top 10 golf courses in the united kingdom

Top Ten Golf Courses in the United Kingdom

You might be wondering, “What is it that gives golfers that unique golfing experience?”

Well, the answer to this, it’s the characteristics of a good golf course; its serenity and beauty, the playability, and its ability to take you away from day to day reality for a while.

The intrinsic traits of a golf course include tee locations, sizes of greens, turf types, styles of bunkers, and the hazards. A golf course architect carefully takes these into consideration, together with the site characteristics, views and clients requirements to craft what is no less than a work of art.

Golf is a matter of glory in the UK as it was first played here, and according to Golf Digest, It’s a home to six of the world’s greatest hundred golf courses.

Let’s have a look at the best Golf Courses in the United Kingdom

Sandwich, England

This Royal Golf club fuses into nature delicately; wildflowers, the song of the lark, and the dunes covered in gorses are delightful to experience here. When it comes to the playability, each one of its holes is unique, making them memorable for players.

In contrast to this, Royal St. George offers a challenging experience to the user. It requires true grit, confidence, and persistence to master it wholly.

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top 10 golf courses in the uk


Carnoustie, a huge seaside golf links, is easily one of the most difficult if not the most difficult venue to play golf in. As a matter of fact, according to the top 100 surveys conducted recently, this was the most popular in terms of difficulty.

This mighty golf course is a home to some formidable bunkers and daunting greens.
But despite everything, if its fans are asked why they would love it in spite of the brutality it exhibits, it would be like asking the great Sherlock Holmes as to why he would always seek the difficult cases.

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Southport, England
When it is fairness that is under the spotlight, this magnificent golf course in England is widely admired; considered one of the fairest golf courses by the professionals. The fairways stretch neatly in the valleys surrounded by the elevated dunes which, in turn, serve as the perfect viewpoints for spectators.
Keeping its beauty aside, Royal Birkdale is no easy golf course to master (especially when the wind is up) and the greens are arduous to read; hence, making the luck-factor virtually uninvolved.
Nevertheless, the difficulty only piles on the stimulation of the experience and tempts the golfers into coming again.

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This golf course is a perfect venue for golfing and undoubtedly the first great golf course of the many built on the sand strip of Berkshire and Surry. From its origin as an idle yet a promising land, the architects skillfully managed to transform it into a golf course decorated with oak, pine and birch trees, offering a surreal experience to the golf lovers.
Perhaps the 5th hole, a beautiful par four, is the heart of the entire course. It is, together with the 15th, amazingly spoken of in The 500 world’s greatest golf holes by George Pepper.

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The Ailsa course, situated at the luxurious Turnberry Resort in Scotland, came close to annihilation twice; thanks to the persistence of its owners, it was saved.
Overall, it’s one of the most visually-striking golf courses in the world. From the beginning of the 4th to the end of the 11th hole, entail the mesmerizing scenic views. However, the most thrilling is the tee shot on the 9th hole; it demands a blind swing across the shoreline into the fairway. On top of it, the last four holes of a total of eighteen are the most demanding ones.

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Northern Ireland

This is regarded as the second best golf course in Ireland, after Royal Countydown.

Royal Portrush Golf Club depicts some classic scenic views – on the east, white rocks and tall limestone cliffs; Hills of Inishowen on the west. This Seaside Link provides the lovely ocean sights. In addition, the fairways lie between the lofty sand dunes and the greens mingle into the landscape immaculately.

A tough course to play in even for every type of golfer as it is always relentless in punishing the sloppy swings. This golf course hosts numerous natural hazards to test the skills of the golfers, notably the ever-present winds.

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Fife, Scotland

St. Andrews is amongst those golf courses that are known by every golf lover. It is the second oldest golf course in the world; a place where golf is being played from at least 12th century. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this golf course is like a shrine for the golfers.

However, it is like one of those songs that one hears for the first time and doesn’t like much but grows fond of it after listening again and again. This golf course requires time to understand it; it may not attract the first timers instantly, but it gets irresistible after some time.

Known for staging 29 open championships (more than any other course), this gem is also known for producing winners like Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, and Bobby Jones.

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Gullane, Scotland
This magnificent golf course is the redefinition of Leith Links (the oldest golf course). It is greatly regarded for its intelligent design; of the two concentric rings of nine holes, the outward run clockwise and the inward anticlockwise, hence negating the effect of wind skillfully.

Muirfield golf course is famous for hosting around fifteens opens and is recognized by the professionals as one of the best for its fairness in the competitions.

This spectacular wonder of mankind offers a peek into the sea when the trees and bushes are stretched out wide by the force of the wind. Without a second thought, its caretakers definitely deserve to be gloried in for keeping this great Scottish folklore alive.

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Royal Dornoch Golf Club is second to none when it comes to the golf courses in Scotland. The golfers all over the world, especially those residing in Scotland, keep it on the top of their bucket list.
Located by the Sandy Beach of Scotland, this golf course fascinates a range of golfer— from amateurs to professionals.
Talk about the technicalities, most greens are situated on the slightly elevated plateaux; hence, intensifying the exhilaration. Moreover, it Inhibits numerous great hole. The 6th hole marks the beginning of elevated holes from the ones that are low-lying. The 14th (a long par four) is identified for its simplicity and an iconic domed green.

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Newcastle, Northern Ireland
The unsurpassable in the list is Royal County Down Golf Club, located in Northern Ireland. Not only is it the best in the UK, it is the best golf course in the world, according to the global ranking by Golf Digest.

Located in a small town of Newcastle, surrounded by the Mourne Mountains and in the shadow of the highest mountain in Northern Ireland, dwells this spectacular dream for every golf lover.

Here, every blade of grass is carefully mowed, and the freeway is artistically constructed in a beautiful undulating shape. Despite everything, it is also known for being challenging as it is always relentless in punishing half-hearted swings.

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Final Thoughts

This guide to the top 10 golf courses in the United Kingdom has been carefully constructed with information, Feedback, and Reviews from golfers who have played these courses for many years.

We have also had the privilege to play many of them ourselves and have added our own thoughts to the top 10.

Factors like, Price, layout, playability, location, reputation, and quality of the course and even hospitality come into play when deciding on a rating for a golf course review.

Do you agree with our choice?

If not please comment which course we have missed and we will consider your recommendation for the next Top 10 Golf Courses in the United Kingdom review in 2019-2020.

The best golf courses in the UK will be updated every year to update you with any improvements each course may make throughout the year.


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