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In this review of Mallet Putter v Blade Putter 2018, we will compare side by side two very popular Taylormade putters and give you all the information you’ll need to make an informed choice when purchasing a new putter.

We’ll also give you the TOP 10 SELLING PUTTERS IN 2018 this will help you choose from the hundreds of different styles and makes on the market today.

You can always tell how good a golf club is by the number of people buying them. Golfers are very keen savvy buyers and will talk to others and test products until they are 100% sure it’s a great club before buying new golf equipment.

So looking st the Top 10 selling putters 2018 will give you an idea of how good a putter really is.

Which makes will we look at?

We have compared all the top brands like:

These golf brands are the leaders in golf putters. Yes, we could have featured more expensive models like PXG GOLF but with one of their putters costing more than $2000 we thought most people wouldn’t be interested in those.

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What makes a good putter?

You might say it’s the player, not the putter that makes a good putter. This is very true but you also need the correct equipment to build stability and consistency into your game. Length of putter, weight and style of putter head and body will make a massive difference to your putting stroke. The feel of a putter is also very important and also like the look of it should not be underestimated.

There’s nothing worse than standing over a putt and thinking in your head that your putter isn’t right for you or you never make any putts using this putter.

You need to stand over that 6 footer and think ‘I never miss with this putter ‘ That will put you in the right frame of mind to sink that vital putt.

Mallet putters

Mallet putters have the weight distributed further towards the toe end of the face than in a blade putter and therefore this style will favor you if you tend to miss the sweet spot towards the toe end of the face.

The clubface of a mallet putter is similar to a blade putter, mallet putters have large clubheads that come in various shapes – a half circle, square back, or even some more abstract designs. Taylormade have made this style of putter famous with their TAYLORMADE SPIDER PUTTER

Where the shaft enters the putter head will determine if the mallet putter will be either face-balanced or toe weighted.

Blade putters

This style of a putter is a very simple, no-frills type. This putter gets its name because it has a straight, blade-style club head with a thin flange. Most golfers will have owned one of these styles of putters at some point in their lives.

This type of putter is liked for its traditional good looks. Because the shaft enters the head at the heel, this also moves the sweet spot towards the heel.

Blade putters are heavily weighted in the toe, making them great for open-square-closed strokes and disastrous for straight-back, straight-through.

Examples of Great Mallet and Blade Putters

TaylorMade Golf Spider Putter

TaylorMade Golf Spider Tour Red #3 Small Slant 34 IN Putter, Right Hand

This is a mallet putter that is loved by many a pro, including Dustin Johnson, Jason Day and Jon Rahm. So, you know you are playing with something of quality.

The Spider is meant to be tuned to your needs with the many and varied customizations it offers. But at it’s core, it delivers a far truer put with more roll and reliability. After all, it is a high MOI putter which is something we have discussed before (so you can read all about the concept and why it’s important).


  • High MOI putter
  • Lots of customization
  • Used by the pros


  • Paint can chip
  • Not the cheapest

TaylorMade Golf Tour Preferred Silver Collection Balboa Putter

TaylorMade Golf Tour Preferred Silver Collection Balboa Super Stroke 35 IN Putter, Right Hand

Compared to the more futuristic Spider above, this simpler blade putter might suit you if you are either a beginner or like to keep things simple.

It will fit better to someone with more of an arc in your stroke, but almost anyone should be able to have success with this putter. It can be tuned with sole weights, to help give the right feel and it comes with milled inserts to improve the roll.

The price is also very agreeable compared to fancier putters, so those on a budget will have more of a smile on their face.


  • Affordable
  • Adjustable sole weights
  • Helpful sightline


  • Works more for those with arc in their stroke

Odyssey Golf Stroke Lab Putter

Odyssey Golf 2019 Stroke Lab V-Line Putter, 35' Shaft, Oversized Grip, Left Hand

This Odyssey mallet head is reasonably priced for what you get. The new Stroke Lab shaft they have introduced, with lower torque, gives a more accurate putt overall.

The face is also designed to help your topspin which means a truer and longer roll on every putt. They have also added some smart weight distribution on the toe and heel to help keep your shots more accurate each and every time.

Reviewers on Amazon only major complaint seems to be that the grip is not ideal.


  • Stroke Lab shaft (with lower torque)
  • Face promotes topspin
  • Weight distribution helps putting


  • Grips are not ideal