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Cheapest New Golf Trolley in the UK (Types,Styles,Prices)

The golf season is fast approaching us and I for one cannot wait. It’s been another long winter here in the UK and the days are becoming warmer and longer.

Which only means one thing… More golf!

After a long winter, I have struggled to carry my bag round on the first few 18 holes of the season. So, I have pulled the trusty three wheel golf trolley out of the garage, dusted it down and started to use it. I forgot how much easier it is on your back and shoulders to use a golf trolly instead of carrying.

Now, many people say carrying is good for your fitness but contrary to belief it’s actually bad for your back. Just think, do you ever see a pro tour player carrying? Nope, because carrying a golf bag full of balls, clubs, drinks, and god knows what else weights a ton and only adds strain to your back.

What type of golf trolley should you buy?

There are three main types of golf trolley that you should consider and they are:

  • Electric golf trolleys 
  • Push along 3 and 4 wheel golf trolley
  • Drag along golf trolleys

Anyone of the three above is better than carrying a bag, but some have more benefits than others. In this article, we will cover all three and give you some examples of the best of each type that we found for sale online and the best prices. This will help you save time looking for a new golf trolley but also save you money.

Golf isn’t a cheap hobby and if you’re just starting to learn how to play golf you’ll need all the money you have for lessons which is the best way to learn. If you’re just starting you won’t want to spend too much on golf clubs until you’re certain you love golf. Then you can invest in a custom fitted set. Until then check out our review of the best golf irons under £200.

Which Golf trolleys are the best?

The best golf trolley is hard to define, you could say that the most expensive golf trolley is surely the best, Right?

Well, no. What’s best for one person may not be the best for others. There are a number of factors to consider, price, size, weight, style, easy to fold, easy to set up. All of these factors must be considered when buying a new golf trolley in the UK. Here in the UK, we have some really bad weather, an understatement I know. But it’s true and some trolleys are simply not suitable for golf in the UK.

Below are three of the best ones for you to consider. We have taken all the factors into consideration for all three models, makes, and prices and shortlisted the best of the bunch.

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Conclusion: Best golf trollies available in the UK

We are blessed in the UK to have some of the finest golf courses in the world, but to enjoy them to the max you need to be at your best health and have no pains or strains.

There’s nothing worse than playing a round of golf with a bad back. That’s why a golf trolley for UK golfers or any golfer for that matter is a great purchase.

Trust me you’ll be pleased when you’re playing better, swinging better and scoring lower.

Don’t forget those golf balls! You’ll need some suitable for higher handicap players if you’re just starting out. Read our review of the best golf balls for high handicappers.

We hope you liked our quick guide on the three best types of golf trolley to choose from. We have kept this article short and simple to make your decision easier. There’s far too much info out there and videos saying buy this, buy that. Just narrow your choice down to these three and you’ll find it easier to find the best golf trolley for you.

Enjoy your new trolley and let us know how you get one and which one you buy. If you like golf gadgets you will like one of our latest articles. Best Golf gadgets!


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