Best winter golf gear – We review everything you’ll need

If you’re brave enough to play winter golf, especially in the darkest months then you’ll need some good golf gear to keep you warm.

We have used our latest search engine software to search and compare prices online to save you time and money. Below are the best ones we could find considering many variables like Price, style, availability and customer reviews.

Let’s start with the gloves or Mitts

What’s the difference between golf gloves and golf mitts? Well, winter golf gloves keep your hands warm whilst playing golf, you don’t take them off to play your shots. Basically, they’re like normal gloves just thicker and have more grip in wet weather than normal woolen gloves. The only disadvantage we’ve found is that the gloves are much thicker and if you use the interlocking grip you may not like using them as its a strange feeling and affects your grip.

Mitts are very warm, there’re worn between shots and can be used whilst pushing your golf cart/trolley. You can still wear your golf glove whether that’s one golf glove or a pair. You put your hands inside these large, warm mitts and stay warm. Some mitts can even be attached to the trolley to make it easier to put on and off.


This is a no-brainer, wear a warm woolly hat. Stop wearing your normal peaked golf hat and swap it for a nice wooly golf hat, you lose 40-45% of your body heat from your head, so it’s important to wear a warm hat. Golf hats are normally very good quality, you pay extra for the brand and quality fitting compared to a normal woolly hat from your local market or outdoor clothing shop.

The average cost of a golf hat is not cheap but they’re worth it for sure, I used a normal woolly hat for a year but after buying a true Titleist golf hat I would never go back, they’re very good quality.

Waterproof golf trousers

The bread and butter of winter golf, if you don’t invest in a good pair of winter golf trousers… you’re mad! You may be tempted to just go to your local outdoor/camping store and buy a cheap pair of walking waterproof trousers but they don’t offer the same flexibility and give you the movement that golf trousers will. Golf trousers will repel water without sacrificing breathability.

Wet cold legs whilst playing golf is a nightmare, invest in a good pair that is waterproof and lightweight. The wind plays a big part in keeping you warm in the winter months. Material technology has now made them lighter, waterproof and warmer than ever.

They can cost anywhere from £30-£200 but trust me they’re worth it and a good pair will last for years.

Jacket or Wind top

So what’s the difference between a Jacket and a wind top? A golf jacket is an all-around jacket that is normally thicker and warmer than a wind top. A jacket will have plenty of pockets and is available in three quarter or full length. With the latest technology in material and manufacturing techniques these days they are lighter, warmer and more breathable. They will keep you warm in winter and cool in warmer weather. Some now are so stylish you can wear them as a normal jacket when not playing golf. Or, you could just grab a light, packable rain jacket which you always keep with you!

Read our blog ‘ WINTER GOLF JACKETS‘ for a review of the top 10 winter golf jackets.

A wind top is made of a thinner and lighter material and is not as warm, they do offer really good protection from the wind and rain. The amount of protection will depend on the quality of the jacket you buy. This isn’t to say the most expensive will be best, you will need to consider many things when buying one. Price, style, brand, and fitting will be important when choosing a wind jacket. Prices range from dirt cheap to super expensive a top-of-the-range jacket. Most come with a guarantee for waterproofing ranging from 12 months to 5 years.

Winter golf shoes

Winter golf boots are designed to make playing in the heavy rain, snow or freezing temperatures just a little more bearable by offering an extra layer of padding around the foot and sole, while also being lightweight and easy to maneuver in. They still have the normal spikes so you don’t damage the green if they’re still in play through winter.

Made from waterproof leather these boots offer maximum protection from wet and cold conditions whilst still offering stability and flexibility. Colors and style are limited as you can imagine, the conventional white trainers are out through winter months and these sturdy, warm and normally block boots replace them.


Socks sometimes get overlooked, don’t just wear a thick pair of socks as they will not be breathable and your feet will sweat and get cold, wet and horrible.

Buy a good pair of thermal, breathable socks. They don’t have to be golf socks but make sure they are a good quality pair.

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