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Golfers like you and me are always looking for ways to improve our game and anything that will help us do that is fine by me.

If you’re like me you will have watched all the Youtube videos and tried all the best golf training aids ever made to improve our game. Many are total gimics and simply don’t work and just sold to the poor golfer who will simply do anything and pay anything to beat his mates on the golf course.

Gadgets are different to gimics and there are some great golf gadgets out there that will help you. Check out the best golf gadgets on the market today.

Well, stop wasting your money! Read on to understand why and what you should buy.

What Are Golf Training Aids

In recent years golf pundits all around the world are increasingly advocating the use of training aids to make golf training sessions much more effective. Regardless of whether you are a novice, advanced or a pro, these cleverly designed training tools can make the learning process much more efficient and productive for a golf player.

Training aids cater to various techniques and details of the game. They provide valuable feedback on your performance, and more often than not, these devices can identify critical flaws in your technique, which would otherwise be impossible to pick at a single glance.

How to Choose the Right Golf Training Aid?

Needless to say, choosing the right training gadget that would focus on the specific swing principle which you need to practice can be a cumbersome exercise. Don’t be disappointed if for the first time you end up buying the wrong training aid. A bit of homework is necessary in order to understand, which particular swing principle you want to work on, prior to heading out to buy a training aid.

So what should be the most essential characteristics of the best golf training aid ever made? Principally, a training aid for golf is designed to identify and improve a golfer’s technique and eventually improve the resultant outcome of the shot. In broad terms, training aids can be categorized into three types based on their distinctive features.

Firstly, training aids that allow a golf player to practice without necessarily going to the golf course, such as the popular putting green mat. Secondly, training aids which are designed to help enhance a golfer’s performance and technique. Lastly, training devices which are tailored to assist a golfer in boosting the end result of the shot.

The Best Training Aid Ever Made – The Putting Green Mat

If we compare and contemplate the top training aids which are being recommended these days by the expert golf trainers and critics around the world, there is a reasonably unanimous opinion that the putting green is by far the best golf training aid ever made.  It cannot be overemphasized that practice is the only way one can improve his or her game. A putting green provides you just the right setting to work on your putting skills.

A good putting green allows you to create the same environment for practice as of a standard 18-hole golf course. It can be set up anywhere you want, be it your backyard, or even your office for that matter. Even bad weather cannot stop you from practicing your puts as you can practice your putting even in the comfort of an indoor putting green facility.

Putting green mats are simple to set up and usually, they can be rolled out anywhere like a carpet. Larger sized mats with additional features often come with a base surface to compensate any undulations on the surface and protect the putting green mat. A large putting green mat would also include a ball stopper on the outer periphery of the mat. This wall-like feature prevents the golf ball from rolling off the mat and saves the player a lot of pain for fetching the ball all the time.

Naturally, a good putting green mat should ideally provide exactly the same roll of a golf ball as would a standard golf course. An important factor to consider is the weight of the putting green mat, as this effects the smoothness and straightness of the mat. The mat should be reasonably heavy so that it can be firmly laid out on a flat floor and can compensate for any undesired bumps on the underlying surface.

Furthermore, the speed of a rolling golf ball is an imperative feature to look out while selecting a mat. A golf ball should roll with the same velocity on the putting green mat as it would during an actual game. A putting green mat is no good if there is too much friction that slows down a golf ball, or even if it is too smooth that it speeds up the ball. Another important aspect to look out for is the bounce of a putting green mat. It is very important that a golf ball should be able to bounce and roll over on the artificial mat in the same way as it would on natural grass.

Features To Look For In the Putting Green Mat

Putting green mats come in variable shapes and sizes. Prior to buying a putting green mat, you would need to consider where you are planning to place it. A reasonably sized putting green can easily be kept in the corner of a medium sized room. An advanced level player would be more inclined towards a larger putting green with undulations and varying speed for more serious practice.

Putting green mats for commercial facilities also come in adjustable sizes and you have the option of adding or removing sections of the mat depending on your space requirement. Putting green mats come with different types of holes. Good putting green mats come with removable cups and flags.

A good quality mat should be durable enough to sustain several hours of practice on daily basis. Although cleaning and maintenance of putting green mats are very basic and similar to a normal household carpet, latest putting green mats are being developed to minimize cleaning and maintenance.

Have you tried PuttOut? Use this with a good quality mat and you’ve got a winning combination.

Due to the growing popularity of putting green mats, we have seen a lot of innovation and diversification. A lot of work has been done to enhance the player’s experience. Top of the line putting green training mat manufacturers offer premium putting greens which are designed to simulate natural green conditions with varying speeds and adjustable putting angles, all in a single mat.
Furthermore, the training mats are available with a special feature, which leaves a trail of the ball on the mat which allows the player to analyze every putt and identify areas for improvement. Overall, a putting green mat is by far the best training aid ever made to improve a player’s technique and consistency. From a social point of view, putting green is a must-have item among younger golf enthusiasts nowadays as it provides a great opportunity to have fun competitions with your golfing fraternity.

Remember to use a good quality soft golf ball when practicing indoors. Click here for our recommendation.

Heres our choice of Golf Putting Mats

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