golf club travel bag for airlines

Golf club travel bag for airlines

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So you lucky thing, you’re going on a golfing trip abroad. Well, you’ll need a good quality Golf club travel bag for airlines and transportation to and from the Hotel and Golf club.

It can take years to get your golf bag and clubs exactly how you like them and the thought of them getting damaged in transit or on the plane just doesn’t bear thinking about. The cost of golf equipment has rocketed in the last few years and the average golf bag, with a complete set of clubs, ball and rangefinders etc is £900 and that’s the average cost some sets can be over £2000.

So spending less than £150 to protect them year after year is a great investment.

Golfing holidays are becoming more popular each year and there are some amazing deals available online. How many of us have that golfing bucket list? Well, there’s no better time to go on a Golfing holiday abroad.

Airlines have tightened the rules on transporting golf bags and clubs on their planes, making it more important that you have the right protective golf bag cover for your clubs before you jet off on your bucket list golf trip.

Golf travel bag for airlines

What to look after in a golf travel bag?

  • Lightweight
  • Good padding for protection
  • Wheels making it easy to pull
  • Lots of pockets
  • Security

Most Golf club travel bags for airlines will come with plenty of storage and pockets but some also come with a Golf Shoe pocket which makes it easier than putting your golf shoes in your suitcase.

Price will also be a big consideration for most golfers looking to invest in a golf travel bag for airlines. There’s a wide range of bags which will suit all budgets. In this article, we will cover all price ranges and see if the more expensive ones are really worth the extra cash. If you fly overseas on golfing trips regularly, you may want to look at the higher end options to keep your clubs fully safe if transit. If you prefer to play social local golf and not very often, then a low-budget option may be a better option for you.


Wheels – Modern golf travel bags are lightweight but still too heavy to be lifting all around the airport. So buying a golf travel bag with wheels is a must. Most golf travel bags now come with wheels but some budget models don’t so be careful to check before ordering.

Padding – The thinner golf travel bags may not have the protection you need. They are fine for shorter trips and local golf and storage in the garage or loft, but if you’re going abroad you will need to look at the padding within the bag. Airports are not known for their care and attention when loading bags into a plane. They often get thrown around, so padding is a key point when purchasing a new golf travel bag. When considering a Golf club travel bag for airlines padding would be number 1 on my list.

Waterproof – You need to think not only about where you’re travelling to and the weather conditions but also where at home you will be storing the golf travel case. Most bags are waterproof but some more than overs. If your travelling more locally in the UK then the quality of the waterproofing will be very important and high up on my must-haves when buying a new bag.

Size matters – There’s a wide range of sizes available. Some are designed just to hold your clubs, but some are designed to hold your clubs, shoes, spare balls and all the accessories you’ll need on your golfing trip. Before buying please make sure you’re sure on the size of your clubs including the headcovers and also think about the type of bags you want. Will it hold everything? Or just your clubs.

Type of golf club travel bag for airlines

Golf bag covers

These are a simple and affordable option for the occasional golfer. These bags are lightweight and can be easily packed away and folded for hassle-free storage. When not in use they can be easily stored ready for your next trip. Even though these bags are material and foldaway some still come with wheels which make them easy to move around.

Hard case

These are perfect for long-haul trips or regular flights on airlines. The lightweight composite material are made from modern high tech material which offers great protection for your golf clubs. These cases offer maximum protection but are heavier and harder to store back at home.

Half and Half cases

Some cases are made from half hard material and half soft material. These offer a combination of the best of both hard and soft cases. They offer maximum protection for the club heads but not as good for the rest of your clubs. There are better to store away than full hard cases, so they are an option worth considering.


#5 Callaway Golf Clubhouse

This Callaway golf clubhouse travel bag is perfect for an overnight getaway or golf holiday. The travel cover/bag will ensure your clubs are ready to transport safely with a neoprene comfort grip handle and reinforced wheelbase. For easy access to your clubs the cover features exterior quick release tie downs and has an internal shoe pocket. Finer details include a business card identification holder to allow you to identify your bag after arriving at your destination.

The Callaway Golf Clubhouse Collection 2016 Travel Cover also features:

#4 Izzo Golf Padded Travel Cover

Izzo Golf’s Padded Travel Cover is perfect for your basic transport needs. The padded soft case is lightweight and includes a durable vinyl base for added protection. The padded carry strap offers comfort while carrying over your shoulder. This bag is a great option of you’re on a budget. It cost less than a box of top quality golf balls.

  • Padded soft case protects your clubs in transit
  • Durable vinyl base provides added protection
  • Padded carry strap for added comfort
  • Expands to 50 – Collapses to 7.5
  • Color: black


#3 Big Max Aqua EZ Roller Travel Cover

This upright transport system has been designed to protect and care for your golf equipment. The cover has MAX Guard water resistant protection to prevent moisture from getting inside, and has internal bag fixing system to stop your clubs from moving around inside. The bag has self standing technology for ease of use and has an easy carry handle and skate wheels for easy transportation, plus has fixing straps on the outside to secure your golf gear.

The DRI LITE Travel Cover Features:

  • 6-Wheel Push Cover; MAX Guard Protection;
  • Self-Stand Technology; 2 External Pockets for Shoes;
  • Waterproof; Internal Bag Fixing System;
  • Carry Handles; Skate Ball Bearings;
  • Size: Height=137cm (54″), Width=33cm (13″), Depth=41cm (16.1″); Weight: 4.6kg (10.1lbs);


#2 Bag Boy Golf 2018 T-10 Hard Top Golf Travel Cover

This half and half golf travel bag for airlines offer the best of both worlds. Maximum protection but easy to store one you’re back from your travels. Waterproof and full of pockets and features. This bag deserves a place in out TOP 5 GOLF TRAVEL BAGS

  • Hard ABS top for maximum club protection. Premium all-weather 600D polyester body.
  • Padded trunk handle for easy lifting. Internal compression strap stabilizes bag during travel.
  • Fits 48″ driver and up to a 10″ cart bag. Heavy duty anti-burst strap.
  • Two oversized shoe/garment pockets. Durable skid resistant base.
  • In-line skate wheels provide smooth rolling action.


#1 Longridge Hardcase Travel Cover

This golf travel bag for airlines is our number one choice for a couple of reasons. Number one, it offers total protection for your clubs. You’ll need to take a hammer to this case to damage your clubs. Number 2, The price is just over £100 which is a bargain. And number three, the customer reviews from AMAZON 47 reviews with most people giving it 4 or 5 out of 5.

The Longridge hard travel cover is a high-quality case that ensures protection of the golf clubs. The cover dimensions are is 126cm length by 37cm in height by 32cm in width. The cover can accommodate up to a 10″ golf bag and 46″ drivers. It features heavy-duty abs construction with foam-padded top. The cover also features 3 key locks, 2 retractable handles and easy glide roller wheels.

Manufacturer’s Description

The New Longridge Hardcase Travel Cover gives ultimate protection to your golf clubs. Designed to fit up to a 10″ golf bag and 46″ Drivers this extremely versatile cover supplied with 3 heavy duty locks and 2 retractable handles is the best way to protect your golf clubs on any journey. It is constructed from heavy duty ABS material incorporating a foam padded top. If it is the best you are looking for then this is it.



We hope you found this golf travel back review helpful. Whatever bag you buy as long as the airline doesn’t lose your bag I’m sure you’ll enjoy your golfing trip. I have many great memories playing golf with my friends abroad and this is what golf is all about… Having fun and making memories.

The most important factor to consider when shopping around for the best golf travel bag is to find a bag that suits your budget and your personal needs. Every golfer is different and it’s important to choose a bag that suits all your needs. Use the information above to make an informed choice.

Enjoy your trip and play well.








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