Best Golf Balls To Cure A Slice (And Score Under Par)

best golf balls reduce slice

So you have a slice or a hook shot and you’re looking for the best golf ball to help?

In this article, we will share our findings on different types of golf balls so you can make an informed purchase.

The type of golf ball you use can affect the ball flight, trajectory, and spin. However, will the type of golf ball you use really be able to stop you slicing the ball?

Golf balls are manufactured with different specifications and players in mind, from Tour players to Juniors and seniors.

Will a better golf ball reduce a slice?

This is a simple answer to the question, will the type of golf ball I buy cure my slice?

Sorry but no golf ball will cure a slice, We hate to tell you this but it really won’t. The only thing that will cure a slice is a better golf swing available at most golf lessons. Haha

HOWEVER… The correct golf ball for your swing speed and type of shot will help the ball flight, trajectory, and spin.

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The best type of golf ball to help me hit the ball straighter

Different type of golf balls will have a different effect on your shot. The balls listed below will give you some idea.

  • Two-piece golf ball: A single-center core with a tough outer layer envelops a large, solid core. Spin is minimized, delivering maximum distance but also reducing the amount these balls will slice or hook. Less spin = less chance of a slice.
  • Three- and four-piece golf ball: Most mid to high priced golf balls feature three or four layers: a very soft cover, one or two intermediate pieces inside the ball, and a solid core. The high spin rates provide excellent greenside control and allow skilled golfers to play shots like draws and fades.
  • Five-piece & 6 piece golf ball: Introduced in 2011, the TaylorMade Penta is the first five-layer golf ball. It features similar benefits to the three- and four-piece models. Newer models now boost 6 layers, these balls are very expensive but do perform well at a higher level. However, not really suited to the beginner



Best Golf Balls To Cure A Slice

Low Spinning balls

Lower spinning golf balls produce less side spin on your shots, causing the ball to fly straighter through the air and roll further once landed and reduce the chance of a slice This type of ball is more suited to golfers who tend to slice the ball and struggle to find distance however they make controlling pitch shots and chip more difficult.

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Mid Spin

The mid spin golf ball bridges the gap between the low and high spin golf balls and is probably the most common golf ball used.  These balls try to incorporate the best from both distance (low spin) golf balls and soft (high spin) golf balls. These balls are aimed at the majority of players male and female and are priced accordingly.

Bridgestone Golf 2015 e6 Golf Balls , White, Pack of 12
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High Spin

These top of the range balls are designed to create the maximum spin the most through the air, creating a longer carry. A high spinning golf ball will not get the run out on the fairway of a low or mid spin ball – but will make up for it around the greens. A high spinning golf ball will give better players more control and feel in, on and around the greens but may increase the chance of a slice or hook for beginners.

TaylorMade TP5 Dozen Golf Balls, White, One Size
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  • Tri-Fast Core: Progressive compression for maximum energy transfer

Pro Tip: Don’t aim left, body position off the tee is critical. Aim right, I know it’s scary but you’ll never overcome your slice aiming left.


If you suffer from a slice or a hook, whether that’s on your drive or iron shot ( Hopefully not on your putting or you’re doing something dramatically wrong!! ) Then seek professional advice from a PGA Pro ( Not your mates).

Improving your swing if fundamental to curing your poor shots and then and only then should you worry about buying equipment to improve your shots. New equipment will help, but it will not fix your swing.

Just buy an inexpensive 2 piece ball and save your money for lessons. Most lessons cost around £30 per lesson and that’s less than a box of TaylorMade TP5 Which you’ll only hit out of bounds or into the water. So don’t bother buying them!!

WHICH BALLS DO WE RECOMMEND? Below are some simple links to balls that suit Beginners, ladies, Juniors and mid-range players.



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