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EZE Glide Cruiser Golf Trolley | Price | Review

If you are tired of carrying your heavy golf bag on your shoulders, it may be time to consider buying yourself the EZE Glide Golf Trolley as it will make your life much easier.

It will also improve your round because you’ll have fewer pains and strains on your back and shoulders, allowing you to swing your clubs easier and shoot lower scores.

In this review of the EZE Golf Trolley we’ll look at all the different aspects of a push golf trolley and find you the best price to save you time and money.

This trolley does all that you want – without costing you a fortune. It is available through different companies and hence varies a little in the design aspect and price.

Nevertheless, generally, when it comes to functionality, the purpose of the trolley remains the same.

Here are some key features of the golf trolley and attention to its details will help you understand its dynamics:

1. Soft grip handle

When you have to hold on to something for too long, your hands tend to get a bit tensed and may even cramp up. But with the ergonomic soft-grip handles that are installed on this trolley, you will not have to worry about such discomfort.

These handles are made from foam and hence no matter how much you have to push them, they will not put any strain on your hands. The grip also allows you to have greater control over your equipment. Even if you have to go over rough patches, the trolley will not fall over.

2. Easy to push

The best thing about the EZE Glide golf trolley is the easy-push design that reduces strain on your legs and back. Whether you’re a beginner or a weekend golf player, you may well have to negotiate different terrains to practice your game. You never know the kind of course you have to deal with, flat, hilly or even muddy. In such circumstances, you need a trolley that will not add extra strain to your body. You have to remain physically strong if you want to play a good golf match. This trolley allows you to do just that by keeping strain and injury at bay.

3. Durability of the EZE Golf Trolley

Whenever we have to judge a trolley, one of the first things that come to mind is the durability of the frame. A tough and durable frame is a necessity and something that will really help you in the long term. As you put more weight on the trolley, it should not start to make noises or start bending or buckling. The frame should be able to hold the bag and clubs and all the extras you are putting on it just like in. The durability factor also determines the cost-benefit and structure of the trolley and hence durability is very high in this particular product.

After all the frame is the backbone of the golf trolley. A poor frame equals a poor golf trolley.


4. Handle height

In most cases, golf trolleys have a non-adjustable handle height, making them highly problematic for people who do not fall in the average height category. Younger players and older players may struggle with poorly designed handle heights. However, with the EZE Glide Cruiser Trolley, you will not face this problem. It comes with an adjustable height option and you can set it to the height that suits you best.

If one of your friends wants to borrow this trolley, they can also adjust the height and use it easily. This makes the product highly efficient and reliable.

5. Does the EZE Glide Fold Easy?

No matter where you live or how much you have to travel with your trolley, you cannot just put it in your car and hope it fits. Golf trolleys are not small products and require ample space. This golf trolley takes the lead in managing space because it has an easy two-fold process.

The design of the trolley is such that you can easily fold it into three parts to make it compact enough to fit anywhere. Whether this is in your car or in a bag, the folding option is a great advantage. We found it one of the easiest to fold away and lift into the car.

6. Foot brake

You can’t handle any golf trolley properly if it’s not equipped with a brake. Anything on wheels should always have a break just like this trolley does. You never know when something or someone might come right in front of the trolley and you need to stop it immediately. Bringing a fast-moving object to a halt is difficult, to say the least. Especially if it is carrying all your luggage. It becomes heavy and the weight pulls it further. With the foot brake, you just need to push it down and it will be in your control.

The main benefit of the foot brake is to hold the trolley in place when taking a shot on the fairway ( hopefully) when the course is hilly.

7. True glide wheels

The wheels of the EZE golf trolley are true glide ball bearings. This means that they were specially designed to allow the trolley to glide over all kinds of surfaces. Similar to the other function, with this feature the wheels will not get stuck anywhere on the surface. No matter what is lying in the way, it will be able to go over it. Moreover, even after a low amount of use, you can easily clean the wheels and use the trolley without worrying about its maintenance. The wide axle of this trolley helps to increase its stability, as do the 10-inch wheels.

8. Warranty

There is nothing that sounds as good as when you get a warranty on a favorite product. This trolley comes with a one-year warranty which means that you can use it for a year without worrying about any additional issues.

If you are not satisfied with the performance in under a year, there are no issues and you can contact the company to obtain a refund. If the trolley is not functioning properly and you want to get more information on it, the warranty will let you do just that. A one year warranty is a great benefit.


With all these extraordinary features, the EZE Glide Golf Trolley is a one of a kind product that all you golf enthusiasts must buy. Considering the high-quality equipment used in its making, this product is a must-have and it will benefit you in the long term.

You do not even have to save a lot of money for this trolley. It is not that expensive and will give you the return in less than a few months of usage. It also comes in two different colours so pick whichever one you like more and make your life easier.

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