golf shoes under £100

Best Golf shoes under £100 – Check out what we found!

What makes a good golf shoe?

Gone are the days of plain white golf shoes, now you can buy any style and any color golf shoe. The market for golf shoes has blown up this past year or two with new companies getting involved in this lucrative and very competitive market. Companies like Skechers and Under Armour are really setting the standards and raising the bar when it comes to great golf shoes.

What makes a good golf shoe is one that suits your needs. If you only play on dry summer days you might go for spikeless shoes, if you play in winter months you will want the most waterproof shoes out there.

Whatever your needs, you can rest assured there’s a golf shoe out there perfect for you.

New features – Modern days

In past years the only thing golfers thought about when buying new golf shoes was,  Do I buy Black or White? Now the modern golfer wants a shoe that gives them STABILITY and INCREASED SWING SPEED, better PERFORMANCE.

With the power of the internet and Youtube, golfers are better informed and demand more for their money.


The lighter the shoe, the more comfortable it will be, the benefits of which will be particularly clear if you are playing a lot of golf. All of the major shoe brands now offer incredibly lightweight designs. The key to picking the right shoe though is to take all of the above into account as well as the overall weight. If you need a shoe with more stability or rain beating performance then the lightest shoe on the market won’t necessarily be the one for you. Some golfers even have 2-3 pairs of shoes: One for summer, one for winter and one for competitions. This was never an option before but with all the different styles and benefits features and lower prices, this is now an option for every golfer.

Best Golf shoes under £100- Available online from Amazon and other retailers

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We know that price is important to you, after all, that’s why you’re comparing golf products. But everyone has different needs and budgets, so we’ll help you to find the right golf product at the right price, whether that’s by letting you filter your search results, showing customer ratings and reviews or by simply finding your item at the cheapest price. We search all the major Golf Manufactures and retailers like: American Golf, eBay, Onlinegolf, Tailor-made, Callaway and many more.

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