Best Golf Clubs For Beginners to Intermediates

Best Golf Clubs For Beginners To Intermediates

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Golf is one of the sports that need a lot of concentration and depends more on your skill than on luck, although a bit of lucky is always welcomed.

Most people, when they first start to play golf, just swing the club any old how and if they make a shot then they learn from their experience. However, countless players do not understand the significance of choosing good golf clubs and learn how it affects their game. The Best golf clubs for beginners and intermediates can make the world of difference to your game.

Golf clubs play an imperative role in how well you learn and improve. It is completely understandable if you have not found a good set of golf clubs yet after all no one wants to invest a few hundred pounds before figuring out if golf is for you.  The information available online is a bit scattered and you never know for sure which club would be suitable for a beginner to intermediate level.

This article will provide you with information on the top five full sets of golf clubs for beginners to intermediate level players. These clubs are found online and if you are in your transition phase, it will help you understand the dynamics of each club.

What to look out for in a set of golf clubs for beginners to intermediate?

The best golf clubs for beginners to intermediate have certain characteristics and properties that you need to be aware of. They are different than the golf clubs which are designed especially for beginners and they also have specifications which are not found in the clubs used by the professionals.

When you are transitioning, you will have your basics down. You need a club which can take you on to the next level now because your technique is improved and you are ready for the next step. These clubs will be more adjusted to your swing. You have to look at the type of club which is good for the kind of swing you prefer.

Some golf clubs are made for specific terrains and if you do not play in such a course, then there is no need to waste your money. The main idea is to buy a set of golf clubs that enhance your performance. You are past the learning point and even though you can still experiment with your style, you need to know what suits you most.

Top 5 Sets of Golf Clubs For Beginners To Intermediates Reviews

1. Taylormade M4 Set

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This set of golf clubs consists of 6 clubs ( 5 Iron -PW ) in total which is a good amount for anyone who is at the beginner to intermediate level. They have a mixture of wood, hybrid and iron clubs. All the items come with their own special properties and when you want to throw the different shots, you will change your club accordingly.

The hitting area of these golf clubs is flexible which means that you can cover more distance and be more accurate in your throws. For people who are still at the beginner level and just cannot take a step to the next level, this golf club will aid them in this process. Here are some pros and cons of buying this set:


– The sound and feel of the club are more vibrant than any others making you more confident in your game.

– You will be able to make your game more consistent with this set of golf clubs.

– The clubs provide a maximum ball speed which hits the target right on spot.


– These are a little hard to get used to and may take up some time before you can improve your game with this golf club set.

2. Cobra One Length Clubs

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One of the best iron golf clubs available in the market right now, the Cobra King are actually the pioneers of the steel iron golf clubs. Some of the technical aspects of these clubs include the PWRSHELL Face, the TECFLO (Progressive Set Technology), and the T.O.P Technology Cavity Construction.

All the shafts are the same length making them easier to use as you only need to put one type of swing on each iron. Most beginners find that they hit their 7 iron well because the length of the shaft isn’t too long. ( Shorter shafts are easier to use) Hence all the shafts are 7 iron length making it easier to use every club in the set. 5 Irons and lower are harder to swing well, so making this 5 iron into a 7 iron length is perfect for beginners and intermediate golfers.

With these aspects, there is no way that your game would not improve and you won’t conquer the field. This golf set also comes with a one year guarantee which means you have plenty of time to check if this is the best fit for you. Here are some pros and cons of the Cobra King F7 steel set:


– It provides more control to the user making it easier for them to practice their swing and improve their technique along the way too.

– For more precision and the accurate ball landing the set of golf clubs is the best fit as the material used caters for both these things.

– Provides the players with more speed.


– This is one of the more expensive companies that deal in golf clubs.

3. Taylormade M6 Irons

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The TaylorMade Steel Irons are designed to hit the target right on point. With these golf clubs, you will be able to hit more straight targets than ever before. The technology used in these varies with the way you cover the distance and the amount of effort you put in the shot. For low angle shots, this is the best golf club set to get.

This was the first ever set I purchased and I loved them. They are very forgiving and easy to hit. Perfect for anyone who fats the ball or tops it.

They are also light in weight but not very fragile so as to be able to give you the edge that you need. Chunky clubs that will help you hit the ball well even if you don’t have the fastest swing. The golf club leaves out any debris that may form because of extra playing. There are many pros and a few cons of buying this set.


– The weight is light so you can easily handle them.

– They are extremely handy and unlike the other iron golf clubs, they do not require any extra power when being used.

– If you are learning to throw the long shots, these iron clubs will be your best bet.


– These are most suitable for beginners and if you want to get to the next level, you should not depend on these clubs for years to come. You’ll want to upgrade after 2-3 years.

4. Callaway XR Irons

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These golf clubs are basically built to give speed to the user. If you have conquered the basics and are more worried about how to get to the next level, you need to look for clubs which give you speed. The company has been working day and night to make products which not only enhance the user’s technique but also their playing style overall.

The company also holds the award for best design of the golf clubs because they incorporate new ideas into their styles. There are many golf players who use these golf clubs even when they enter the professional league. Here are some pros and cons:


– The shape of the golf clubs is very new and unique. The construction process is also different than most other designs in the market. Very forgiving and easy to hit.

– The ball speed automatically improves when you use this set of golf clubs. You do not have to out in any extra effort from your side.

– The set comes with a one year warranty as well which is highly useful.


– The brand-Callaway is either loved or hated. I love them!

5. Wilson D250 Irons

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To be able to achieve greatness yet also remain humble is a great quality. With the Wilson Staff golf clubs set, you are able to get all this and even more. Although this is not a very popular company, the products they produce are some of the best in the world. Some of the features of this golf club are one of a kind and irreplaceable by anything else.

You get 7 irons in total 5-GW which is perfect for a beginner. You can just add a driver and a putter and you’re set to play.

There is a lot that you can do with this golf club set once you understand its brilliant dynamic design. To list down the pros and cons of these golf clubs would not be easy. However, here are some options which define it brilliantly:


– The golf clubs use speed steel technology which is new and unique.

– They also have the right light technology which makes them a good fit for people in their transitional phase.


– In terms of durability may not last as long as some of the other golf clubs.

Conclusion: Best Golf Clubs For Intermediates

With so many companies producing high-quality golf clubs sets, choosing the best set of golf clubs for a beginner to intermediate is a tough task. Some of these are costlier than others which is why we highly recommend that you do research before spending money. It is true that you would have to experiment a bit with these clubs until you pick the right one. However, depending on just the clubs is not fair.

There is no denying that once you have a better golf club, your game improves. Plus, you do so much better than you were doing before. You automatically feel more confident and that will be evident during the match. But to truly improve, you must practice a lot. Hire a professional who can teach you the tips and tricks used by the experts. After several failures, you will master the techniques. The good golf clubs sets are just an added advantage but it’s lessons that will improve your game. Why do you think pro’s have coaches?

If you buy one of these sets of irons you will need to add a driver and putter to make your set completes. We recommend that you read to articles we published. Firstly, Mallet Putter v Blade Putter review these are just two types of most commonly used putters.

Then read, What’s the best driver to cure a slice? this is the most common swing fault in new golfers resulting in the ball going far off to the right. These clubs will help you cure that dreaded slice.

Good luck and play well.

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