Taylormade M3 v M4 Drivers

Taylormade announce the launch of their new range the M3 and M4 drivers. Everytime TaylorMade launches a new premium driver it becomes one of, if not the most, significant product launch of the year and with the M3, there’s a lot to talk about. One of the most talked about subjects won’t be which Tour players using it, or how much is it. The main topic of conversation will be ‘ Another new driver!” Taylormade are not shy about launching new products most years and certanly lmow how to create a buzz.

But will the buzz and hype be warrented? Well the new Driver definatly looks the part and has a new Twist face technology which straightens out your drives no matter where you hit the ball from. ( I’ll beleive it when it straightens my drives out)

The new matte-silver colourway adds a more premium feel, helped with the cutting-edge look of the carbon composite crown and sole pieces, it definatly looks good thats for sure.

My question… Is it going to be worth trading in your M1 or M2 for the new M3 or M4. I’m not sure it will certanly be the best part of £200 plus your old driver to get one on a trade in.

For me the M1 and M2 still offer amazing performance and not Taylormade have released the M3 and M4 the price will dramatically drop. So you’ll be able to grab a M1 or M2 Bargain soon.

We will bring you the price of the M3 and M4 as soon as we can. In the mean time watch the reviews and read the articles and make your own mind up. If money isnt a problem, then go get one, with all the latest technoloy advances it must offer some game improvement, or is it just hype? Over to you to find out.


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