Which Golf Clubs Are Made In The USA

Which Golf Clubs Are Made In The USA?

Like all industries in this day and age, Golf Club manufacturers have had to look abroad to reduce manufacturing costs and remain competitive in the marketplace, which begs the question, which golf clubs are made in the USA?

Unfortunately, all of their top golf club manufacturers have moved their manufacturing overseas, but some of them still assemble their clubs in the USA, so let’s talk about those brands more than any of the others.


You have probably all heard of Titleist as they are one of the most renowned golf manufacturers in the world making everything from golf balls, tees, golf clubs, bags, and golf-specific clothing.

Their headquarters is based in New Haven, Massachusetts where it makes its golf balls.. so at least their golf balls are made in America.

Their golf club manufacturing is based out of Carlsbad in California but Titleist golf clubs are not actually made there. Their shafts are made in Japan from quality graphite while their heads are made in China. The parts are then sent to their base in Carlsbad where an all-American team assembles them and does quality control, sending any shafts or heads back to China and Japan if they don’t make the cut.

So, while Titleist golf clubs are not technically made in the USA, at least they are doing some of the labor in America and when you buy Titleist golf balls, you’ll know they are 100% manufactured in the USA.


Wilson is another huge golfing manufacturer making everything a golfer could ever need on the golf course. Wilson makes quality golf equipment for both pros and beginners alike, but where are Wilson golf clubs made?

Wilson golf clubs are designed, prototyped, and customized at their Rosemont location and once approved are then sent to their factory in Tullahoma, Tennessee for mass production. Whether Wilson’s golf clubs are assembled in the factory and manufactured elsewhere is hard to find out, but there is some degree of manufacturing happening in China without a doubt.

Wilson is also in discussion with Chinese sporting goods company ANTAsportswear and is planning to sell. The consequences of the sale are likely to move all manufacturing to China, so if Wilson golf clubs are fully manufactured in the USA, they might not be for long.


TaylorMade makes excellent quality golf equipment and produces everything from golf clubs to golf balls and golf accessories like gloves and bags. Their motto is to help golfers have as much fun as possible on the course, and they do this with all of their products. But, are TaylorMade golf clubs made in the USA?

According to their website, all TaylorMade golf clubs and balls are made at their headquarters in Carlsbad, California, just down the road from Titleist. But, their shafts and heads are actually made in China and sent to the factory in California for both assembly and quality control.

So I guess we can say that TaylorMade golf clubs are kind of made in the USA but don’t think that it’s all happening in the USA, as some parts are made in China.

Tour Edge

You might not have heard of Tour Edge when it comes to golf equipment and golf clubs, but that is probably because they have 3 different brands of golf clubs under their name.

Tour Edge makes Exotic, Hot Launch, and Bazooka golf clubs. Their Exotic clubs are of the highest quality and are in use on the PGA tough while their Hot Launch gold clubs are for improving golfers and the Bazzoka golf clubs are for beginners. Are they all made in the USA?

You’ll be happy to hear that both the Exotic and Hot Launch golf clubs are fully manufactured in the USA at Tour Edge’s plant in Batavia, Illinois and they even offer a lifetime guarantee with each club. They are one of the only golf manufacturers to offer such a guarantee and you can see why when you hear their founder saying ‘we spend money on materials not marketing’.

If you want to buy golf clubs made in the USA, then this proudly American company is one to back, so go grab a set of Exotic or Hot Launch golf clubs now.


I’m sure you have all heard of Callaway and their big bertha driver which got me hooked on their golf clubs at a young age.

Callaway makes all the golfing equipment any golfer could ever want and their golf clubs are some of the best in the world.

All of Callaway’s golf club components are made in China as well as their other equipment and clothing. They do have a manufacturing facility in Carlsbad, California, next to Titleist and Taylor made where 40% of their golf clubs are assembled.

The other 60% of their clubs are assembled in Asia where they are sent out for worldwide distribution outside of North and South America.

So, are Callaway golf clubs made in the USA? Not really, just for 40% of them are assembled there.


Ping has always been a proudly American-made golfing brand and they still continue to make as many of their golf clubs as possible out of their manufacturing plant in Phoenix, Arizona.

Ping’s putters, including the Nome, Anser, and Sydney golf putters are made from scratch at their plant in Phoenix, as are their G10, G15, G20, and G25 sets of irons which is pretty good going. To add to their already growing list of golf clubs made in the USA, Ping also makes all their pure golf grips and steel shafts in the USA too.

Some of their materials are made in China though such as their titanium heads for both their woods and drivers, so they are 100% made in the USA across the board, but they’re doing a better job at keeping things in the USA than a lot of the others.

Driving Away

As you can see, not many golf club manufacturers make their Clubs in the USA anymore and most of them seem to have them built in China and Japan, and then assembled in the USA. If you’re looking to back an American company that keeps jobs at home, then go out a buy Ping or Tour Edge clubs, and Titleist golf balls.

By doing this you’ll be ensuring your money is going to guys working on American soil and it might help stop it moving overseas.

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