Top 10 Gifts for someone who loves golf

Top 10 Gifts for someone who loves golf

Have you ever needed to buy a gift for someone and been stuck for what to buy them? Well, if they play golf it’s simple… Buy them golf stuff! Most golfers love to receive golf gifts, it doesn’t have to be expensive, most gifts given by a friend or family member is AXP £20-£40.

I can’t remember how many times I was given a gift to unwrap and in my head, I’m saying ‘ Let it be golf balls please’ Only to open it and find out its a shirt and tie, or cufflinks ( Sad face )

In this article, we have put together a selection of TOP 10 Gifts to buy someone who loves golf. Anyone of these gift ideas would make a golfer happy, trust me you can’t go wrong with these gifts. Unless they already have them! So check first.

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# 1 Golf practice net, they nets are designed to go in any size garden. Great for practicing when the weather is bad or you can’t find time for a full 18 holes. A must for every serious golfer who wants to improve their game.

# 2 Indoor putting matt, everyone knows that putting is where you can lower your scores. Remember Driving for show, putting the dough! Every golfer who has some spare time should always be practicing their putting. You will see the benefits out on the course. If you ask a PGA Professional where should I spend my time practicing, 90% of them will say putting.

# 3 Golf umbrella, with the weather being so unpredictable there’s nothing better than knowing you brought your brolly when it rains. It saves not only you from getting wet but also your precious clubs.

#4 Golf shoe bag, After a wet and rainy round its good to have a golf shoe bag to put your dirty shoes inside. It saves your car from getting muddy and saves the wife from killing you because you’ve dirtied clean car.

#5 Golf balls, Every golfer loves getting a box of shiny new golf balls and there’s no better feeling than opening a new box. If in doubt…. Get golf balls. You can’t go wrong getting a golfer new golf balls. Just don’t buy the cheap rubbish ones with pictures or emojis on, stick to the top brands like, Titleist ,Callaway or Srixon.

#6 Golf shoes, Most golfers wear out their golf shoes before buying new ones. It’s a rare treat to get a pair of new golf shoes. A little pricey for a gift I know but with prices ranging from £30-£150 you have a big price range to choose from.

#7 Indoor practice nets, great for rainy days. You can practice your chipping using the plastic and airflow balls so you don’t smash any windows.

#8 Golf shot tracking systems, there lots of golf tracking systems to choose from now. The track each shot you take, yardage and scoring so you can review your round when you get home and look for areas where you could improve or do something different on your next round.

#9 Rangefinders, you can buy a rangefinder from £40-£400 so you have a good price range to choose from, I love rangefinders because you can pinpoint the flag distances and more importantly, FOR ME pinpoint the bunkers and hazards.

#10 GPS rangefinders, these can clip onto your bag and track yardages for you without the need for seeing the flag. They really help you lower your scores.

We know that price is important to you, after all, that’s why you’re comparing golf products. But everyone has different needs and budgets, so we’ll help you to find the right golf product at the right price, whether that’s by letting you filter your search results, showing customer ratings and reviews or by simply finding your item at the cheapest price. We search all the major Golf Manufactures and retailers like: American Golf, eBay, Onlinegolf, Tailor-made, Callaway and many more.



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