best mens golf shoes for summer

Best Men’s golf shoes for summer – Top 10 reviewed.

Now that summer is finally here you might want to consider ditching those old winter golf shoes that are smelly and seen better days for a pair of the Best Men’s golf shoes for summer 2018-2019 Stylish and comfy.

If you’re like me and play golf on those cold wet and muddy winter days then you’ll be pleased that summer is finally here. But after a grueling winter here in the UK those old golf shoes of yours have taken a hammering throughout those winter months.

It’s time for a new pair or at least a pair that will be perfect for hot summer days playing golf.

We tested many brands including:

The best option is to have two pairs, one for winter that are tough and waterproof and one pair that is light and summery and looks the part. Not full of mud and stinky!

In this review of The Best Men’s golf shoes for summer, We’ll show you all the best and most stylish golf shoes and give you our opinion and score them out of 10 for you.

This will save you time and money and since we used the latest search engine software to bring you the lowest prices online you’ll be sure to get a bargain.

Where do we get the information from?

We use the latest search engine software to search hundreds of golf stores and online retailers like American Golf, Golfonline, eBay and Amazon ETC to find the lowest prices.

We can’t compete with your local golf shop that sells a one-off pair of golf shoes in a size and color no one wants at a silly giveaway price, but we can bring you all the best makes in all sizes and colors with availability.

We also compare and review all the top brands and bring you all the differences to give you an informed choice before purchasing your next summer golf shoe.

So read on and grab yourself a bargain!

Stand out of the Tee this summer for all the right reasons.

Why should you trust our opinion?

  1. We are golfers just like yourself. Some of us are average golfers and some on our team are PGA Pros.
  2. We get all our information from testing the products or from feedback from customers that have purchased the items. In this test, we either purchased the golf shoes to test or we have been sent them for testing from major online golf stores. ( Not the manufacturers, so we are still totally impartial )
  3. We don’t sell the products ourselves, so we have no loyalty to any brand. We only review and recommend them to help you make the right choice.
  4. Golf is our passion and we only want the game to grow so by helping people to save money will keep more people in the game we all love. Growing the game is our passion. It’s an expensive hobby and this can put some people off taking up the game. But by bringing you the cheapest prices we are helping more people get into golf.
  5. We are an affiliate for all the major golfing retailers and if you click one of our links we make a small commission, Read our Disclaimer. This pays for the reviews and helps us buy more products to review to give you helpful information before purchasing new golf equipment. So if you purchase something through our links we thank you.

TOP 10 Best Men’s golf shoes for summer 2019

Adidas Golf Adicross Classic Textile Shoes

We loved these golf shoe because they’re more like trainers. They were light and fresh feeling and it didn’t even feel like you were wearing golf shoes at all.

Best Prices Here!

We also like the simplicity of these golf shoes, simple and stylish. Adidas are well known for their quality shoes and these men’s summer golf shoe is no different. They scored 8.7 out of 10 on the reviews from American golf and we would score them a strong 9

Adidas Mens Adicross V Golf Shoes

The golf shoes remind me of the classic golf shoes of old but with modern manufacturing techniques and materials. We loved the price, absolute bargain!

Best Prices Here!

The simple style and classic colors will attract the golfer coming back into the game after a long spell off golf. They fit perfectly and we liked the soft feel. They scored 4/5 out of 5 on Golfonline, we put them at an 8.8 out of 10

These light and compy trainer style golf shoes from Adidas are a really good buy. I have had and still got a pair of these and I love them!

Under Armour Tempo Hybrid 2 Shoes

Best Prices Here!

We didn’t manage to get a pair of these to test but looking at the reviews from Amazon and American golf they scored really well. There was only 1 negative review that said the rid of the heel rubbed. The rest said that they loved the style and comfort of the shoe.

You can expect to get a quality product from Under Armour. They scored very well for style and quality, so we know their shoes are of a similar quality. I have owned a pair before and I loved them only swapping for a pair of Footjoy Hyperflex.


Best Prices Here!

Out of the four testers I loved these more than the other guys. I just liked the fact that they looked and felt different from all the others golf shoes we tested.

Puma has been known for their quality trainers for years and these Puma golf shoes follow in their footsteps. They received 8.9 out of 10 on American golf reviews and 9 out of 10 on Amazon. I love the material on the fronts and the lip at the back that made them very comfy on your heels.

If I was rating them on style only it would have been 10 out of 10. But as a collective group of testers, they got a 9.

Adidas Mens Adipure SP Golf Shoes

Best Prices Here!

If you’re looking for a stylish high-end golf shoe with classic styling then these are the shoes for you. No frills or gadgets just quality shoes that look smooth and simple.

We all loved these and they only fell short due to the price £130+ for a summer pair of shoes is high, but if you look after them they should last you a few seasons. We scored them 8.5 out of 10

Adidas Golf adicross Classic Leather Shoes

Best Prices Here!

These are classic summer golf shoes, if you’re simply looking for a comfy pair of plain summer golf shoe from a well know brand then these are for you. Good price point under £70 and Free delivery make these a sensible choice. We read the reviews on American golf and we’ve never seen so many with the word ‘ Comfy ‘ in the review. They scored 8.7 out of 10 we would say that’s a fair score.

Skechers men’s Go Golf Fairway shoes

Best Prices Here!

Skechers are relatively new in the golf shoe world but they have taken the market by storm this past couple of years. We liked these golf shoes because they felt like trainers. You couldn’t tell you were wearing golf shoes, but that’s what Skechers designed them to feel like. They are lightweight with a breathable mesh upper has been used to reduce weight. They really do feel like a summer trainer.

They scored highly for customer reviews on American golf and Amazon we scored them a solid 9 out of 10. The reason was simple, this is a Best Men’s golf shoe for summer review and these fit the bill on all counts. Even the price is good!


Best Prices Here!

These Ecco Golf shoe really was a surprise to us. We hadn’t heard of them until this test and we were pleasantly surprised.

The main feature of these shoes are the fact that they are a premium golf shoe that has been constructed with YAK HM leather, with a lightweight cushioning foam and E-DTS® outsole for the best performance on and off the golf course. The shoe has been treated with HYDROMAX® which gives superb weather resistance and has a rubber spike-less outsole that provides 800 different traction angles for the best possible grip.

The price is just under £100 and the reviews are mixed, to say the least on OnlineGolf store. We liked the feel of the material and the simple plain styling. They were very comfy, to be honest, and that is what surprised us all. We scored them an 8 out of 10 due to the £100 price tag.

PUMA Golf Grip Fusion shoes

Best Prices Here!

A couple of things jumped out at us straight away with these golf shoes, that fact that the front part of the golf shoe was rounded and smooth and that would make them very easy to clean after a wet summer day. The other thing was the style and colors. Bright and modern looking which some of us liked but it wasn’t for everyone. Even though these are perfect for summer they are still 100% waterproof and could be used for winter as well. They scored an impressive 9.3 out of 10 on American Gold but we would score them 9. The bright color wasn’t for all of us.

ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 Shoes

Best Prices Here!

Okay, big spenders, these ones are for you. The cost might be something to do with the fact that they are made from YAKS leather. That’s right you heard me Yaks!

I must admit the quality is truly amazing and the feel of the leather is great. Are they worth nearly £200 we can’t really answer this as we would need to test them for longer than the few days we got with each pair. If they last a few years then Yes maybe they are worth £200. We scored them an 8.5 due to the cost.

But out of all the shoes, the did have a premium feel to them.

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Conclusion: Best Men’s Summer Golf Shoes

We hope you find the perfect summer golf shoe. You need to feel good and feel comfortable in the golf clothes you wear. This will help your confidence stood on the first tee.

There are many factors when considering which summer golf shoe to purchase and price and style will always come first.

Good luck and shoot low.

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