Best Odyssey Putters Reviewed [2021]

So… You’re looking for a new golf putter and you’re thinking of purchasing an Odyssey putter?

Then you’ve come to the right place. In this best Odyssey putters review we will cover all aspects of the golf putter so you can make an informed choice before spending your hard-earned cash.

Who is Odyssey?

Callaway Golf purchased putter maker Odyssey for $130 million in July 1997, or nearly four times the company’s annual sales of $35 million at the time.  Since the acquisition Odyssey has continued to be among the leaders in the category, with introductions such as its iconic 2-Ball. In 2015 Callaway’s annual report noted that putter sales accounted for $86.3 million in revenue. Odyssey backed by Callaway has over the last few years dominated the putter market and this seems to be continuing in 2022 and looking forward.

Their new Microhinge Insert Technology provides incredible gains in topspin and roll at impact regardless of your stroke. The stainless steel Microhinge plate is co-moulded into our Thermoplastic Elastomer Feel Layer, providing a great feel and the new geometry of the hinges and urethane together help to get the ball into a better roll at impact. This has certainly been a game changer for Odyssey and will continue to be one of the most popular golf putters in the future. This is why these putters with the new Face Technology are in the Best Odyssey putters 2018 article.

Why buy an Odyssey putter?

Technology! That’s why. With years of investment into putter design, manufacture and technology. This company doesn’t just make a putter to add to their product list. They live and breath putters and invest huge sums of money into the design. Their products are trusted by many Tour players like Phil Mickelson and Sergio Garcia who are using Odyssey putters on tour.

You can even go to the GARAGE section of their website and design and build a putter to your exact specifications.

What to look out for when buying a new Odyssey putter

When buying a new putter, especially when buying a new Odyssey O-Works putters you’ll have so many options available to you. It can seem a little overwhelming, but just remember these simple tips and thoughts before making your purchase.

  • Looks: So important with a putter, you’ll have to love the look and feel of your putter so that you’re confident stood over those pressure putts.
  • Weight: The weight is vital to get right in a new putter. A 35″ putter usually has a head weight of 330 grams. If you need a 34″ putter, you need to look at having 350- to 360-gram head weight. If need a putter even shorter of 32″ to 33,” you need to look at having a 370- to 380-gram head weight.
  • Head shape: Putter heads come in all shapes and sizes these days. You have a ton of options in this department. The one you choose will depend on the look, feel and balance and your own personal liking. Most people stick with the traditional heads but open your mind to trying something new.
  • Length: The most important option when considering buying a putter. If you get the length wrong then all the other options like balance, weight won’t mean a thing. Get correctly measured before purchasing a new Odyssey putter.

If you’re not sure what length of putter you need and you can’t get to a fitting centre then this chart may help you.

Take careful measurements.
  1. Lay the club down with the club face up.
  2. Extend the tape measure from the top of the club grip to the sole of the clubhead. The sole of the clubhead is the point where the head impacts the ground.
  3. Note the measurement. This is the exact length of the putter.

Which model should I buy?

Nobody can tell you this, buying a putter is a very personal thing. It’s all about feel, looks and balance. You may even just buy a putter because you like the brand and it matches the rest of your clubs in the bag. Many golfers stick to one brand Callaway has probably one of the strongest brand following in golf.

The main options that golfers will look at when buying a new Odyssey putter will be the head shape. You have lots to choose from including:

  • Toe Balanced Putters. Toe Balanced putters are putters whose toe wants points to the ground when you balance the shaft on your finger.
  • Two Ball putters
  • Spider putters
  • Blade Putters.
  • Peripheral Weighted Putters.
  • Mallet Putters.
  • Metal Faced Putters.
  • Insert Faced Putters.
  • Groove Faced Putters.
  • Centre-shafted putters.

Like we said previously it’s all about personal choice, I have always used a traditional Blade faced putter. I’ve tried others but I always go back to this type.

What about the grip?

When considering grips there are three things you will need to consider regarding the correct grip size to choose.

  1. Hand size
  2. Swing Mechanics
  3. Shot pattern

There are also a small number of grip manufacturers that most people choose. Golf pride, Superstroke and Lamkin. All these grips are available in various sizes and styles. Lamkin is the traditional choice but superstroke in the last few years have taken the market by storm. Golf pride is a cheap option, but their still good standard grips at good prices. However, you will need to change these twice a year if you play around once a week.

GOLFPRIDE has a good guide for measuring your hand size to find the correct grip for you. CLICK HERE

Here is a helpful chart for grip and hand size!

Glove Size Grip Size
Men’s X-Large/Cadet XL and above Midsize to Jumbo
Men’s Large/Cadet L Standard to Midsize
Men’s Medium-Large/Cadet ML Standard
Men’s Small / Cadet M Standard
Men’s Small / Cadet Small Undersize to Standard

Here’s some great advice from Butch Harmon about choosing the correct grip size.

Should I get measured for a putter?

Yes! If you have the opportunity and can afford it. 95% of golfers will never get fitted for a putter and this could mean their game is at a disadvantage.

We understand that getting fitted for any golf equipment is both expensive and sometimes intimidating. Most golfers will buy a putter that looks good and nothing else. And to be fair some have great results doing so. However, if you have the chance to get fitted, please do so. You will learn so much about your putting and stroke in general.

Many pro shops and Golf stores now offer putter fittings.








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