Top 10 Golf balls – Used by golfers in the UK & US

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If you’re a new golfer you may think that all golf balls are the same. In this article, we will explain what the Top 10 Golf balls used by golfers in the UK & US are and why.

Here are our Top 10 Golf balls


These TOP 10 GOLF BALLS have been selected with data gathered from sales Online in so far in 2018 on Amazon

Why are golf balls different?

There are many types of golf balls on the market today both here in the UK and in the US. Golf balls vary in construction and manufacturing techniques which in return affect the price and performance.

The way a golf ball is constructed will affect the feel, performance, distance, and spin. The quality of the ball will also affect how many rounds you can get out of a ball before the performance and look of the ball is affected.

For instance, top end golf balls are made with a Urethane cover which is softer and provides more feedback off the club face, which should help you gain more distance and control spin and accuracy.

puttout review

Finding a golf ball that helps you putt better is key to lowering your golf scores. The feel off the putter face is vital for lowering your putting averages and stopping those horrible 3 putts.

Read our blog on: PuttOut the amazing putting training aid. Click here

Should I buy a premium ball or cheap balls?

Always buy the best ball you can afford, give yourself that confidence off the tee and around the green. However, if you’re new to golf and lose lots of golf balls per round then just buy a standard 2 piece golf ball like Srixon Soft Feel.
This ball offers everything you’ll need out of a ball. They last a good few rounds, and have a great soft feel off the clubface and spin like mad around the green which helps you control your approach shots. For only £15.99 they offer great value.

However, if you’re starting to improve and enter competitions then you will want to play with a top quality ball and you can’t go wrong with the No1 selling ball in the world Titleist Pro V1. 

Where to buy cheap golf balls

We have added some links in this article to help you find cheap golf balls online. Most golfers in the UK & US use stores like American golf or go online to AMAZON. These offer the simplest way to buy cheap golf balls.

You may also consider LAKE GOLF BALLS we have just published an article on them, click the link for more details.

Golf balls range anywhere from £7.00 a box to £45 so you have options if you’re on a budget. Gone are the days where cheap balls felt like hitting a rock, the quality of all golf balls cheap or expensive ones have improved dramatically over the last 5 years.

Here are our Top 10 Golf balls sold in the UK online

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Final thoughts

We always recommend testing as many balls as you can, this may be by asking your playing partners if you can try theirs for a hole or two and then figuring out which ball suits you best.

I have tried Titleist Pro v1 and yes they feel great but at £35 a box, it would cost me a fortune each year to play these balls with the amount I lose each round. So I play the Srixon Soft feel £15.99 a box delivered from Amazon to my door! You can’t go wrong with that.

Play well and shoot low.

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