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We know money can be tight sometimes and that’s probably why you’re on this Golf Price Comparison website, RIGHT?

So we thought we’d put together a list of the ‘Best putters under £100 available online’. We use the latest search engine software to search and compare 100’s of online websites and then select the lowest priced items. You should always consider other factors when buying a golf product online, like service, guarantees and return policies.

We only list prices from major online golf companies that have good reputations for online sales, like American Golf, Online golf and Golf Bidder to name just a few.

Best putters under £100

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Mark crossfield explains the argument about cheap putters v expensive putters very well in this video. Most golfers are at the level where most putters in the £100-£150 price range will be perfect for your game. Only very low handicap players will see an advantage or improvement in their game buying the expensive putters.

Don’t get me wrong if you can afford the best equipment and money is no object then GET THE BEST!  There’s no doubt they are better made, look better and sound better on impact, but will they improve your game at the level most of us play at?

Like Mark say’s he’s seen some amazing golfers putt brilliantly with cheap putters and also seen some players putt terribly with expensive putters, It’s that old saying ‘ It’s the player that hits the bad shots, not the clubs ‘

Our suggestion… Buy a midpriced putter and then invest in some putting lessons. You will see more of an improvement than buying a Scotty Cameron.


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