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cheap 3 wheel trolley

Fed up with carrying your golf bag?

Then get yourself a 3 wheel golf trolley, we have found some of the best and Cheapest 3 wheel golf trolleys available online.

We have used the latest search engine software to search hundreds of online golf stores and we’ve come up with the best and cheapest ones we could find to save you time and money.

What’re the benefits of using a golf trolley?

If like me you get tired after carrying for the first 9 holes and then you’ve still got the back nine to go, then buying a 3 wheel golf trolley is a great idea.

I found that my game started to go downhill after carrying for 9 holes. It was due to my shoulder hurting, which in the end affected my swing. I’m not the fittest golfer to ever play, but I’m by no means the weakest player either. And I still found that carrying for a long period affected my overall performance over 18 holes.

I know you’re going to say ” Carrying makes you fitter” But does it? Or is it a strain on your shoulders, and even worse, your back.

Research has different opinions on this topic. Many specialists including some from Harley street chiropractors in London say it’s complete madness to carry your bag. Read their opinion here!

What to look for in a good 3 wheel golf trolley

Size matters! Honest, but in this case the smaller and lighter the better.

There’s no point getting a new 3 wheel golf trolley to ease the strain on your back if it’s so heavy that you can’t push it for long periods or you struggle to get it out of the car.

Thankfully, the materials that golf trolleys are made from these days are lighter and stronger. The same manufacturing techniques that pram makers have spent millions of pound developing have been used by golf manufacturers.

Easy to set up and take down has to be high up on my priority list when I’m buying a new trolley.

The reason I purchased a 3 wheel trolley over the old-fashioned 2 wheel type was due to the fact that I found it hard to maneuver and pull them along. It hurt my shoulder dragging it around for 18 holes and it was even harder to steer.

The new 3 wheel golf trolleys have easy to steer wheels and the size of the wheels have been improved to make them easier to push.


What’s the best 3 wheel golf trolley available?

We have put together a list of some of the cheapest and best golf trolleys we could find online.

In no particular order here are the best 3-wheel golf trolleys/carts we’ve found for you.

Pinemeadow Golf Courier Crusier 3

Pinemeadow Golf Courier Crusier 3 Wheel Golf Cart

The Pinemeadow Courier Cruiser is a great option for those of you not wanting to spend a lot. It still has everything you need in a golf cart. The most important things to note are:

  • Lightweight 13.4 lb
  • Durable design – aluminum tubing
  • Collapsible to a compact storage volume
  • Scorecard and pencil holder, with small storage underneath

Of course, there are far more feature-rich and fancy options on the market, but they will cost you at least double. And if you are on a budget or just starting out this is probably the best option.


  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Collapses for compact storage
  • Quality durable design


  • Lack of features
  • No brake
  • No steering

Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Golf Cart

Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf CART - Foot Brake - ONE Second to Open & Close! (White/White)

A slightly more expensive option than the Pinemeadow above, the Qwik-fold does just that. It collapses to a very compact size in just one click to 15.32 x 16.1 x 29.7. Not the smallest on the market, but will fit in many car trunks.

The wheels on this cart many reviewers have said are very smooth and easy to roll, and the foot brake a handy way to keep the troller secure when you are playing.

The addition of a height adjustable handle, like with some high-end suitcases, is a great idea. After all, we all have a different reach. And the umbrella holder is a handy idea to stop you stowing yours in your golf bag.



  • Lightweight frame
  • Height adjustable handle
  • One-click collapsible
  • Foot brake & umbrella holder included


  • Bag must be removed for collapsing
  • No steering

CaddyTek Caddylite 15.3 V2

CaddyTek Caddylite 15.3 V2 - Deluxe Quad-Fold Golf Push Cart Version 2, Black

The Caddylite is another good option in the mid-price range. It also collapses, like almost all of them to a reasonable 28″x16.5″X16.1″. So is easy to store.

It has a scorecard holder and handy net underneath for other items you may have on hand.

The one big downside is the single brake, which means the trolley may still pivot about this wheel when stopped. Not a deal-breaker, but keep an eye on how you park it.

Nothing super fancy on this model, but a worthy contender. However, some reviewers on Amazon have complained about the quality of some of the carts delivered.


  • Collapses to a compact size
  • One of the lightest at 15.3 lb
  • Scorecard holder and net underneath


  • Only one brake (left hand side)
  • Quality control on product can vary

Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart

Clicgear Model 3.5+ | 3-Wheel Golf Push Cart  (Silver/Black)

The Clicgear 3.5+ is one of the best sellers on Amazon for a reason. It combines a reasonable price with all the features you need in a golf cart.

The most notable features are:

  • Easy to use handbrake (won’t interrupt your game)
  • Lots of storage space (tees, pencil, etc) & cup and umbrella holders
  • Option to add accessories (cooler bag, steering, seat and more)
  • Simple to fold for storage (takes way less space than most)

It also has a very simple system for attaching your golf bag. And this particular model can accommodate all bag sizes.

The quality materials used are also a great sign of a long life to come with this trolley too. The tubing is all aircraft grade Aluminum and the wheels have tubeless tires, so no more flats out on the course.


  • Compact & Easy to Fold
  • Space for tees, pencil, cup, umbrella
  • Can be expanded to add lots more
  • Simple Handbrake


  • A little on the heavy side

Winter wheels

For those months where the weather is poor, in the UK that’s most of the time. You’ll need to attach winter wheels or so-called HEDGEHOG wheels so the course will allow you to take them onto the course when the fairways are wet. This is to prevent damage to the fairways. The spike protects the grass.

Some trolleys will need to have spikes fitted buy buying a set of universal spikes that you attach in winter and take off in summer. Some will need the whole wheels changing. Like the one, I purchased the Motocaddy S1 lite you need a different set of winter wheel which you need to purchase separately. It’s a bit more expensive as you need to purchase the trolley & then winter wheels but it makes life so much easier.

Simply click the toggle on the side of the wheel to remove the summer wheels and replace with your winter wheels. It is literally a 2-minute job. With universal winter wheels, you have some clips to remove and it’s a bit more tricky.

I even have to screw some winter wheels onto my old 2 wheel pull along trolley once. Total nightmare!