Best golf irons under £200

Best golf irons under £200 – We found them!

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If you’re looking for the Best golf clubs under £200 then you’re probably just starting to play golf or have come back to golf after a long time off from playing and want to upgrade your clubs.

Golf over the past few years has become increasingly more expensive to play, Green fees have gone up and equipment cost are getting out of control. Take the new Callaway GBB Epic irons £1599 for a set of irons! Crazy.

However, golf doesn’t have to be expensive to be fun or get golf equipment that suits your game at a reasonable price. We have found some great golf irons at all price levels to suit every budget. We have included some quick links below.

What will the quality be like on a set under £200?

You’ve probably heard the saying ” You get what you pay for” Right? Well to a degree that’s true with golf clubs. I’m not going to tell you that a £249 set of Wilson Staff C-200 irons are better than Callaway GBB Epic irons. The thing you need to think about is “ Will a set of Callaway GBB Epic irons make you play better?”

I know in my case the answer would be NO. I have played with some top of the range clubs and to be honest, at my level of golf there wasn’t much difference. Certainly not enough to warrant spending £1599

   ( UNDER £200 CLICK HERE )

I currently game the Wilson Staff C-200 Irons and I love them. The quality is good enough for a couple of seasons and the performance is excellent. The look and feel is great, you get instant feedback from the club face, not like some cheap clubs that feel like you’re hitting the ball with a lump of wood. They won’t last my a lifetime but I’m sure they’ll be good for a couple of years before I’ll want to upgrade.

What’re the best irons for beginners?

We get asked this question all the time and our answer is always the same. If you can afford to get fitted for a new set of irons then that’s your best bet. Without a doubt, a set of irons custom fitted to your needs is the best option.

The majority of new golfer will just buy a set of cheap irons from eBay or Amazon and to be honest I was the same when I first started. There’s nothing wrong with just buying a set and start playing. Who cares if they’re not the latest set or the most expensive club on the market. You’re playing golf and that’s all that matters. Have fun and just play!

In our opinion, you can’t go wrong with a couple of sets of Brand new irons available online from Amazon and American Golf and they are Wilson Staff C-200 & Benross Type R

Read our guide on Putting training aids CLICK HERE!

Club guide for beginners

Long Irons

The clubs are the longest in the set and normally known as LONG IRONS due to their length 4-3-2 Irons. Only God can hit a good 1 Iron. LOL Not all cheaper sets of irons will contain a 3 or 4 iron.  The shaft length tends to decrease as the loft angle increases. Long irons are designed for distance and due to their low loft, you can expect a lower ball flight.

Normally long irons are used on your second shot to try to reach those long par 5’s or off the tee on shorter par 4’s

        ( UNDER £200 CLICK HERE )

The alternative would be to use a Hybrid like the like the Taylormade M4 Hybrid, they allow for a higher ball flight whilst still gaining distance. They are also a little easier to hit than a 3-4 Iron.

Mid Irons

Normally classed as 5-6-7 irons have a higher loft, and are normally the bread and butter irons to use. They help the ball climb higher with a more curved trajectory. Most golfers feel at home using these irons due to their length and nice high ball flight. Hence the reason some club manufacturers have released a full set of clubs called SINGLE LENGTH clubs. Cobra is one such brand to make these types of clubs. All the clubs in the set from 9 iron to 5 iron are 7 iron length. This means you need to put your normal 7 iron swing on all clubs. Making it easier for you to have a consistent swing and shot. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.

Mid irons are shorter and have a bigger, more forgiving clubheads that make them beginner friendly.

Short Irons

These clubs are the shortest in your set apart from your wedges. They include 8-9 and pitching wedge iron. They are the highest lofted and with the shortest shafts, making ideal for shots under 120 Yards. You would use these clubs as you close in on the green.

All these clubs will be included in your new set of golf clubs.


You will also need one or two wedges. One for sand bunkers like a 60Deg wedge and a gap wedge apx 54 Deg of loft and sometimes a 50Deg for those short chip shots. These will need to be purchased separately. We have included some links below to make it easier for you.

If you are on a budget I would say just buy your set of irons and then buy a Driver, Hybrid, 2 wedges and a putter. That’s all the clubs you’ll need.

Affordable extra clubs

Best Golf irons in ascending price order


Wilson Prostaff HDX Golf Iron Set 5-SW Steel Shaft

£159.00  in stock
2 new from £159.00
Buy Now
as of 23/09/2019 7:42 AM


  • Wilson ProStaff HDX, high-quality processing, using the latest technology and modern design make this set Stand made of. Fehler Verzeih, Spielunterstützendes Golf Set. The right hand set includes: & # x2022; Wilson Pro Staff HDX irons 5-SW (5,6,7,8,9, PW, SW) steel shaft Regular & # x2022; for telephone 06571 information about 950052

2014 Wilson Staff Golf C100 Irons Steel 4-PW Mens Right Hand Regular Flex Black graphite Size:One Size

 out of stock

Free shipping
Buy Now
as of 23/09/2019 7:42 AM


  • Wilson Staff C100 Irons 4-PW
  • Aldila RIP Phenom 75 Graphite Shaft. Weight 75 grams.
  • Regular Flex.
  • Moderate offset. Exoskeleton technology.
  • Wilson Staff Tour Traction control.

Benross Htx Compressor Type R Irons. 4-PW KBS Tour 90 REG Flex

£249.99  in stock
1 new from £249.99
Buy Now
as of 23/09/2019 7:42 AM


EAN ListEAN List Element: 5055286443787
Product GroupSports
TitleBenross Htx Compressor Type R Irons. 4-PW KBS Tour 90 REG Flex

Callaway Men's Steelhead XR Golf Irons Set of Golf Clubs, Steel, Right Hand, Regular, 6-PW

£431.90  in stock
2 new from £431.90
Free shipping
Buy Now
as of 23/09/2019 7:42 AM


  • New model 2017
  • In irons and steelhead XR is a distinctive shape combined with an advanced performance thanks to our latest generation 360 Face Cup Leader in the industry
  • Rod True Temper XP 95 stepless

Iron sets above £300

Final Thoughts

The main point we’d like to get over to you is, just play golf! No matter what type of clubs you have or buy, don’t let anything stop you playing and having fun.

You should never let your equipment stop you progressing in golf. A good swing on a set of clubs costing £129 will feel just as good as a good swing on a set of clubs costing £1599 and produce a great shot.

Buy a set that you can afford and go play golf.

Play well and shoot low.

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