Golf Cart Dimensions

Golf Cart Dimensions – Everything You Need To Know

If you’re considering buying a golf cart so you can drive around your golf club in your own golf cart then one thing you’re going to need some information around is golf cart dimensions.

By knowing the average dimensions of a golf cart you’ll know if you have the space to store it, park it, or if it fits the trailer you already have at home.

Now, not all golf carts have the same dimensions but they are all pretty close to the average which we’ll dig into now.

How long is a golf cart?

The average length of a golf cart that seats 2-4 people is around 8 feet long. These are the most common golf carts you see and are often on sale.

If you’re looking at a larger golf cart that can seat up to 6 people, then you’ll be looking at an average length of 11.5 feet.

How wide is a golf cart?

On average, golf carts are 4 feet wide, even when they seat more than 2 people. The exact width of the cart can vary from model to model.

How tall is a golf cart?

Similar to the width of a golf cart, the being of a golf cart doesn’t differ much across golf cart sizes either and most golf carts are about 5.5 feet tall.

What’s the average weight of a golf cart?

On average, golf carts weigh between 900 and 11oo pounds, depending on the size golf cart you go for. These babies are not light and you’re going to need to think about how to get them to the golf course if you don’t live down the road from one.

Which golf carts companies are worth looking at?

When it comes to shopping for golf carts there are two companies that stand out from the crowd and these are Yamaha and EZ Go. Both of these golf cart manufacturers produce some of the best, most reliable, and long-lasting golf carts planet and if you’re in the market, we highly recommend sticking with them.

What are Yamaha’s golf cart dimensions?

We have all heard of Yamaha and their name is synonymous with reliability when it comes to everything from boat engines to keyboards, and of course, golf carts. Here are the dimensions of their top golf carts.

Yamaha Umax 2

The Yamaha Umax 2 is a 2 man golf cart with a bunch of storage space thanks to the large cargo bed at its rear. It’s perfect for golfing and you could even use it for maintenance tasks around the house or tidying up the garden. Here are its dimensions.

Length – 119.37 in (303.2 cm)
Width – 49.33 in (125.3 cm)
Height – 74.02 in (188 cm)
Weight – 1031.8 lbs

Yamaha Drive 2 Fleet

A step up from the Umax 2 is the Driver 2 Fleet golf cart. There is space for two, golf bag storage in the rear and it’s full of features to ensure maximum comfort and convenience while you enjoy your round of golf. Here are the dimensions.

Length – 93.6 in (238 cm)
Width – 47.3 in (120 cm)
Height – 70.2 in (178 cm)
Weight – 715 lbs

Yamaha Concierge 6

The Concierge 6 is a large 6 person golf cart that is great for playing with a gang of buddies or taking the family around the golf course. There are 6 comfy seats which makes it ideal for groups for 4 with space for your golf bags. Here are the dimensions.

Length – 161.4 in (410 cm)
Width – 47.2 in (120 cm)
Height -75.2 in (191 cm)
Weight – 1010 lbs

What are EZ Go’s golf cart dimensions?

EZ Go was born in a one-room workshop in Georgia back in 1954 and since then has risen to fame as one of the best golf cart manufacturers in the world. Here are some of their top golf carts and dimensions.

EZ Go Freedom TXT

The EZ Go Freedom TXT is a great-looking golf cart that comes in both 2 or 4 man options and you can choose to have it run on gas or electric. It’s reliable, comfortable, and there is a space for everything. here are the 2 man-size dimensions.

Length – 93.0 in (236 cm)
Width – 47.0 in (119 cm)
Height – 67.5 in (171 cm)
Weight – 739 lbs


The EZ Go RVX is another fantastic golf cart that is available in just one size, for 2 people, but like all EZ Go golf carts, you can pick whether it runs on gas or electric power. Here are the dimensions.

Length – 94.5 in (240 cm)
Width – 47.0 in (119 cm)
Height – 70 in (178 cm)
Weight – 692 lbs

EZ Go Express L6

The EZ Go Express L6 is a great 4 or 6 person golf cart. You and load it up with 6 people or comfortable seat 4 and fill the rear two seats with all your golf bags. It looks good, has great features, and is as reliable as they come. Here are the dimensions.

Length – 144 in (364 cm)
Width – 49 in (125 cm)
Height – 83 in (211 cm)
Weight – 1225 lbs

How do I transport a golf cart from home to the golf course?

If you don’t live around the corner from your golf course, you’re going to need to get your golf cart there and back without driving it, and you have two options.

The first option is to use a golf cart trailer which you can hitch to your car or truck. The average size of a golf cart trailer is 5 ft wide x 9.5 ft long and will accommodate most golf carts, including 6 seaters.

Your other option is to transport your golf cart in the back of your truck, so long as it fits. Most trucks have a four-foot-wide bed at the back which should accommodate most golf carts in terms of width.

The length might be an issue but you can always drop your tailgate to give you a little bit of extra room.

Golf carts are not light though and you’re going to need some ramps to get a 700-1100 lb golf cart up into the bed of your truck. Chances are you’ll fit a 2 or 4 person golf cart onto your truck but when it comes to a 6 seater, you’d better look for a trailer as it will be too long.

Driving Off

There you have it, everything you need to know about golf cart dimensions so you can go and buy one with confidence, knowing you can store it and transport it from a to b.

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