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Golf club rental in Florida – What Are The Options?

There was a time when renting golf clubs was only for the desperate. Chances are, the only place to rent clubs was at the course. Your selection often included used and abused clubs that were at the end of their useful lives.

That has changed in today’s world, as a number of companies have cropped up to fill the demand with quality club rentals at affordable prices. Some of these companies operate nationwide and can handle Florida destinations. Others are regional or statewide.

Rent or Ship You Clubs?

Before you determine who you will rent from on your Florida golf vacation, you must ask yourself whether it is better to rent or ship your clubs.

Just as rental-club companies have cropped up to fill a need, so have golf-club shipping companies. Instead of trying to lug your clubs through the airport, check them at the counter, then hope they arrive at the intended destination, you simply ship your bags ahead of time.

This could be a good choice if you desperately hate the idea of playing without your own clubs, or if you plan to play a large number of rounds of golf on your visit. For one round, it is cheaper and more convenient to rent instead of ship. It still might be cheaper for multiple rounds but that depends on several factors.

If You Want To Rent Clubs

Individual courses rent clubs, but are almost always a more expensive option. This could be the right way to go for last-minute rentals.

Assuming you decide to rent, how does it work? There may be individual differences depending on which company you choose, but the basics are the same.

First, you call or go online, choose your clubs, then set up a time and date for delivery. Some courses rent their own clubs and do not accept rental-club deliveries. No problem, as the company can deliver them to your hotel. If the hotel does not accept these deliveries, other options are available, such as a UPS store.

Then you play as much golf as you want within the rental time frame, after which the rental company will pick up the clubs. It is a quite simple and generally reliable way to rent clubs.

Here are some companies who will rent clubs for your Florida golf vacation.

Set of golf clubs
it is easier than ever to rent a full set of golf clubs. Image by Alejandro Cuadro from Pixabay


Clubhub rents nationwide, with the exception of Hawaii and Florida. It rents TaylorMade clubs, either the M6 brand for men or the Kalea for women.

The price is $69 per day, plus $20 for each additional day. Golfers can rent for a fixed rate of $329 for 14 or more days.


Like Clubhub, Clublender rents to anywhere within the continental United States. However, Clublender has a greater selection of clubs to choose from. You can rent clubs from TaylorMade, Callaway, Titleist, or PXG.

Prices go up in line of the quality of the clubs. They begin at $65 daily and rise to as much as $119 per day. Clublender also offers a discount the longer you rent.

Doral Golf Club
Doral Golf Resort outside of Miami. Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Golf Club Rental Express

Unlike the first two mentioned above, this is a regional company. There is less transparency about pricing as shipping costs to Florida vary depending on the location. The company ships from its South Carolina home. Golf Club Rental Express uses United Parcel Service and that means no Saturday delivery. Make sure to plan well in advance.

To get more details about pricing and club selection, you must submit a form online.

Golf Clubs Away

This is a service unique to the state of Florida. Like with Golf Club Rental Express, exact pricing and club selection is not made apparent upfront. They do promise that all their clubs are maintained properly in their warehouse.

On its website, Golf Clubs Away says its rates begin at $45 per day, with discounts available for longer term rentals.

Cesar’s Golf Rentals

We dig even deeper for a location-specific choice here. Cesar’s is located in Doral, just to the west of Miami. If you are in South Florida, this could be a good choice for you.

Cesar’s rents Mizuno, Titleist, TaylorMade, Bridgestone, and Callaway club sets for $45 daily. Beware as the further you get from Doral, delivery costs will rise to as much as $30 to Fort Lauderdale.

This is not an exhaustive list, as more and more companies are entering the golf club rental market. Your specific needs will vary depending on where you play, how many days you want to rent, and which clubs you want.

Renting clubs can also be a good way to test out clubs if you are in the market for a new set.

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