Best Golf Accessories – Everything You Need

There are some pieces of equipment that every golfer needs to play the game. Those musts include clubs, a bag to carry them, and balls. Conceivably you could play without a bag but only if you used a very small number of clubs. That would be more of a novelty and hardly classified as a true game of golf.

While that is the bare minimum, every golfer’s game would be made easier with accessories, some more important than others. Take shoes, for example, which are designed specifically with golf in mind. Playing without them is possible but not advised.

Here are some golf accessories that have various impacts on your ability to play the game.


adidas Men's Tech Response Golf Shoe, Iron Metallic/White, 10.5 M US

Golf shoes are designed with some sort of method for giving more stability to your stance during the swing. Slipping during your swing can result in some truly horrible results. That makes a good pair of golf shoes as important as any other accessory on this list.

That stability is achieved by use of one of three methods:

  • hard spikes
  • soft spikes
  • or soft cleats

All three form that are part of the sole of the shoe.

Beware of hard spikes. They are becoming rare because they are often forbidden by many golf courses. They are damaging to the greens. The choice we have presented here, the Adidas Men’s Tech Response, uses the latter kind, which is becoming more common.

Adidas claims these shoes deliver a mix of fit, style, and performance, and it is hard to argue with that. It also does so at an affordable price.

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MG Golf Glove Mens Right (LH Golfer) DynaGrip All-Cabretta Leather (Medium Regular Size)

Gloves do for your hands what shoes do for your feet. As the only body part to touch a club, maintaining a good grip throughout the swing is crucial.

One great choice is the MG DynaGrip. It’s made from the same cabretta leather that premium gloves use, but at roughly half the cost. This glove has been sold more than 10 million times, as it is intended to mimic and compete with FootJoy’s Sta-Sof brand, an industry leader.

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Pride Golf Tee Tees 135 Count, White, 135 Count US

While tees may seem like an afterthought, there is a surprising number of options for ways to place your ball on the tee box.

Today’s large-head drivers have become extremely popular, creating the need to tee the ball up higher. That’s why these 3.25-inch tees from Pride are a perfect fit. They’re made of wood, which is preferable to plastic, and come with a color bar to help you know just how high you are teeing the ball.

With a count of 135 tees, this bag will last you quite a long time. It will also give you the chance to supply that playing partner of yours who has forgotten to put tees in his bag. There’s always one.

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Ball-repair tool

Mile High Life All Metal Foldable Golf Divot Tool with Pop-up Button & Magnetic Ball Marker (Black Bone)

Repairing ball marks on a green is a bit of golf etiquette every golfer should follow. You can do so with a tee but that does a poor job. Add this tool to get the job done properly.

We like this one from Mile High Life for two reasons. One is that is folds to keep the tool from snagging on your fingers and pants pocket. A second is a magnetic ball marker that allows this tool to serve two functions.

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Golf Umbrella

BAGAIL Golf Umbrella 68/62/58 Inch Large Oversize Double Canopy Vented Automatic Open Stick Umbrellas for Men and Women(Black/Red,62 inch)

In every golfer’s life a little rain must fall. As long as that rain isn’t a torrent or accompanied by lightning, it’s perfectly reasonable to continue your round. To do so requires some protection from the elements.

Keeping your club’s grips dry are the main purpose of an umbrella, although keeping yourself dry is a bonus any golfer should appreciate.

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Rain gear

FROGG TOGGS Men's Standard Classic All-Sport Waterproof Breathable Rain Suit, Stone Jacket/Black Pants, Large

Speaking of keeping dry, this rain suit is both waterproof and wind-resistant. Since it is intended to be worn over your normal clothing, it is also designed to be lightweight. Being lightweight allows the suit to keep you dry without hindering your swing.

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Greens Towel Silver 3 Pack Golf Towel Set for Golf Bags with Clip, Plush Microfiber Nap Fabric, 16x16, The Original (Sterling Silver)

While keeping your clubs dry in wet weather is important, keeping them clean is important at any time. Dirt can and will affect the performance of both your clubs and balls. You need a good towel that will help alleviate that situation.

This three-pack of towels will allow one towel dedicated to each of those tasks, while keeping a third in reserve for other purposes. If one of those involves keeping glasses clean, the microfibers will prevent streaking.

The towels come with a carabiner clip to easily strap to your bag, or remove when necessary.

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Cleaning brush

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While a towel can help keep your club’s clean, it may not get the job done when it comes to cleaning dirt from the grooves of your club’s. Keeping the grooves clean is crucial for performance. If they become clogged, it is like hitting the ball with a groove-less club.

You need those grooves to provide spin to the ball, important both for control and distance of your shots. This brush is double-sided, with one having bristles made of brass and the other made of polypropylene when more severe scrubbing is needed.

The brush is also capable of freeing dirt and mud from the soles of your shoes. Like the towel, the brush can be stored on the outside of your bag for ease of use.

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Range finder

Callaway Golf 300 Pro Slope Laser Rangefinder

For some time after these devices came onto the market, they were considered illegal during tournament play, at least. That has changed, so long as certain features are not used, one of which is the slope measurement feature found in the choice presented here, Callaway’s 300 Pro.

These devices have become ubiquitous on golf courses around the world. If you have ever played a course without sufficient yardage info, you know how valuable they can be.

Many courses have yard markers on sprinkler heads along fairways. Those are typically measured to the center of the green, meaning you could be a significant number of yards off on bigger greens. Also, many of these yard markers were installed before the advent of laser finders, and they are inaccurate.

Any good range finder, like Callaway’s, will allow you to get distances not just to the pin but to clear hazards such as a pond or bunker.

Range finders have changed the game for the better. They do some of the work caddies do for touring players, and do so with greater accuracy.

The 300 Pro uses a laser to hone in on the target, with a range far exceeding your longest approach shot.

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Sawyer SPF 30 Stay-Put System 1 Sunblock Lotion Tottle (8-Ounce)

While you might not think of sunscreen as a golf accessory, you definitely should. A number of touring pros have had procedures to remove skin cancer growths. That includes one of the best players in the world, Adam Scott, who had a non-melanoma growth removed from his face in 2011.

Professional golfers face the same risks as avid amateurs who face long exposures to harmful rays from the sun. One way to help prevent this is to liberally apply sunscreen before your round and at any point during when you think it is necessary.

Several aspects of Sawyer’s Stay-Put System sunscreen are useful for golfers.

One is the SPF 30, a strength that should be the minimum for golfers. Another is that it is designed to last a long time. It also is non-greasy, a plus for golfers who cannot play with greasy fingers. Lastly, it comes in an easy to carry bottle that can be attached to your bag.

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O2O Golf Sunglasses Sport Sunglasses for Golf Ball Men Women Youth Golf Ball Finder Glasses

Sunglasses won’t help you avoid the dangers of exposure such as skin cancer, but they can help you see the course better.

Some golfers may be bothered by wearing sunglasses while playing, but the design of O2O’s Sport Sunglasses means they fit tightly on your face.

The advantage comes from the way the glasses filter light and add contrast, allowing you to see more clearly.

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Even the best of us sometimes hit a wayward shot. When that happens, it often ends up in an area where other golfers have made the same mistake. If you find your ball in a densely wooded area, for example, you need a way to make sure the ball you are about to hit is actually yours.

A similar situation could arise if you are playing with the same type ball as someone else in your group.

Before you begin your round, you need to make a unique mark on your golf balls. Nothing makes this easier than Sharpie’s fine point markers.

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Under Armour UA Storm SweaterFleece ¼ Zip LG Carbon Heather

Golfers sometimes tee off early in the morning. Depending on where you play, this could mean a frosty morning followed by a warm mid-day. Being able to add or subtract layers can help you play better.

Pullovers for golfers, like this one from Under Armour, are great for keeping you warm without a large and bulky sweater. It’s comfortable, looks nice, and comes in a large number of colors.

As you can see, there are numerous golf accessories that are intended to make it easier for you to play the game. Some are more important to playing the game well than others, but all of the above offer some kind of benefit.

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