Volvik Vivid XT Golf Balls – Cheapest Online

Have you seen Bubba Watsons bright coloured golf balls?
If you’ve ever wondered what he’s using to hit those massive drives and get all that carry then look no further. He uses Volvik Golf balls.
These new style golf ball is taking the world by storm. Normally I shy away from brightly colored golf balls because in the past they have always been associated with cheap rubbish golf balls.
But not any longer, these balls are world class and are made with the latest materials backed by millions of pounds worth of research and investment.
Volvik Vivid XT Golf Balls price comparison, these advanced level 4-piece golf balls made famous by Bubba Watson have been made with a dual power core which provides you the golfer with amazing distance gains. The balls have a signature matt finish which provides lower air resistance, with Zirconium II cover which provides long lasting durability. We have used our latest search engine software to bring you the Lowest price Volvik Golf Balls online.

Performance Details

These Tour balls used by Bubba Watson and other Tour Players provide lower driver spin and provide a mid-high ball flight trajectory, with dual power core technology for a more consistent, longer straighter ball flight. Plus offers high spin for increased accuracy and control on all approach shots onto the green.

The Vivid XT Ball Features:

  • 4-Piece Premium Golf Ball
  • Zirconium II Cover
  • Dual Power Core Technology
  • Low Driver Spin & Longer, Straighter Ball Flight

We have compared the Volvik XT v Volvik Crystal

Volvik Unisex Vivid XT Golf Balls, Green, One Dozen

Volvik Unisex Vivid XT Golf Balls, Green, One Dozen

Volvik Unisex Vivid Golf Balls, Red, One Dozen

Volvik Unisex Vivid Golf Balls, Red, One Dozen

  • Target: Mid – advanced level golfers
  • Low driver spin
  • Zirconium II cover for improved durability
  • Consistent shot control & flight stability
  • Target: Mid-Level golfers seeking more focus and softer feel
  • Extremely bright and stylish colour
  • Stable and consistent flight
  • Longer distance for slower swing speed
Volvik Unisex Vivid XT Golf Balls, Green, One Dozen


The Volvik Crystal golf balls provide high visibility and performance for mid to beginner level golfers. The balls offer an extremely bright finish and have a highly durable cover, and even provides enhanced distance for golfers with slower swing speeds. Don’t let the bright colors put you off, most golfers think bright colored golf balls are cheap gimmicky balls but these are pure tour balls and used by Bubba Watson so they are good!


Performance Characteristics

These 3-piece soft feeling golf balls provide a mid-high ball flight trajectory, and a more consistent, longer stable ball flight. Plus offers mid-high spin for short greenside approach shots.

The Crystal Ball Features:

  • High Visibility
  • Greater Distance (at slower swing speeds)
  • Soft Feel
  • Consistent & Stable Ball Flight

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