universal golf trolley battery

Universal Golf Trolley battery – Upgrade yours today!

Do you own an electric golf trolley and find it’s starting to struggle to go a full 18 holes on one charge?

Or do you own a Motocaddy or PowaKaddy and just need a newer more efficient and longer-lasting battery?

Then read on. This review will give you all the facts and information that you’ll need to purchase the right battery for you. Saving you time and money.

The new Lithium batteries come in two different sizes that will do 18 holes and 36 holes on one charge plus they’re lighter and smaller so your trolley will be easier to handle.

Lots of golfers don’t realize that you can simply change and upgrade your battery for one of these 36 hole modern batteries and they come with a 5 Year Warranty.

Why should you buy one?

Just for the fact they’re lighter and charges quicker is worth upgrading your existing battery to one of these Lithium Golf trolley battery let alone the fact that you’re saving the planet by getting rid of the old acid type ones.

Peace of mind is important and knowing that your trolley will definitely last the whole round is worth the cost of upgrading your old battery.

Size counts, they are much smaller and lighter, and more reliable than your old acid battery.

Will it fit my trolley?

Most old golf trolleys have a larger Acid type of battery and with them being very large and heavy you’ll find after removing them there will definitely be enough space to hold these new smaller and lighter batteries.

By upgrading to Lithium as an alternative to your old acid electric trolley battery you will get the benefit of quicker charging times, lighter and 20% more staying power. The battery also has a longer lifespan with 5-year warranty and can be charged within 5 hours, lowering the overall costs per round to benefit you in the long term.
These new batteries come with a Lithium universal battery lead that fits most trolleys. Please check before you buy that it fits most golf trolleys old and new. Some of the newer models use a different shape battery so check before buying.

Which is the best Universal golf battery?

Our choice – The PowaKaddy 2018 Universal golf trolley battery comes in two different sizes.

18 Hole Lithium Battery

36 Hole Lithium battery

Don’t waste your time with cheaper Universal batteries costing approximately £125-£150 as they just don’t last as long. They’re slow to charge and often fail without warning and don’t have as much power.

PowaKaddy has a fantastic reputation and these batteries have been given some great reviews on eBay and American Golf.

The high-energy Lithium battery uses the most advanced lithium technology to give you at least 20% more staying power than any other battery. The battery uses power intelligently with an advanced battery management system to prolong the lifespan of the battery.

This battery is lightweight compared to an equivalent lead-acid battery and can be fully charged within 5 hours and has a five times longer lifespan to reduce the overall cost per round. With the battery comes a neoprene battery bag with carrying handle and comes with a lithium battery charger which protects and prevents overcharging. For peace of mind and added value, the battery comes with a 5-year warranty. Size: (H) 80 x (L) 180 x (W) 134

What warranty do you get?

The battery is covered by a 3-year standard warranty from the date of purchase. If the universal battery should fail during the 4th year of ownership PowaKaddy will offer you a brand new replacement for 30% off the listed purchase price of the battery. If your battery should fail in year 5, a 15% discount off the listed purchase price.

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