7 Golf Club Brands To Avoid (Even Great Deals)

Golf Club Brands To Avoid

If you’re shopping for some new golf clubs then you’re going to be drawn to reputable brands like Cobra, Callaway, and Ping that make great quality golf clubs. The issue with these golf club brands is that their clubs are pretty damn expensive which gives rise to the temptation to shop elsewhere to bring your … Read more

Golf Cart Dimensions – Everything You Need To Know

Golf Cart Dimensions

If you’re considering buying a golf cart so you can drive around your golf club in your own golf cart then one thing you’re going to need some information around is golf cart dimensions. By knowing the average dimensions of a golf cart you’ll know if you have the space to store it, park it, … Read more

Which Golf Clubs Are Made In The USA?

Which Golf Clubs Are Made In The USA

Like all industries in this day and age, Golf Club manufacturers have had to look abroad to reduce manufacturing costs and remain competitive in the marketplace, which begs the question, which golf clubs are made in the USA? Unfortunately, all of their top golf club manufacturers have moved their manufacturing overseas, but some of them … Read more

How To Use A Golf Rangefinder

how to use a golf rangefinder

Ever wondered how some pro golfers are so great at hitting the distances they need? Experience is one thing, practice another, and club selection is next, but how did they get so good at it in the first place? By using a golf monocular range finder. A golf monocular range finder or golf scope is … Read more

Best Golf Courses In Belgium

best golf courses in belgium

Golfing in Belgium didn’t really kick off until the early 20th Century when Tom Simpson, a renowned golf architect designing 4 of the 5 courses to be built. Since then, golf courses in Belgium flourished and today there are hundreds to choose from. All golf courses in Belgium are open to the public and the … Read more

Square Strike Wedge Review – Could it be right for you?

square strike wedge review

Any insomniac can likely tell you a story about an amazing new golf club that makes pitching and chipping almost effortless. They know because they have seen the late-night infomercial touting these and other wild claims. The club in question is the Square Strike wedge. The infomercial is hosted by Andy North, a well-known name … Read more

Most Expensive Golf Clubs – Will they make you play better?

expensive golf clubs

Golf is considered as the game of elites with people paying huge sums of money for the most expensive golf clubs. With the availability of various types of golf equipment and price levels to suit every pocket, individuals from different lifestyles are opting to start playing this game we love. The performance of an athlete … Read more

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