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When you are playing golf, or participating in any sport or exercise, what you eat before and during the game, will either hold you back, or give you a boost in performance.  Serious athletes take their diet as seriously as their sports.  You see, some foods digest too slowly, diverting  precious energy to this purpose.  Alternately, some foods digest too quickly, resulting in a sugar spike, followed by a crash.  All of this means that for optimum performance, a balanced diet is key.

Let’s take a look at some good and bad foods for golfers and when you should eat them.

What do golfers eat before and during a round? This will depend if you’re talking about professionals or amateurs. Most Professionals eat health fruits, nuts and drink sports hydrating drinks throughout their round. Amateurs and weekend golfers often neglect their diet and eat chocolate bars and fizzy pop or beer. Healthy and Hi-Energy snacks should be part of anyone’s game plan.

Play Strategically and Eat Strategically to Win

Something else to take into consideration is strategy.  Once you know which foods to choose, you should also eat certain foods at certain times. This will provide you with slow-burning energy, or a spurt of sudden high energy, depending on what you require.

First off, you will want to know the best things to eat, whether for a long game of golf, a routine at the gym, or another sport or activity. Golf in particular lasts up to several hours, and entails a fair amount of walking, the carrying of a heavy golf bag and so on.  This means that long-lasting energy is a necessity. The following is a list of some of the most healthful, power-packed foods to spur you toward success athletically.

tiger woods diet
Champions Like Tiger Woods ensure they eat healthy to gain an edge on their competitors

Trail Mix is a snack with high-protein and healthy fats, making it an excellent energy source.

Trail mix is very convenient, as it can be custom-made, and stored in a baggy.  Should you opt to create your own trail mix, consider including these nutritious ingredients: almonds, which contain fiber and healthy fats; dried fruit (in moderation); soy nuts, which are an excellent source of protein; you can even include dark chocolate.

A well-made trail mix will contain a balance of protein-rich, fibrous ingredients, and moderately carby, sugary ingredients. The dried fruit and dark chocolate will provide a quick energy boost, with their relatively high carbs; the protein and fiber will slow the digestion of everything, resulting in lasting energy.

Baked Sweet Potato is full of both carbs and fiber, making it another ideal option for lasting energy.

A baked sweet potato can be made up before a golf game or other activity. A baked sweet potato is also convenient, as you can simply wrap it up in tinfoil once it is cooked and it’s ready.

Beef Jerky is high-protein and unlike burgers, chicken breast etc., it digests fairly easily.

Any jerky will do, but the natural kinds are ideal, as they are lower in sodium and other ingredients that are less healthy.  Jerky is also quite affordable and easy to take on-the-go.  It makes a convenient and tasty snack for any golfer or athlete.  For vegetarian jerky options, such as those made from seitan or soy, visit your local health store. Read more on the topic of Beef Jerky and how it will help you play better in this in depth article.

Popcorn is a high-fiber snack, and great for the focused Golfer and busy Athlete 

Try some popcorn, but go easy on butter and other unhealthy fats.  Olive oil can make a good substitute.  Salt the popcorn lightly, and you have an easy-to-carry snack that is full of both fiber and carbs. This makes for long-lasting energy.

Yogurt is a high-protein, relatively high-sugar choice. Greek yogurt is recommended, as it has less sugar and more protein comparatively. 

Peanut Butter sandwiches is a solid choice for the Golfer and Athlete in general 

Peanut butter is high in protein and healthy fats.  Be sure to use wheat bread as, unlike white bread, it contains a fair amount of fiber, which slows digestion accordingly.  You may also throw in some banana slices if you wish.  Bananas are batteries when it comes to energy, and will also help refuel your potassium.

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Golf Bars – I have always been a banana and a bag of nuts type of golfer but recently I have seen golf bars on the counter in most pro shops. So, I tried one and they tasted great! Not only did they taste great – they were easy to eat which, whether playing or at the halfway house at the 9th, they kept my energy levels up.

Granted, they are not as cheap as bananas but they are easier to keep and I’ve now started to buy a box full at a time from Amazon. It makes it much easier for me to pack my golf bag up in the garage and throw in a couple of bars. I have included a link here for the ones I buy and eat.

Eat Strategically – Certain Foods at Certain Times

All of the above are excellent food choices for the golfer, athlete and the like.  Certain foods ought to be consumed at certain times, especially when it comes to long sports and games, like golf.  Since golf games can go on for several hours, your body will need particular sorts of energy, fiber, etc.  You should eat at least a few times during a game of golf or any other long-lasting activity.

Power-Up With Lots of Water and Fibrous Carbs

Water takes up to a couple of hours to absorb into your body completely. Considering this, it is recommended to drink water at least an hour before your planned activity.  This goes for golfers especially, as the sport entails hours of exertion; it is imperative to be hydrated properly.

Fibrous carbs are the suggested way to start off your day.  Try fruits, like apples, grapes and bananas.  These are full of carbs, making them high-energy, and they are fibrous as well, delaying their absorption for lasting energy.  Yogurt is also okay.  Avoid foods with an excess of protein, as this can take a while to digest, diverting precious energy.

Handy Super food snacks include:

  • Mixed nuts
  • Blueberries
  • Mixed seeds
  • Kale Crisps
  • Oatmeal bars
  • Algae Bites
  • Avocado Slices
Blueberries super foods for golfers
Blueberries are a great snack for golfers during a round.

All these super foods are healthy to eat, easy to take with you on the golf course and give you more energy to play better golf and hit the golf ball further.

Bananas are a favorite of mine which I eat at the halfway house on the 9th. Just remember to take uneaten bananas out of your golf bag otherwise they can make an awful mess after a week or two as I have found out. A costly mistake!

Maintain Your Energy With Protein And Healthy Fats

A couple of hours into your golf game or other activity, you are sure to be a bit hungry.  This is when protein is called for.  Ideally, the carbs from earlier have kept you energized for the beginning of the day. 

Now that your motor is running, your body is sure to want something more substantial.  This is when jerky is called for.  Again, yogurt is a good call. This is also a fine time for something moderately hearty, like a peanut butter sandwich.  A sweet potato should also do nicely.  Satisfy your appetite reasonably, and the protein and healthy fats should satiate you and tide you over for a while.

Finish Strong By Indulging In Some Higher-Carb, “Sugary Foods”

This is when granola bars are called for.  These are typically high in sugar and overall calories.  Since you are nearly done, if you eat strategically, you can go for a big energy boost at the end of the day.  You may even go for an energy drink… this is not the healthiest choice, but it may help give you the edge you need at crunch time. 

Of course, it is not suggested to eat these foods when it comes to golf, or any sport or activity, except sparingly. 

Conclusion: What do golfers eat during a round of golf?

There you have it.  Follow these guidelines to craft the best diet for you, comprised of healthy meals and snacks.  See what custom mixes suit your taste.

Many golfers indulge in beer and other unhealthy kinds of food that all too easily result in sugar crashes, and consequently lower their energy, lessen their focus, etc. When it comes to golf, it is all about strategy. Eat strategically, and when it comes to athletics and competition, you can have a powerful edge!

It’s not going to cure that horrible slice or stop you three putting, but it might just keep your energy levels up for the entire game and help you recover quicker after.

Good luck, eat well and shoot low.

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