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Most Expensive Golf Clubs – Will they make you play better?

Golf is considered as the game of elites with people paying huge sums of money for the most expensive golf clubs.

With the availability of various types of golf equipment and price levels to suit every pocket, individuals from different lifestyles are opting to start playing this game we love.

The performance of an athlete doesn’t solely depend on the skills or talent. When we talk about the game of golf, clubs, balls, shoes, everything matters. However, needless to say, the club is imperative. A good quality golf club adds to golfer’s power and accuracy. Also, it elevates your level of play.

So what are the most expensive golf clubs available today?

The most expensive golf clubs are:

  • Honma Golf
  • Maruman – Majesty Prestigio
  • Titleist Tour clubs
  • Michael Barths
  • PXG
  • Callaway

Will the most expensive golf clubs make you play better? This depends on your current handicap and ability. If you’re a beginner or Mid handicap player then no probably not. However, if you’re a single figure player then having the best equipment available with most certainly help your game. It might be the difference between single figures and scratch.

You can purchase some of these clubs to make your game even better. As such, we have come up with a world-class golf club guide that could entice you into buying them.

Honma Five Star Golf Clubs

This one is priced at $76000. Honma Golf is a Japanese golf club manufacturer who offers a full set at this price. Although you may never have heard of them, this company is actually 50 years old and are actually quite popular in Japan.

This set is not their ordinary set either but the venerable five-star edition. The items in this kit include driver, irons, wedges, fairway woods, putter, bag, and head covers. What else makes it a perfect set, tees? Well, they are also in there.

The construction of these golf club would amaze you. This set is made with gold and platinum to provide great performance for the golf enthusiasts.

This brand has various other models starting at $5400 each. However, some prominent celebrities in the United States like Jack Nicholson and Danny DeVito have this set in their collection.

Maruman Golf’s Majesty Prestigio Super7 Driver

Again from Japan, Maruman Golf’s Majesty Prestigio Super7 Driver is also insanely priced£. This is also one of the precious brands out there. The top is made up of grade 5 titanium, which is the purest form of it. The face is designed in a way that it lowers the center of gravity and make swinger give the best shot.

This model is upgraded with thicker and larger heads which allows the golfer project a low-spinning ball. Moreover, there is a laser engraved design on the clubface which enhances the visual appeal.

Along with that, it also helps to adjust the ball’s spin rate. It has long shafts and its lightweight makes it even more comfortable.

Furthermore, this brand produces models for ladies. Now, ladies can ace their shots with Maruman Golf’s Majesty Prestigio Super7 Driver.

Titleist 718 AP2 Irons

You will get this club for over $1000. The high quality provided by Titleist lets the hitter go to the speed that could be prized. Each swing by this club ends at a pleasing distance. Material that has been used to construct this club is high-density tungsten. By providing a low center of gravity, it gives a perfect placement at the point of impact.

The speed the golfer can get is more than normal. Its design makes it unique and no wonder this is one of the expensive clubs. The grip gives the hitter is solid that confirms a perfect swing.

It has been designed very carefully to make sure it gives you the speed you want.

Cobra King Forged TEC Irons

These clubs will cost you a pretty picture with custom fitting extra. Cobra King has made its name in the industry by providing a stiff flex. Exclusive design is also one of the specialties as it comes into being after a five-step forging process. It boosts the chances of accuracy and a perfect swing. In addition, it delivers the distance that you could get an appreciation for.

This club successfully enhances your skills and gets you in the game of professionals. One of its more features is creatively placed tungsten inserts that take care of the center of gravity just perfectly. Solid feel and increased ball speed make you fall in love with this thing.

Your shots are well-controlled when the ball is hit by Cobra King. It improves the spin as well. This is all possible with its creative design.

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Titleist 714 AP2 Irons

Another one by the Titleist which costs you a bit lesser than the model discussed above. The design of Titleist irons is very fine that promises to grant an optimum flight with increased distance. A hit with Titleist 74 AP2 iron gives the ball improved flight control. These clubs feature dual-cavity and high MOI design which deliver a boost in speed across the face.

High-density tungsten weighting is responsible for consistent speed and a better control system. It has a lot more to offer such as its progressive CG location enables the club to deliver a sustained flight. It gives a solid feel as well. It meets all the requirement of a professional. If you are not a professional, it would make you one. The strike and distance this iron can deliver is worth seeing to believe.

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Callaway Apex Pro 16 Irons

You will find Callaway GBB Irons with the price tag of over $1500. This one has a still flex that enables you to hit like a professional. These irons were made by means of Tour-influenced shaping. Its superb design gives it a classic look that many golfers look for.
These clubs above all offer amazing distance and Due Hard Callaway fans were queuing up to hand over $2000 for these awesome clubs.

This premium forged iron is constructed as per the requirements of top-class golfers. Such players can tell the value of the premium quality club. They can better differentiate between a fine club and a normal one. Callaway GBB is definitely a fine one and used by the professional players.

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Fancy a new driver? Then check out the Callaway Rogue. One of the hottest drivers on the market today click the link for our full review.

Michael Barth’s Golden Putter

Michael Barth has to offer some wonderful features with the starting price of $2000. These clubs are made in Germany. What makes it even more special is its design which took the manufacturer 4 years to develop.

Barth took this long to make sure that he comes up with a design and quality up to par. It has various models. The golden putter being perhaps the most famous!

most expensive putter

The one plated with 24-karat gold can be patterned and customized with precious stones. You can get the idea of the performance of a club that took 4 years to be made.

PXG Golf clubs

PXG golf clubs are known for their performance. The top edge of the club appears like thinner blades. This kind of appearance is offered by most pros. Its hollow construction offers a great amount of forgiveness.

With PXG golf club, players can get the majority of the distance. If you compare the distance and precision of the usual iron with PXGs.

You will feel a clear difference. Hollow construction and the TPE filling have made this kind of distance possible. Thinner clubface adds to the performance and makes a clear difference. This can be a great investment.

Taylormade P790 Irons

Taylormade is one of the top brands around and its P790 model is loved by many. It is known for its powerful performance and classic design. It delivers an extraordinary distance. A great feel, forgiveness, and workability have been made possible with its forged construction and SpeedFoam Technology.

It gives the golfer an amazing experience. This forged iron has been created to give you enhanced playability and feel. It delivers a performance that is demanded by discerning players. The P790’s generate an optimized ball speed with a great sound and feel. Speedfoam technology is used to give the face support which makes it better than other TaylorMade models.

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Final thoughts

Putting money in one of the above golf clubs may seem like a steep investment but a good quality club is as significant as your skills to hit the best shot. Clubs at different price levels demonstrate different levels of performance. There are players who would do anything to have the best clubs in their collection. A couple of thousands for a club is not insane for them. In fact, the most expensive clubs ever sold was an Antique club collection was sold for $2.17 million in 2007.

If you’re going to buy the best golf clubs on the market today you’ll need the best golf ball to go with your new clubs we recommend Taylormade TP5 & Titleist Pro V1x

Happy golfing!

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