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Best Women’s Golf Driver

Best ladies golf driver found online

In this article we will explain what to look out for when buying a new golf driver for women.

Golf drivers for women differ in their length, weight and stiffness. On average, men are taller, weigh more and have more strength, giving them a fast clubhead speed. The generates more power in the club head and at impact giving them greater distance. The driver is generally used to obtain maximum distance off the tee with women on average having a slower swing speed you’ll need a driver that offers maximum distance at lower swing speed.[wpsm_ads1]


Head Size

Women’s drivers offer larger head sizes to give more power while offering a larger hitting area to provide more control. The general basic physics for generating power is: Force = Mass X Acceleration.

Plus the fact the club head is larger makes them easier to hit. The strike is king in golf and the more you hit the ball from the middle of the club face the better your shot will be. With Ladies drivers having a larger head this will be easier for you.

Driver Shaft

Drivers for women are more flexible and the shafts are designed for slower swing speeds. The more flexible the shaft, the more distance produced because of the added rebound effect or MOI.  Graphite shafts are more flexible than those made with other materials like steel, so look for graphite shafts when buying a woman’s driver.

Women’s shaft size tend to be about 1″ – 2″ shorter than standard men’s size. Short shafts are easier to use. The average shaft size sold as standard for men is 45.5 but the average length on Tour is 44.5″ This is because they’re easier to hit.

Manufacturers add longer length shafts to get maximum distance when you test them in the store. However, they are not accurate off the tee. The shorter shafts are more consistent and more accurate. I think we’ll all take accuracy over length any day of the week.


Because women generally have less muscle mass than men of the same size, they will generate less clubhead speed with a heavier club, and so drivers for women are lighter. Lighter means more speed, more speed equals more distance. Combine this with a good graphite shaft and your onto a winner.

Head Loft

Due to ladies slower swing speed, women have more difficulty getting the ball into the air than men. For this reason, you need a driver with a strong loft to help the ball get a higher ball flight. The higher ball flight often means more distance.

Which club do we recommend?

PING G Le Ladies Driver – We think this is one of the best women’s golf drivers on the market today. It has everything we have just talked about above.

Ping is known in the golfing world as one of the best. Their history is unparalleled in the golf world and the amount of money they have invested in technology is insane.

Options – Because everyone’s taste is different we have listed out the best golf drivers for women below for you to choose from. However, you will not go far wrong with the PING G Le Ladies Driver

Product details

Building on the success of the previous generation drivers comes the new PING G Le Driver which specifically designed for women golfers, to add more distance optimum spin and launch.

Dragonfly Technology

To save weight PING has designed the G driver with Ultra-thin crown sections to save 8 grams of weight to optimize MOI, plus positions the centre of gravity for increased forgiveness and consistency.

T9S Titanium Face

As well as being highly forgiving the driver features a thinner, hotter T9S Titanium Face for max deflection and distance. The thin T9S face and CG optimization deliver faster ball speeds and more consistency to your golf game.

The PING G Le Driver Features:

  • Dragonfly Technology – 460cc Head Size
  • Speed Generating Aerodynamics
  • T9S Titanium Face
  • 1-Year Guarantee & Graphite Shaft

Trajectory Tuning Technology

The PING G Le driver also features trajectory tuning technology which a 5-lobe hosel sleeve allows for 1 degree of loft adjustment.

This PING driver also comes with its own branded head cover.

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