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Under Armour Medal RST Shoes Review & Guide

I have just entered the MacMillan 72 hole golf challenge which if you’ve never heard of it, is a fundraising event for cancer support. A charity close to my heart.

It involves playing 72 holes in one day! Easy hey. Well, that’s 24 miles of walking plus carrying your clubs and swinging. So, no it isn’t easy, trust me especially not at my age.

My challenge? I had better invest in a new pair of golf shoes, as my old winter ones would hurt like hell after 24 miles. So I went shopping and after some time, found and bought a pair of Under Armour Medal RST Golf Shoes.

Under Armour UA Fade RST 2 13 White
  • Breathable, Clarino microfiber upper keeps you cool & dry 1 Year Limited Waterproof Warranty Integrated lacing system for a locked-in fit Molded, removable EVA footbed Lightweight, durable rubber outsole with a molded EVA midsole Molded UA Rotational Resistance (RST) Spikeless & Spiked hybrid outsole for lockdown traction on a variety of surfaces Weight: 12.8 oz.

Why Did I purchase the Under Armour RST Golf Shoes?

I looked at many different types of golf shoes and tried on plenty before choosing these ones. Let me explain why.

Checking online first, I looked at summer type shoes which are light, stylish and look like trainers. Then I thought about golf in the UK. No matter what day you play – even in summer – UK courses are still damp and wet early in the morning.

The type of summer golf shoes such as the Nike Roshe G Golf Shoes, are perfect for countries that remain hot and dry even early in the morning – places like Portugal, Spain and the US. Unfortunately, I don’t get to play these countries very often so it’s good old England for me.

In the UK, even on warm summer days at a 7am tee off, it is still wet and damp in the long grass or rough (Usually where I find myself), so these types of golf shoes are simply not practical.

I decided to go for an all-round golf shoe suitable for summer and wet, cold winter rounds. The Under Armour Medal RST fitted the bill perfectly.

What I liked about the UA Medal RST Golf Shoe.

As you can see from the picture, they look good. UnderArmour is in fashion right now and made even more so by some big-name players signing to their brand like Jordan Spieth and many others.

I also like the feel of these shoes, which after all, is the most important thing when you’re buying a pair of golf shoes.

UnderArmour golf shoes
My New UnderArmour Golf Shoes

If you’re unable to try them on, then fear not. I would honestly say that I have never tried on a pair of golf shoes (and I’ve had many) and instantly loved them. The feel is like a sports trainer but with much more support. They felt comfy and safe the second I stood up and tried to walk in them.

I also like UnderArmour as a company as they invest huge amounts of money into research and into the sport itself. No other company has invested in golf technology in the past couple of years as UnderArmour have.

How do they feel?

I will be honest it was a toss up between these and Footjoy Pro SL pictured here. Both looked amazing and felt strong, supportive and comfortable. But the look of the UA shoes just topped it (pardon the pun) for me.

One of the only differences I noticed was the heel at the back of the Footjoy – which didn’t feel as comfy to me – and my worry was that doing 72 holes in one day, it might start to rub.

The UnderArmour ones instantly put my mind at ease, I just knew that I would have no issues at all from this. Both pairs of golf shoes are made from quality leather and, as with all shoes, they will take time to bed in until they feel like your favourite slippers. I wear mine around the house for a day or two. It drives the Mrs mad.

Are these summer or winter golf shoes?

When I first looked at these shoes I instantly thought of ‘Winter’ golf shoes. Tough, waterproof and heavy. But after trying them I can see why they are marketed as all-round golf shoes. Perfect for hot summer days but also waterproof and warm for cold wet UK golf.

The Under Armour Shoe Benefits:

  • Clarino® Microfibre ( with UA Storm Technology)
  • Durable Rubber Outsole with a Moulded EVA Midsole
  • Rotational Resistance Spikes and Hybrid Traction Elements
  • 12 Months Limited Waterproof Warranty

The shoes have a lightweight design and are marketed as ‘Responsive’ golf shoes, with a moulded EVA mid-sole to give you extra cushioning and support. By ‘Responsive’ they mean that the shoe moves and flexes with the movement of your swing. Offering you support when needed, like off the tee.

Under Armour golf shoe review. medal rst
Waterproof and breathable

The shoe features a highly durable rubber outsole for long-lasting performance, with moulded UA rotational resistance spikes (RST) and rubber traction lugs underfoot, to provide extra stability and to give you the best possible swing platform to perform.

These golf shoes are breathable, making them perfect for hot days when your feet are sweating and keeping the cold out in winter. If there’s a brand you can trust for the quality of material and manufacture it’s Under Armour.

What sizes are available?

As you can imagine they’re available in all sizes.

One important point to make is socks and the difference they can make. If you purchase your new shoes in winter and wear thick socks, you’re going to stretch the shoes. This is going to make them looser in summer when you then wear thin socks.

All shoes will do this and UA are no exception. My advice is to buy a 1/2 size bigger than you need so that you can wear winter socks without stretching them and then in summer just tighten the laces more. This way you’re not affecting the whole structure of the shoe or reducing the support they offer you.

They are also available in WIDE FITTING which is important to consider when buying new golf shoes. We have written a review on WIDE fitting golf shoes and the link is provided here.

Spikes or No spikes, that’s the question.

These shoes have 6 spikes on the sole, making them feel very grippy and supportive. At first, I wanted spikeless golf shoes and, as previously mentioned about damp, wet courses, I thought they were not suitable for everyday play in the UK.

Yes, in Spain, spikeless shoes will be great both on and off the greens, but in the UK I don’t feel they will offer me the grip I need.

Again, we have written an article on SPIKES or NO SPIKES for you to have a more informed choice.

Technology has moved on in recent years and spikeless golf shoes do offer more support. Don’t get me wrong, I have played a few rounds with some of the best brands when we tested them in the article linked above. But for a good all-round golf shoe in the UK I don’t feel you can beat spiked.

Conclusion: Under Armour Medal RST Golf Shoes Review

So to wrap up this golf shoe review, would I recommend these shoes? If you’re playing golf in the UK throughout summer and winter, then the answer is yes. If you’re playing or living abroad in a hot country then probably not. There are cooler and lighter shoes on the market.

For a golf shoe that doesn’t cost a lot and which will last you a few seasons then Yes, the Under Armour Medal RST Golf Shoes are a great choice.

Hope you enjoyed our review. Please check out another one of our reviews on the EZE Golf Trolley.

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