Best driver under £200

What’s the best Brand new driver on the market for under £200?

We understand how expensive golf can be, so buying a new driver can be a very expensive trip to the shops. Most high-end drivers will cost you £500+ but will they be any better for you than a driver costing under £200?



Most golf manufacturers will give you all the best sales pitches to try and convince you their clubs that cost a lot are better, and try and convince you that you need, Jailbreak technology & Twist face technology, but is the hype warranted and has it improved the performance? Well Yes, but only if you strike the ball well and have a good technical swing. That’s the biggest difference between all the drivers on the market today, YOUR SWING!

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If you put a bad swing on a £1000 driver it won’t do much better than a bad swing on a cheap driver. A BAD SWING IS A BAD SWING, end of.

So unless you’re a low handicap player that can max out a driver and shapes the ball at will, then why spend £500+ on a driver that won’t help you much. Yes, on a good swing struck nicely you might pick up 10 Yards or so but is that worth the extra £300+?

A well made and inexpensive driver Like Benross HTX Compressor has been proven in many Youtube reviews to go almost as far as any driver on the market if struck well. STRIKE IS KING. We have attached a video below to prove this.


One of the most important aspects of a driver for a new player is the FEEL of the driver. Now, what do we mean when we say feel?

Feel is all about learning when you have struck the ball good or bad, you need to have some sort of feedback from the driver. You can then work out when on the clubface to hit the ball I.E: out of the heel? or Toe shots, this will help you learn how to strike the ball and even better, shape the flight of the ball.

Then there’s the practical FEEL of the club, is the weight good for you? Is the length okay? Even the sound on impact can make you love or hate a driver. The name PING comes to mind, which has a distinctive sound on impact.


We’re all guilty of buying things that look good which are not always the best item that we needed for the job. The first example I could think of is my watch. I have a very cheap plastic watch for work, It tells the time and is very reliable and cost under £10, Then I have a very nice expensive watch when I go out. Why? Does it work any better? NO! But it looks good. Get my point?

The best looking items don’t always work the best. However, if you could buy a driver that looks good and has a great style that works just as good as the more expensive drivers, then why wouldn’t you buy one?

Benross drivers don’t compromise on style, this Britsh made club certainly looks the part. After a few different models have been released Benross has certainly hit the spot with this HTX COMPRESSOR driver.

Build quality

There’s an old saying ‘ You get what you pay for’ Well in some cases this is true. We’re not going to try and tell you the build quality on a new driver costing under £200 is as good as a Titleist or Ping driver. This is an honest review from a golfer who have been given all the sales pitch over the years from golf club salesmen and Pro shop workers, so we’re not going to tell you a load of rubbish. But what you need to think about when you’re just starting to play golf or when you’re a high handicapper is this… Will spending £500+ on a well build driver improve my game?

The build quality on this BRITISH MADE golf driver is not bad at all. They have made a few models now and this one is definitely the best driver they have made for under £200. It looks the part, the distance is good and it’s easy to hit. How can you go wrong?

Will this be a driver for life? NO, But it will do you for a couple of seasons until you improve and want to upgrade or you give up golf and stick it on eBay. Ha Ha


Our vote is for the Britsh made BENROSS HTX COMPRESSOR DRIVER £149 from American golf


Benross HTX driver

Utilizing the innovative Vacuum Casting process has allowed Benross engineers to create an very thin crown, moving the Centre of Gravity (CG) to a low and forward position, creating less spin and a more penetrating ball flight for longer distances. The HTX Compressor Type R Driver features the new innovative Compressor Technology Response Channel, which helps maximize ball speed across the entire face. The HTX Compressor Type R also features the new R-Flight Rail which allows the user to modify CG position to promote their desired ball flight.

The HTX Compressor Type R is fitted with a premium Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Black TiNi shaft and a bespoke Lamkin UTX grip. The HTX Compressor Type R defines the commitment Benross have in providing excellence drivers at affordable prices.

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Key Features

  • Thin Crown Technology moves CG low and forward for reduced spin and a penetrating ball flight
  • New R-Flight Rail allows user to modify CG position
  • 8 Point Adjustable Hosel to change loft and face angle
  • Compressor Technology Response Channel increases ball speed resulting in greater distance
  • Kuro Kage Black TiNi Shaft as standard
  • Bespoke Lamkin UTX Grip

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We hope you found this review helpful, and we seriously hope you give this BRITISH GOLF CLUB a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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