you ensure your clubs are safe?

Technology has made some amazing advancement over the past few years and these devices and apps can be used to help you protect your golf equipment from thieves and robbers.

As mentioned previously it’s always best to store your clubs in the home but if your partner won’t let you ( Like mine ) then the garage or shed is the next best thing. However, these are the most vulnerable places to store your expensive equipment.

You can take some simple steps to help protect your faithful golf clubs and safeguard your investment.

Let us take a look at some security equipment and gadgets that will help keep your clubs safe.

#1 Security mark your clubs

A UV security property marker pen uses permanent UV ink that leaves an indelible mark and doesn’t fade like a standard marker pen. Markings are invisible under normal light conditions but become fluoresce under Ultraviolet light.

We tested and liked the Safehaus property Marker set you can purchase from Amazon.

Write your address or postal code somewhere on your club shaft or golf bag and if they are stolen and recovered the police or insurance company will use an ultraviolet light to identify who owns the stolen goods and then they will return them to you.

This is a simple and very cost effective way to help protect your golf equipment.

#2 Track your stolen goods

Technology has advanced incredibly over the past few years and now you can use very small devices such as an amazing little device called a Tile Tracker. This is one of the world’s best-selling Bluetooth tracker, the NEW Tile Mate attaches to keys, purses or anything else you couldn’t live without.

Our tip is to sew one of these tiny little trackers into your golf bag. No one will suspect that it’s there and if your golf clubs and bag are stolen you can track them on your mobile phone.

Then call the police and let them track the thieves and get your gear back. This is one of our favorite gadgets and they are not very expensive compared to replacing a full set of golf clubs.

#3 CCTV for your garage or shed

These systems will sometime put off a theft trying to steal your golf clubs. But if it doesn’t you can use technology to your advantage and catch the thieving little sh#ts.

Many new or modern CCTV systems will now activate when they sense movement and will inform you by sending you a text. Some even switch on record function automatically and send the image to your mobile phone. You can then inform the police and give them a description or even show them a clear image.

We would never recommend trying to intervene or try to stop the thieves, you never know what weapons they may be carrying. Your golf clubs are expensive and very precious to you, we understand that, but they are not worth losing your life over.

We recommend the Jennov Wireless Security IP Camera, With 4X Zoom Home Security Surveillance Wireless IP Camera with Audio. This system is easy to setup, waterproof and a 2 mega pixel camera and plays back in 1080p

It is suitable for use on Apple and Android devices. We also think it is very good value and we found the best deal for this CCTV Camera on Amazon.

#4 Alarm your garage or shed

These little devices will activate if they sense an introder who maybe trying to steal your golf equipment. You will then receive a push notification when sensor is activated. If you want to go into your garage or shed you simply use a remote to switch off the alarm before entering.

We particuly liked the Skylink sk-150 starter kit as you get 1 x internet hub, 1 door/window sensor, 1 motion sensor, power Adapter, Ethernet cable and mounting accessories. Everything you need to protect your golf equipment.

However, you can expand this security system by adding more sensors. You can add upto 100 sensors in and around your home.

All-In-One system with alarm, home control and video monitoring functions – protect your home the smart way! control & monitor your home from anywhere in the world with no monitoring fees. Works with Amazon echo with the Alexa skill, control the system with voice commands.

Expandable system, have the freedom to add up to 100+ devices at anytime. Easy installation, plug & play. App available for iOS devices. Is if compatible, allowing you to integrate the system seamlessly with other manufacturer smart home devices.

A few easy ways to take care of your golf clubs

Tip #1: Storing Your Golf Clubs:

The number one way to keep your golf clubs in top shape is to store them indoors. It is highly recommended that you store them in a location that is away from heat and light. High heat can often weaken the golf club as it will dissolve the glue that holds the grip in place. Plus, do not store them in your trunk.

Tip #2: Always Dry Them:

You should always dry your clubs completely. Otherwise, they might rust. We recommend you wipe them down with a dry cloth after every game at least twice. This will ensure that the metal does not corrode and that your clubs last longer.

The article below shows you how to clean and dry your golf clubs after a round of golf.

how to clean your golf clubs and grips

Tip #3: Buy a Golf Towel:

A golf towel is an essential part of your golf gear which you attach to your golf bag. The towel will help you keep your golf clubs clean during the game. You can buy towels that are specifically made for the purpose. It will remove moisture and dirt and will ramp up your performance in each round.

Tip #4: Headcovers:

The heads on your drivers are much more vulnerable. They can often become damaged when you get them out and put them back in. These headcovers will help you protect the drivers from any damage. You can rest assured that they will not wear out even after the roughest of use. You should also use them for your putter. They are not an absolute must but they will help in the long run. They also stop the banging around when you’re walking from hole to hole.

Tip #5: Clean between Play:

We already mentioned that you should always keep a towel to wipe down the clubs after each play. This will help you wipe away any dirt or moisture from the clubs. Otherwise, the drag will reduce the efficiency of your swings. You can even use a soft brush as well.

Tip #6: Clean the Grips:

Another important part is cleaning your golf grips. The wear on your golf grips can mean they need replacing quite often, so cleaning them regularly will help you make them last longer. Also, wear and tear can make your grips slippy and that can affect your grip  You should get your clubs re-gripped at least once or twice a year to help ensure you have the best grip possible.

More on Storing Your Golf Clubs

One of the biggest challenges that most golfers face is storing their golf clubs safely. Of course, the way you store your golf clubs is different for long-term storage as well as short-term storage. When you’re storing your clubs on a day-to-day basis you might need to consider different things.

Day to Day Storage:

If you want to store your golf clubs for a couple of days and not months or years, you should try storing them indoors. We already mentioned that the car trunk is not the correct place to store them – even if you are going to take them out for another round the very next day. There are a couple of reasons:

1. While you might play again after days, you will still use your car. When you drive the car, you are bound to hit a few bumps or a few hard turns. This will leave your golf clubs clanging around in your trunk. This can damage them. You might find that these clubs now have a few dents or a nick here and there.

2. Since the car might be out in the sun, it can heat up fast. The temperature can easily become about 200 degrees on a sunny day. As we already mentioned, the epoxy glue tends to melt at such a temperature. So, your club heads, grip, and anything that is glued together will become weaker.

You can store your clubs in a cool, dry garage. However, you should first check if the garage tends to have a lot of humidity. Humidity can cause your clubs to corrode and rust. Of course, there is no heat buildup in the garage. So, moisture is the only problem you need to worry about.

Long-Term Storage of golf clubs

If you want to store your golf clubs for a few months or even years, you need to be really careful. A garage may be a good option; however, most garages tend to get a lot of humidity and moisture. So, you would do best to keep them out of there. We would recommend that you store those golf clubs in your home or inside a closet, preferably a location that is dry and cool.

You can cover your golf bag with a rain cover and seal them so no moisture can get inside. However, before you store them, it is much better that you clean and wipe your clubs and other equipment.

Maintaining Golf Balls

Maintaining your golf balls is the best thing you can do to save you money and ensure you get the best performance from your golf ball.

Golf balls are not cheap and are designed with a special outer coating that helps you control the spin of the ball. This is very important especially in and around the green.

Some of the best golf balls we have reviewed recently are Callaway Super Soft golf balls. 

Store your golf balls in a dry and not too hot or cold area. Leave them in the sleeves and don’t use a ball marker pen until you’re ready to play. the ink can penetrate the skin and can affect the amount of spin your produce.

Heat will dry the ball out and cause them to crack and split more easily. The same can be said for extreme cold, this can cause them to become brittle and lose performance out on the course.

The Bottom Line

All in all, maintaining and keeping your golfing equipment safe and sound can drastically affect your performance. With well-maintained equipment, you are more likely to play better. Just take care to keep your golf clubs clean and dry. Also, remember to store them in a cool dry place away from heat! So, ready ? Play well.

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