Interesting GolfGadgets To MakeYour Game More Enjoyable

Interesting Golf Gadgets To Make Your Golf More Enjoyable

To the outsider’s eye, golf may seem like a boring game that mostly retired men play, people think it’s a slow and dull game stuck in the dark ages.

However, we die-hard golfers know better! Golf may be a slow often maddening game, but the satisfaction of playing the perfect shot can perhaps be found in very few things in life. And when we say maddening, we mean absolutely maddening. One minute you’re hitting the most perfect shot in the middle of the fairway, the next, you will be hitting it straight into the lake or out of bounds and walking that shameful walk back to the tee.

Whatever it is, we still love it! However, there are a couple more ways to make it infinitely more enjoyable. With new technology and gadgets coming onto the market every day, you are bound to find something that will make your game better and more enjoyable. In this article ‘Interesting golf gadgets to make your game more enjoyable’ we’ll show you how technology can help not only enjoy your round more but also shot lower scores.

So, we have carefully researched all the latest technologies found in golf and we found the ones that are the most interesting. Check them out below:

#1 TecTecTec Golf Rangefinder

The TecTecTec Golf rangefinder is one of the most important gadgets in our armada! In our years of use, it has proven to be a reliable and accurate device.

Rangefinders have been around for years now but believe it or not, most golfers have never used one or owned one. I played for years without one and never had any issues or so I thought. But after over hitting the greens or coming up short for years I was convinced to buy this rangefinder by a friend and it totally change my game. I must have been misreading the yardage by 10-15 yards by just guessing. My score lowered dramatically after using this rangefinder.

It includes Pinsensor technology to allow for fast, yet accurate measurements. With this device, we found that we can easily measure golf flags, wooded areas, hazards etc. within minutes.

Furthermore, the device is quite easy to read due to the ultra-clear optics. What’s more is that the device is lightweight and portable. We could easily carry it in our golf bags or rolling backpacks. We loved the simple operation of this device as well.

Lastly, the durable and water resistant case ensures that the device lasts longer than others! All in all, a highly functioning product at an affordable price!

The device measures just 104 x 72 x 41 mm and weighing just 185g, with a water and dust resistant, durable body, perfect for carrying while golfing or hunting, or for measuring and surveying without extra weight or bulk! 

Includes a case and lanyard,  complete rangefinder package for quick setup, including carrying pouch, Free CR2 battery, strap, microfiber cleaning cloth and quick start guide! 1 Year Warranty!

#2 The Golfbuddy 

The GolfBuddy Voice GPS is quite a helpful device. The device tells you how far you are from the next hole. We found that the GPS on this is quite reliable with accurate distances. The GPS uses audio as well as visuals to help deliver the information to you. It can even measure the distance of your shots.

This fun device allows you to calculate the amount of power you need to put behind each swing to get a hole-in-one!

The gadget works with 8 different languages. Furthermore, it comes with about 35,000 courses preloaded. What we loved was that it had the capacity to add 5000 extra courses into the data bank.

Moreover, we love how compact golfbuddy Voice GPS is! When we bought it, we were worried about the learning curve as it comes loaded with features! However, the device is easy to learn and comes with only a couple of buttons. This made it quite simple to operate. Overall, we quite enjoyed using it in our games.

#3 Garmin Approach S20

Jam-packed with a bunch of different features, the Approach S20 is the latest gadget in the long line of smartwatches from Garmin. The device functions just like any other smartwatch, but with added features related to golf. For example, the round analyzer measures the distance of your shots and allows you to analyze these shots later.

We also found that the watch tracks all your statistics and allows you to keep track of all your hits. These include putts per round, greens in regulation as well as fairway hits. We paired the device with the TruSwing Sensor to help us improve our swing efficiency. The watch provided us with all the metrics we needed.

What’s more is that the device looks luxurious with its sleek design. It’s comfortable to wear and will help you keep active!

If you’re looking for a GPS Watch under £200 then read our complete guide.

It even tells the time, You can wear this watch as an everyday watch. It’s very hardwearing but also comfortable to wear. Many golfers choose a golf watch like the Garmin Approach s20 as they are less intrusive on the golf course than a golf rangefinder. Getting a golf rangefinder out of your bag every shot can be time-consuming and with the pressure for fast pace golf these days a golf watch would be a better choice than a rangefinder.

#4 Caddy Daddy Golf Bag Travel Cover

The CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor is perfect for those who love to travel with their golf equipment. We have always dreaded traveling on a plane with our equipment due to the fear of it getting damaged. However, the CaddyDaddy has made our lives a lot easier.

The thick nylon construction ensures that your equipment remains safe. It protects it from dents and nicks. The skate wheels make it easier to travel with while the lockable zippers allow you to store your accessories and golf balls easily. Also included are compression straps so your clubs are secure.

However, we have not restricted the use of the case to air travel. In fact, we often use it regularly for road trips due to its superior durability and premium protection.

Many full sets of golf clubs can cost around £1500 – £2000 so why would you just throw them in the trunk of your car without protecting them from getting banged around in transit. For such a low cost compared to replacing a complete set of clubs the investment seems a good deal. The wheels roll well which is often an issue with bags like these and its got good handles and can be easily stood up straight.

The top of the bag is only slightly padded, but enough to give a little cushion. There’s also a strap in the middle that lets you tighten your bag down, for less rocking around within the caddy daddy.

All in all a very well designed bag that will make your life more enjoyable on those amazing golf trip holidays.

#5 IGOTCHA Ultimate Retriever

We can’t even begin to explain our admiration for this product. The IGOTCHA Ultimate retriever is 14 inches in length but can reach up to 18 foot. No need to bend over or run around every time to pick up golf balls. You can easily do so with this ball retriever. The stainless steel shaft picks up the ball easily while the spring release mechanism releases the ball.

The most noteworthy feature is perhaps the collapsible body. This allows you to easily carry it around anywhere. It collapses to about 21 inches. So, you can easily slide it into the golf bag without worrying about making extra space!

Many golfers will really get the benefit out of this golf gadget especially if you are of a mature age. Gone are the days of scrambling through the out of bounds bushes trying to retrieve your lost golf balls.

I think this item could pay for itself in a couple of years with the amount of golf balls you could retrieve, not only yours but other peoples who can’t reach them like you can!

#6 Proactive Pocket Golf Ball Cleaner

With the pickup the gadget, you can easily pick up your balls, while with the Proactive Golf Ball washer you can say goodbye to dirty balls. Clean balls will help improve your performance as they minimize the drag on them.

This will help you get to the maximum distance easily. This tool helps you wipe off all kinds of dirt.

We found that the product is quite durable and long-lasting. Furthermore, it is quite lightweight as well. It easily fits inside your pocket! The microfiber liner on the inside cleans the ball while the waterproof exterior ensures that your pocket remains dry! We struggled with keeping our pockets dry at first, however, after thoroughly reading the instructions, we were surprised at how easy it was! All in all, we highly recommend this product!


#7 Groove Sharpener

This golf gadget should be in every golfer’s bag. You won’t believe how much spin you can lose from having worn out grooves on your irons but mainly on your wedges.

It’s difficult for the average golfer to see how much performance is lost from having poor grooves on your clubs. But ask yourself this ‘would you drive a car with no grip on your tyres?’ I don’t think you would.

Many golfers will clean the mud out of their grooves after every golf shot with a wooden golf tee or just by wiping them with a golf towel. But why not use one of these groove sharpening tools and improve the performance of your clubs at the same time.

It seems a no-brainer to us!

The nU Groove Sharpener is made from the highest quality metals. With a 4” aluminium handle and non-slip grip, the nU Groove Sharpener is strong enough to clean the grit, yet gentle enough not to damage your beloved golf clubs. Legally gain higher spin levels and top performance from all of your golf clubs.

Don’t accept poor performance from your golf equipment, use this inexpensive golf gadget and improve your chances of beating your mates out on the golf course.

#8 PuttOUT Putting Trainer

This putting gadget took the world by storm in 2018. Everyone from Pros to Famous Golfing Youtubers like Mark Crossfield had these gadgets in their home.

PuttOUT is designed to return good putts and reject bad ones. The innovative design means that when you hit a good putt PuttOUT rolls it back so you don’t need to bend over to pick it up. If a putt is offline, it rolls off the side of PuttOUT. A good putt will see the ball returned the same distance it would have gone past the hole if it had missed.

This golfing gadget is the perfect training aid for off-season or most of the year if you live in the UK when the weather is bad. It works perfectly on most floors and will really help you improve your putting. I’m no golf pro. but most of them will tell you if you want to improve your score then focus on your putting.

Fact: 40% of all shots on the course are made with the putter By reducing the number of putts you take per round, you will dramatically improve your score.


This training aid is Foldable and is constructed from high quality, elastomer polycarbonate. The smart design folds up to fit easily into your golf bag so you can take it anywhere and fit training around your schedule. I take mine to work and practice in my lunch hour. Shhhhhh, Don’t tell the boss.

#9 Game Golf Live Tracking Device

This amazing wearable device tracks and displays your golf game in real-time, while you play. Create a game plan to lower your scores. Insert the TAGS into your grips, pair your phone via Bluetooth. Track each shot in real-time. See shot distances as you play then review them when you get home online.

The best way to understand how your game went is to use one of these golf gadgets. You can see online exactly how and where your shot was lost. The system will show you each shot, what club you used and how far it went. This information is vital for improving.

All too often we have a bad round and don’t understand where we went wrong. They say information is king and this amazing piece of kit will tell you.

Be truthful with yourself, there’s no point trying to drive the golf ball 250 Yards over water if actually, the information you have seen from looking at previous rounds is telling you that you drive the ball on average 230. Just man up and use your wood and lay it up just short of the water. Stop trying to be a hero, you know in reality you’ll only drop shots.

Play the shot you have, not the shot you want. It will lower your score and win you more comps.

With GAME GOLF LIVE, track and record your stats in real-time, on your iOS or Android phone, while you play. Or, leave your phone in your bag, in the cart or in the clubhouse and GAME GOLF LIVE will record your stats to review post round. How you play is up to you.

Golf Digest Editor’s Choice Award Winner for Best Game Analyzer 2016 & 2017.

#10 NITE-HAWK Golfball Predator

How many golf ball have you lost over the years, 50,100,1000?

Well, I know I have lost a lot and I have always thought that my ball was somewhere near or close by and easy to find only to have to give up looking for it 5 minutes later ( 3 minutes in 2019’s new rules)

Well, this amazing golf gadget might just save you loads of money and have a bit of fun at the same time.

The NITE-HAWK emits defined short-wave light which makes normal golf balls illuminate in a miraculous way. This triggered illumination is strong enough that balls with only 1 % exposed surface can be identified. 

On most golf courses large amounts of lost “invisible” golf balls are hidden in the rough, bushes and under leaves and lots of them can easily be found with this golf gadget. ( Most of them are mine anyway )

A lovely 10 minute evening stroll with this light in and around a golf course could provide you with a ton of golf balls. Many are new ones lost off the Tee.

Disclaimer: Always seek the permission of the landowner or golf course before looking for lost balls.

I purchased one to try with my son for a bit of a laugh and we took the dog for a walk and found 37 balls. Most of them you would never have seen in the daylight as only a very small portion of the ball is visible but this touch made them stand out like a sore thumb. I was amazed at how easy it was to try.

PS . We donated the balls to the clubhouse to help raise money for greenkeeping.

#11 ProAdvanced Pro Infinity Golf Putting Mat

Not the most advanced gadget featured in this review but one of the most rewarding.

The Pro Infinity putting mat is the ultimate premium mat to simulate actual putting green conditions. This advanced putting green has four different putting speeds, a true-roll surface, and movable foam wedges to vary the angle of the putting mat. It also comes with a lifelike silicon hole which can be placed anywhere on the mat for all kinds of practice.

The ball leaves a trail on the mat which allows for analysis of each putt. With numerous training exercises and games, this ideal roll out mat will improve your feel, alignment, and consistency in any putting scenario and will be ideal for fun competitions and games with friends and family.

The four speeds vary from 8 (typical green speeds) to 12.5 (Masters Tournament green speeds). The speed depends on whether the polyester fibre has been brushed high or flat with the supplied mat roller.

You can putt in the fibre direction or against it. Six foam wedges to create any custom break configuration and for practice uphill, downhill, left or right. Visible ball tracing technology to help you analyze and improve your shots. Eraser rod for easy ball trace removal.

putting matRead our full review of all the best-putting mats here.

This training aid is an absolute must if you want to improve your putting throughout the year. This one is one of the best we have seen in a long while. Most putting mats can get boring but with this one, you can vary the putting angles which makes it more interesting and challenging.

#12 Stewart Golf X9 Remote Controlled Golf Trolley

Let’s finish with the star of the show. If money is no object then I would buy this today. A fully remote control golf trolley has to be the ultimate golf gadget.

The X9 Remote is the latest remote controlled trolley from the multi-award winning X-Series from Stewart Golf. Originally launched in 2003 as the X1 Remote, the X-Series is recognised as one of the world’s finest remote controlled machines. As well as great fun to use on the golf course, the X-Series is a product that will help your game by allowing you to walk the course unencumbered by your equipment. With the X9 Remote, all you do is walk ,the trolley will follow where ever you go.

Similar golf trollies of inferior quality have been adapted from normal golf trollies into remote controlled ones but the X9 has been specifically designed as a remote controlled machine, the X9 Remote benefits from a low and central centre of gravity and 4 wheels. This balance is complemented by a world leading electronics system which allows you to control the X9 Remote from up to 50m away.

If this is a bit rich for you ( Like it is for me ) then read our review of the TOP 5 SELLING GOLF TROLLEYS ON AMAZON 2017

This is a truly amazing machine and has to be the ultimate golf gadget.

Final Thoughts on golf gadgets

All things considered, these cool golf gadgets will add an element of fun to your game. Even if you’re not a golfer, you can easily gift it to someone who loves playing it. They are bound to love it, trust me they are better than socks. These are affordable and help you amp up your game and get better results!

Whether you’re looking to embrace modern technology in a Rangefinder or GPS, quality and durability such as the Groove Sharpener or the Travel Caddy, or simply need a hand with golf balls as in the Ball Retriever or Cleaner, we’re sure you’ll find something to meet your requirements. If you’re not a golfer, you must be reading this article for a reason – perhaps you’re looking for a fun golf gadget for a golf-playing friend – rest assured that any of these products you choose to gift will be gratefully received!

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