Best Golf Clubs For Beginners UK-We reviewed the best!

Golf is a very popular sport played by the rich around the world. However, this is a wrong misconception that golf is a costly sport especially for those who are just trying out. In the United Kingdom, you can buy a good golf club set for under £250. The best golf clubs for beginners UK are enough for them to start playing the game and falling in love with it.

There is a lot that people do not know about golf. The beginners in the UK perceive the game as something that can only be improved if you have the best equipment. This is not true. There are a lot of technical details to this sport that are not related to expensive equipment.

Your technique matters a lot more than expensive golf clubs and while everyone has their own style of playing, there are some set ways to improve your swing. You need to learn the basics of the golf swings. If your basics are strong, you can build on them and master the technique perfectly. Most experienced golf players have to go back to the beginning to relearn these fundamentals. Even though they have the best equipment which is also very expensive, it does not matter as long as they do not know how to use it properly.

The thing about golf clubs is that you need to get the ones which work well with your swing and forget about the cost. This is a time-consuming process and once you have your own style, you will experiment with the different equipment before you settle for one golf club. As a beginner, this information will be a bit daunting and you might even be confused. Nonetheless, no need to worry as we will talk you through what to look for when buying a new set of golf clubs in the UK, suitable for your specific needs.

There is nothing wrong with buying a second-hand set of golf clubs from eBay or Amazon to start with. No one in their right mind would go out and spend £1000 on a new set of quality golf clubs before finding out if they even like the sport.

Never let not having the top of the range clubs stop you simply getting out there and playing. My first set of clubs were a set of Dunlops from Sports Direct, £129.99 for a full set of clubs including a driver and putter. Best £129.99 I ever spent. Using those clubs for 12 months made me fall in love with the game. Granted, the head fell off one or two of them after 12 months, but I got my monies worth out of them.

What to look for in a beginners set of golf clubs?

There are some major differences in a beginner’s set of golf clubs and a set which is made for a professional individual. The main idea is to use the set and then learn the difference when you are playing. However, this costs you more money because you might realise that the specific set you bought, was not right for you. For this purpose, we have compiled a few pointers which will specify what you need in a set of golf clubs when you are starting out.

– The ease with which the set allows you to hit the ball is very important. With some golf clubs, it is very easy to hit in the direction that you aim at. For some others, this is not a simple task and your technique will matter most in it. The best golf clubs for beginners UK would be the ones which are easy to hit. Clubs like Benross HTX Irons are perfect as they offer great forgivness and have a large club face sweet spot making it easier to get good strikes.

– Another major point to consider when looking for beginners set of golf clubs is how easy it will be to get the ball in the air. Initially, this step takes the longest time because it is the first step to playing golf and catching on the basics does take time and practice. Soon, however, you feel that your golf clubs play a role in this too. The beginner’s clubs will make this process easy and simple.

– Go with the set of golf clubs that have a low center of gravity and high moments of inertia. Initially, these are easier to use and you will understand the feeling of a gold club. Once you are familiar with the material and have some specifics of the game down, you can shift to the more professional golf clubs.

Why you should start playing golf in the UK

When people want to take on a new sport or hobby, they often question if they should start playing golf. They are not sure if this is the right activity or sport for them. Nonetheless, golf is a very good activity you should take on if you are interested in making friends and having a better social life. You may find more reasons for the answer, is golf for you and me, in our last article click here to read.

The information available there is easy to understand and if you have any confusions about it, they will be solved. Although most perceive golf as an activity that is for the rich only, this is not true. Golf is a great way of making new friends and meeting interesting people. If you want to socialise and increase your circle, you can take on this activity. The golf courses offer some of the most civil company you will find anywhere. The people belong to educated backgrounds and you can talk to them about any topic.

If you are looking to mingle in people who offer you something more than just a casual hangout, playing Golf is the way to go. Golf also improves your routine and gives you the option of living a healthy lifestyle. When you know the time at which you have to be at the club, you will plan all your other activities accordingly. There is no chance of you overburdening yourself or giving yourself so much free time that you face boredom.

When you are playing golf, you will walk more as well due to the long courses. The walk is good for your health and improves your weight. The people who cannot walk too much, they can get trolleys. Trolleys are very comfortable and do not put a strain on your back or shoulders.

This one featured here is amazing value. With a huge 200W motor, this Rider Electric Golf Trolley will tackle even the steepest fairways and hills. There are various speeds to choose from to give you the perfect range and power for all different courses. A 36ah Sealed battery will allow for a comfortable 36 holes to be played without charging. So you’ll never again run the risk of running out of power whilst on the golf course. The dual handle control caters for left and right handed golfers and the unique memory function allows you to pre set your required speed.

Without the battery the trolley is only 9.5kg making it one of the lightest on the market. Great value for money, this golf trolley can be assembled in just seconds and it includes quick release puncture proof wheels for your convenience.

Read our article on the cheapest electric golf trolleys.

What clubs will a beginner need to play golf?

The best clubs for a beginner are based on a few characteristics. Normally, a full set of golf clubs has fourteen golf clubs. This is the maximum number of clubs which are allowed during a golf match. So as a beginner, you can buy a set which has less than fourteen and then pick anyone you like to take to the field. A beginners set of golf clubs usually has less number of clubs because these are entry level. You do not want to jump into buying something very expensive in the start. However, make sure that the set does contain the basic clubs.


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A driver golf club is also known as woods. Woods are clubs which basically allow you to hit long shots. Most of the beginners use this club to hit a hole which is at least 450 yards away. You will recognise a driver when you see a club which has a big head. This type of club has the lowest loft in any golf clubs. The loft is a technical word used to describe the angle of the club that affects distance. In drivers, the loft is between 7 and 12 degrees. It is easier to hit with a higher degree of loft because it does not involve so much skill. A great driver for beginners that won’t break the bank is the Benross HTX Driver, easy to swing, even for beginners.

The number one most common shot with the drivers for beginners is a slice, this is a golf shot where the ball starts off to the right and then fades off to the right, often Out of bounds. It’s the dreaded shot of all beginners. Read our article on the best drivers to cure a slice. They won’t cure your slice totally, only a good swing can do that and that will take lessons and time, but they will help.


As the name suggests, a hybrid golf club is one which mixes the qualities of a wood club and an iron club. The best of both are combined together to form this club. The brilliant swing mechanics of the iron golf club are mixed with the ease of covering the distance of the wood golf club.

Beginners can use both these things to learn the techniques of the game and to up their game in whatever way possible. As beginners, this club shows you what you can do if you improve your technique. A cost-effective hybrid like the Wilson Prostaff HDX will be fine for a beginner and costing less than £50 makes it affordable.

Club spec: Right-hand men’s hybrid with weight distribution in the rear of the head for maximum ball flight and distance. With a graphite shaft with reinforced tip, Standard length, Regular Flex (R-Flex).All-weather grip for the best hold and feel in any weather and a high-quality club head, 17 degree loft making it easy to get in the air and land those second shots softly and on target. 


Irons are the staple of every golf bag and set of clubs. Most clubs you could leave at home and still have a good round of golf. Okay, Maybe not you putter, but you can play a round of golf with just your irons.

In fact, a good way to improve is to leave the driver and woods/Hybrids at home and just take your irons. It will teach you to plot your shots better and play the course strategically. This will often produce a good round as you tend to hit more fairways with irons.

A great set of golf irons for newbies would be the Wilson Staff D100 Golf Iron Set 5-SW +Regular Steel Shafts. Very affordable and perfect for the first couple of years, after that you may want to upgrade if you’re still loving golf. 

The driver is great if you can hit it straight but most beginners in the UK and around the world struggle with driver and often hit it OB.

I have even played a round of golf where I just took 6 iron and putter and I still played to my handicap. It made me think about each shot for longer and I played safe a lot more which resulted in more fairways found.

When you’re looking to buy a set of golf iron that is perfect for a beginner in the UK then look for these things.

Firstly a set of clubs that offer forgiveness for poor strikes. They will have a larger club head and more forgiving face for off center strikes. Secondly, you need to buy irons with the correct shafts. For slower swing speeds that most beginners will have you need to go for lighter shaft or medium flex. These will help increase your clubbed speed which means the ball will go further with a good strike. And finally, if you can afford to have your clubs fitted then do it. This will ensure the lay angle of the club head suits your swing and that the shaft length is correct.


The putter is a golf club which golfers use for covering short distances. In the beginning, when you are checking your technique and learning to hold the club, you will need this set. A good starter putter that is easy to align and make better putts is the Ben Sayers FX putter. A really inexpensive putter, perfect for beginners.

A putter is different from the other clubs because of the low profile face it has. It also has a bent shaft which you can’t find on any other golf club. Putters are generally easier to handle. If an experienced person is teaching you, they will try to build your basics on it. It will help you understand the game in a better way.

Ben Sayers FX Putter Traditional blade style head. Offset hosel allowing the putter to be square at impact and encourages putts from the centre of the putter. Soft insert delivering feedback on every stroke. Usual Ben Sayers Quality Includes a Ben Sayers FX head cover

Conclusion: Best Golf Clubs for beginners in the UK

It is a very daunting task to buy your first set of golf clubs. However, you should not worry about it too much. From the many clubs available in the market, you need to pick the one which is not very expensive and which fits with your physique. Do not go with a golf club that is too short or too long. Most of all, enjoy the game as much as you can.

My coach once said ” As long as the head doesn’t fly off, go out and play golf”

I did and I never looked back. Even after 12 months when I upgraded my golf clubs I still didn’t invest hundreds of pounds. I bought some Wilson Staff D250 From Amazon for £219.99.

Below are some new and used golf clubs from eBay, perfect to get you started with.